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Published: Saturday, May 11 2013 5:50 p.m. MDT

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I went into the City Creek Nordstrom and asked where the larger size women's department was located. I was told they didn't cater to larger sizes. I had all ready bought a pair of shoes and regretted the purchase. I don't understand that thinking. I won't buy anything there now.

salt lake city, UT

If I was ever caught wearing Abercrombie I would then have to kick my own rear end.

Boise, CA

They are just reminding us how we used to look before society ballooned. A&F is just holding to our former standards of what was normal. It's not their fault that we have literally outgrown them.


Abercrombie & Fitch is not cool. I don't mind them catering to young "attractive" people, but 9 out of 10 times, a person who is wearing Abercrombie & Fitch, is not cool at all. But, they sure are trying.

Salt Lake City, UT

When I think of the term "slaves to fashion," I think of people who wear A&F. Why do decent people want to be seen shopping there or wearing its merchandise? I think of the child pornography in A&F store windows and catalogues and advertisements. Young people mindlessly and willingly wear this brand around, unlike the captive slaves who once were bought and sold in this country (whose owners often branded them), and the captive girls who today are bought and sold as sex slaves all over the world.

Disliking unattractive, uncool people is not A&F's worst sin; A&F has helped to keep the cause of abuse and exploitation alive and legal in the modern world.

Bountiful, ut

I'm definitely not cool and I'm not really that good looking, but after reading the headline to this article I went and bought a shirt and pants at A&F. The folks there were awesome to me. Turns out the article is just written by someone with their own personal agenda.

Fort Collins, CO

My daughters are A&F's target demographic--tall, willowy, pretty, size 2. They refuse to shop there because, as the oldest told me a few years back, "that's where the airheads shop." Kids are smart, turns out. And what a middle-aged exec thinks is cool may not really resonate with those kids he's targeting (big surprise--do you suppose he buys his clothes at A&F?). A&F is trying to market itself as cool, but the fact is . . . it's not. Hasn't been for about a decade, at least where we live.

Bountiful, UT

I remember in high school there were stuck up shallow people like this CEO. I know such girls get their choice of husbands, rich ones if they choose to. Shallow guys I suspected often ended up loosers, because they were too used to getting by on their looks, and in the corporate world, substance matters enough, that often this isn't always possible possible.

Lindon, UT

A&F is a joke! They don't even make nice clothing, and if you can find something you like it probably won't fit very well.

Clearfield, UT

Their catalogues are borderline child pornography. Sexualizing seven year old girls. Would never be seen in one of their stores. Wouldn't give them a nickel of my money.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

The irony of A&F's business model is that the only people who really wear this brand are high school kids. There's a lot less of of the A&F crowd in college -- unless you go to UVU/BYU [*snicker*]. Any "adult" caught wearing those "high school" branded clothes are most certainly NOT among the "cool" crowd.

Centerville, UT

@Howard Beal

"... all too many rich people are shallow and useless."

You need to read 'The Millionaire Next Door' and educate yourself on who 'the rich' in this country are. They DON'T shop at places like A&F. People who carry lots of credit card debt are the type who shop at these places. Seriously, don't let your prejudices get in the way of your knowledge.

As for these 'cool, good-looking' people, they have their reward. I just can't imagine someone being so shallow. Pathetic.

West Jordan, UT

I had already boycotted Abercrombie and Fitch for their sexual marketing aimed at young people. I allow my children to choose their clothing but A&F is out of bounds even though when my oldest two were high school it was more popular than it is now. I laugh now when I think of my 200 lb plus sister in law wearing a men's Abercrombie and Fitch t-shirt a few years ago. I don't think that's the picture the CEO envisions when he pictures his average customer. But what people like him fail to see is what is important about people: they way they treat others, their inner beauty, their personalities, their talents, their intelligence, and more. This is what makes people special. Not whether they wear an over priced piece of clothing. If the CEO has kids I despair at what values he is passing on to those kids. And I am sure he's not the only one which makes it imperative that the rest of us teach our children what is really important in life.

OC Surfer
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

What's funny with this article is only in Utah is A&F still for the "cool kids". A&F lost its mojo here in SoCal like 10+ years ago... :)

American Fork, UT

Big R sells to some pretty cool, good looking people, too. And they have lots of hardware, too.

West Jordan, Utah

Every image and ad I have ever seen turned me off from A & F decades ago. If you have not seen through the shallow imagery before, then hopefully this will keep you away from the clothes of the dark side of vanity.

Payson, UT

Aren't there also stores that sell ONLY plus size clothes?

The logic of most of these posters is that we should also boycott them?

Give freedom a chance. We blame everyone from McDonald's and soft drink manufacturers to our government for being overweight. And then we blame clothing stores and Hollywood for our self-esteem issues.

Get a grip on reality, stop listening to the political garbage that pervades the media, and just be responsible and intelligent.

Payson, UT

Never shopped at A and F and probably never will. But it doesn't bother me that other people do.

My experience is that people who wear an A and F t-shirts generally have some esteem issues and need something to prove that they are better than others. I don't like that image.

My favorite brand is Nautica because their medium size is really a medium and haven't had issues with their shirts shrinking in the drier. Best places to shop are Marshall's, Burlington, and Ross

Payson, UT

BTW, a ad f is very popular with the "socially elite" kids in Germany, Mexico and Brazil.
It isn't just the U.S. where they target shoppers.

South Jordan, UT

I think most of the people posting on here are actually no better then what they accuse those who shop at A&F and the CEO of being. I've read a lot of posts saying stuff about the terrible plastic people. Shopping at A&f doesn't make you a bad person it just means you like their clothes and don't mind paying the ridiculous prices. I'm sure there are a few loyal customers that are stuck up, but If you like their clothes and can afford it why wouldn't you shop there? Placing labels like plastic on people just shows that you're a different kind of stuck up. Go shop at shopko and continue thinking you're better because you're not stuck up because you shop somewhere else. btw as a healthy and thin person who takes good care of his body I often have trouble finding clothes that are the right sizes or aren't designed for obese people. It's strange the large T-shirt usually isn't any longer just wider.

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