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Published: Tuesday, May 14 2013 3:25 p.m. MDT

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Las Vegas, NV

Can't wait!!

Go Utes!!


Who says we don't spend enough on higher education.

DN Subscriber 2

Great. Athletes get great facilities so we can enjoy tailgate parties and circuses.
Law schools get plush new digs.

Meanwhile, what has been done to increase the number of doctors or nurses who are desperately needed?

Or, do we really need more pampered athletes, and a larger plague of lawyers?

Highland, UT

So a large chunk of the $ needed were bonded. Kinda blows the utah "fan" assertion that no tax dollars subsidize the university athletic programs out of the water now doesn't it. It would appear that all the pac 12 money has done is increased the expenses everywhere else. So rather than it covering the cost it simply increased the cost beyond the money it brought in.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"So a large chunk of the $ needed were bonded. Kinda blows the utah 'fan' assertion that no tax dollars subsidize the university athletic programs out of the water now doesn't it."

No it doesn't, but your comment brings into question your familiarity with "bond" financing. A "bond" is an instrument of indebtedness of the bond issuer (i.e. Utah) to the holders/investors. As the bond issuer, Utah holds the liability until the debt is paid off at some future date. This debt is a fixed amount so the risk leans more toward the issuer.

This article made no mention of tax dollars, so what happened there? Did you read the part about Utah expecting to earn nearly TWICE the amount the Indy-WACers are expected to take in, and then panicked?

You panicked, didn't you?

Cottonwood Heights, UT


The problem with your comment is leaving out the fact that when the U raises the money expected then the Bond money get's paid back with interest. Meaning the money for these projects won't ever come out of tax payer pockets and if anything will only help the Utah economy.


Well said, Navel Vet and motorbike. Since you have responded to duckhunter's inaccurate remarks with logic and reason, I doubt he will be able to give you a counter argument.

Layton, UT

If the Haters keep paying their taxes maybe we can build a duck pond to.

Lehi, UT

Does this mean Dr. Hill's apologists can expect the football team to actually beat a PAC team with a winning record anytime soon...?

Salt Lake City, Utah


If the realists keep paying their taxes maybe U can build a duck pond to..."


Remind U of your bottom feeding status?

Woods Cross, UT

Kudos to the U for ramping up their activities concerning facilities --- not simply football or basketball. Can't understand why the U haters still dwell on the use of taxes to support the U when one of the major advantages to joining the PAC12 was revenue generation that reduced/removed the U's dependency on tax $$ for sports programs.

All of these activities have a significant marketing impact on the U's national profile, both academically as well as athletically. The impact is similar for BYU --- the more positive press, the more the schools

Sugar City, ID

Why this obsession with athletic facilities when there are so many other more pressing needs? Why not have the fans donate the money that's needed for our version of Roman Circuses.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Awesome! That PAC 12 TV money sure comes in handy.

Murray, UT

I have posted this information many times before but it appears I need to post it again. The University of Utah is operated as a public university but is funded like a private university. The U has an operating budget of about $2.5 billion of which 8% comes from an appropriation from the Utah Legislature (state tax payers). Thus the assertion that the U is almost entirely privately funded. Bonds are repaid by debt service payments and those payments come from private sources except where the Legislature specifically steps in, which they don't on athletic facilities. The Legislature this year appropriated more money to the U med school so that more doctors can be trained and graduated. It is not true that the med school is being ingnored. The U is enjoying a construction boom right now featuring a rebuild or replacement of a great number of buildings on campus mostly from private sources like the new law school and Eccles Business Center. All this activity spurs growth in the Utah economy which benefits everyone.

Murray, UT

DN Subcriber 2,

With some additional funding not only is the U increasing the number of med students but also the U just dedicated a new facility for the College of Pharmacy and is starting construction on a new Dental School Building. I believe the U is doing all it can within its recourses to benefit the people of Utah in the field of medicine.

Y's little brother
Sandy, UT

Spokane Ute

"Awesome! That PAC 12 TV money sure comes in handy."

All that "PAC 12 TV money" and U still can't afford to expand your cracker-box sized football stadium?


Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Duckhunter reveals his ignorance of bonding and fincancing long term projects by government facilities. Bonding is a government agency's way of taking out a mortgage. We all take out mortgages to buy or build our homes, because it would take most of us a lifetime to save enough money to pay cash. So the U has taken out a couple of mortgages to build things now that will be paid for with funds they know will be coming in from the Pac 12 and future donations (based on the long history of consistent donations from boosters). These upgraded facilities will help attract the talent needed to consistently compete in the Pac 12 conference so it makes sense to borrow up front when you know you have the money coming. That money is not coming from taxes, but from the Pac 12, donations and student fees.

Herriman, UT

Several years ago, funds were cut so that the School of Medicine had to reduce it's number of medical students. The increase that just passed a month or two ago, increases medical students beyond what it was before the cuts were made.

Palo Alto, CA

Mormon Ute

"These upgraded facilities will help attract the talent needed to consistently compete in the Pac 12 conference..."

This is simply wishful speculation; since many other PAC 12 members are investing even more to upgrade their facilities, where is Utah's incremental advantage that will help the Utes attract better talent than their PAC 12 counterparts?

Highland, UT

Actually you utah "fans" are incorrect. As a state owned institution all debt incurred is guaranteed by the taxpayers. Yes lint I am aware of how bonds work and bonds issued by the university are taxpayer backed bonds. If not they would never sell a single one of them.

Also it appears none of you read the article, res and the hc are owned by the university itself and are "rented" to the athletic department for use by the teams. The bonds used are general revenue bonds that are backed by the university itself, not the athletic department, and are being financed with university revenues, NOT athletic department revenues although those revenues MAY go toward paying the obligations.

In otherwords you guys need to do some homework.


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