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Published: Friday, May 10 2013 5:05 p.m. MDT

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Tuffy Parker
Salem, UT

One parent who understands accountability in their child and another, not so much. It's unfortunate that the the parent who doesn't understand it gets all the ink.

South Jordan, UT

I couldn't agree more. Chavez would be well-served to follow the example of her peer and ask her son to accept some responsibility. If the other children found the bus successfully, I can't imagine that they were hard to find.

Beaverton, OR

Someone definitely needs to help clear up the situation. What did the other boy say? He's not mentioned in the paper or shown. It would be great to hear from him as well.

one old man
Ogden, UT

This should really be the last field trip for this student unless his mother is along as a chaperone.

deep in thought
Salt Lake, UT

Oh Gee Whiz, gag me with a spoon. If my son came to me with the old, "the bus left me, I couldn't find it anywhere" line he would be writing 100 long apology notes to all of the students he made wait and those who looked for him. I am not kidding!!


hmmmmm I wonder what happened here it is just so puzzling. LOL!

Salt Lake City, UT

What message is Chavez sending to her son? Not very good parenting skills. She should be the one apologizing to the district!

Mom of Six
Northern Utah, UT

Where is the parent here? I'm sorry, but there is no excuse for this child's behavior. He knew when they were supposed to meet. By age ten, he also knows how to tell time. This child just decided to disregard everyone else but himself, and his mother backs him up. This mother should be the one apologizing to everyone else who spent hours looking for him. As a parent, I am embarrassed for the mom. I smell a lawsuit followed by more rules about field trips, which will ruin experiences like this for everyone!

Provo, UT

Oh please, if the child was standing by the front gate there is no way security and chaperones would not have found him...Sounds like the kid didn't want to go home....

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

It's Lagoon, not the wilderness. Plenty of phones. They even have police and first aid there. They probably had cell phones. Do we keep the bus full of students waiting forever?

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

10 is a little young, but it seems like the chaperone(s) bus stayed around 45 minutes or so. I'm sure they looked around, maybe even paged. I can't believe that no effort was made to find the young man. I know on trips that many students stay longer and go home on their own, mostly junior high and high school age children. I don't want to be too hard on the boy, but it sounds like there is more to the story then he was left there at the gate. I really like the attitude of the other father who blames his son and doesn't want any "backlash" against the school, district etc.

Dietrich, ID

I remember going to Scout O Rama as a kid in Twin Falls at the CSI expo center. We decided to go to the Shoshone Falls first. So went had picnic loaded up in car. Well there was a snack bar a few feet away and two boys got out of the suburban to the snack bar and driver took off and kids thought they went in another car. Well had fun at Scout o rama before we realized what happened. Before Cell phones and kids did not take rides as that was not safe. One set of parents were upset. Went to Bishops house and told him to release people. He said put gas in your car and haul 10 people's kids is what I heard. Other parents mad at kid for taking off. Someone suggested prayer that was not LDS. Found them and another kid went home with neighboring scout troop who passed through. Kids need to be were they are supposed to be when they agree to go on those types of trips.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

The young man sounds like a very irresponsible child being raised by a mother who only wants to blame others. Shame on the mother and the child.

Utah Teacher
Orem, UT

We go to Lagoon with our students for an end of year activity since they are graduating from junior high. In my 20 years of going, we have NEVER had one student be more than 15 minutes late. The principal will drive his car up instead of taking the bus with the rest of us. Luckily he has never had to bring a kid back.

Glad to see the comments about teaching the parent a lesson. Schools shoulder too much of the blame for parents not doing their job.

Salt Lake City, UT

The kid will learn that yes, you can be left behind if not where you're supposed to be. Bet he won't miss the bus for a while...

Monroe, UT

As a ex-bus driver who has driven field trips to Lagoon, we occasionally had students who failed to show up on time. Luckily, we never had to leave someone as they showed up just a few minutes late. However the problem here is the son and his mother! She expects that a whole bus load of children are going to be late getting back because her son 'isn't ready to go home yet'! Talk about a selfish attitude! Congratulations to the father of the other boy. I suspect that boy will not be late next time!

Ute parents - me Cougar
Rathdrum, ID

I am a teacher in Idaho and always try to meet our state standard of returning with at least 90% of my class from a field trip.

Let's see how these kids turn out. I'll bet the second one has a much better chance of growing up to be a responsible citizen. Good parenting makes the difference!

Mount Olympus
Salt Lake, UT

It must be the school's fault my kid forgot to do his homework

ballwin, mo

Hello, BIG YELLOW BUS. How could the kid miss that at Lagoon? Everyone but his mom knows that the kid deliberately missed the bus for extra time at Lagoon. Quit blaming the district, the teacher, and the dog for your kid's irresponsibility.

Canandaigua, NY

My suggestion to the angry mother is that next time she become a chaperone. Then she can experience what a responsibility it is, have empathy for the adults to gave of their time to search for her child and maybe help her son become more responsible.

I'm curious to know who she thinks should apologize to her child? The chaperones who worried and searched, the kids, or the bus driver.

PS. I think the headlines were misleading. Two kids weren't "left behind", they weren't weren't where they were supposed to be.

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