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Published: Tuesday, May 14 2013 11:50 a.m. MDT

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Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

My first reaction is - this article could really make BYU look good! Utah is limited in the number of scholarships to be offered this year. (Somewhere around 17) With 4 offers already extended and accepted by some of the best Utah recruits that means there will be very few available to the remaining "top 20 uncommitted" recruits. However, when I realized USU's recruiting class was rated higher than the Y's last year. It just may turn out this article will make USU look the better.

sundevil fork
Salt Lake City, UT

The list is shallow IMO, with a heavy focus on 5A schools. A few on this list don't even have offers yet, but best player at their school. I know of kids that should be on this list out of Woods Cross, Skyline, Olympus, Highland, Cottonwood, Herriman, Orem, Bountiful, etc. that have received significant interest from schools. Maybe do a deeper dive and increase the list to 40 and make it worthwhile.

West Jordan, UT

I'd say that Utah produces 10-15 college players each year that will make an impact at a major college. U of U has already cleaned up on the top 10 list of players (I think Utah already has the majority of the top 10 prospects like Jackson Barton, Allan Havili, Amone Finau, and Kenyon Frison. Utah doesn't usually take more than 5-6 in-state players because they can generally find a better player from California or Texas that has PAC12 type athleticism. Not a knock on Utah, but the pool of players is just bigger. A lot of these guys will end up playing at BYU, USU, but most will be playing at Weber, Snow College, or Southern Utah.

I'm pretty excited that (1) the Des News is finally starting to cover some recruiting for college football and (2) that it isn't completely biased by only letting Gurney publish the articles. Thank you for letting Sorensen contribute...keeping the article somewhat unbiased (it's the DesNews..you can't expect completely unbiased) and readable.

Recruiting in Utah is starting to sway far towards the Utes. Go Utes!

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