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Published: Thursday, May 9 2013 12:55 p.m. MDT

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Howard Beal
Provo, UT

This common core debate is beyond hilarious.

The supporters have no idea if it will improve educator. Its detractors have no clue either and fill the debate with so much misinformation its beyond ludicrous.

Bottom line, the debate is no more than shuffling the chairs on the education Titanic. Unless parents and students become more accountable for their education than it won't matter if it's the common core or the apple core.

Mcallen, TX

Evidence of a poor education system:

* Over half our people on welfare
* High unemployment
* A third of our college graduates from other countries
* Seventeen trillion dollar debt
* American car engines, and transmissions engineered by foreigners.
* Education is more accountability, and subjection then learning.

Where's the common sense? We trust the feds who caused this mess?

It's like taking a car to a bad mechanic over, and over again, and thinking it's going to be done right. In the same time, you keep paying, and paying.

In five to ten years, common core will be history, and another worthless idea will pop up.

Remember cooperative learning. What a time wasting, expensive flop.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

Worf: Some would say we have a couple of Ivy League Presidents (both who went to private schools most of their lives) to blame for the 17 trillion dollar debt and high unemployment...

Also, I would bet most of the innovations and inventions, which America still leads the way, came from people who probably attended public schools.

As for cooperative learning, not sure how it necessarily a colossal waste of time you think it is. Like any teaching modality, it can (and is) be overused, but it also has its place. It also reflects how innovations actually come about and the practices used in business. Most people don't work alone, they work with others in teams.

Thomas Edison didn't really invent thousands of things. He developed Menlo Park and brought in literally hundreds of people who invented thousands of things. Now I'm not silly enough to say Edison benefitted from public education (of the time) because he didn't, but I think he also understood the value of synergy. To me that was the real genius of Edison, he brought educated and innovative people together and used cooperative and competitive learning strategies to get incredible results.

Mcallen, TX

In five to ten years, common core will be forgotten history, and half our population will still be on welfare. Nothing improves if you keep making the same mistakes.

Anyone remember cooperative learning? Lot of good that did, with now a third of our college graduates coming from other countries.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

Do you have a sources (three of them would be good) that says a third of our college graduates are foreign students? Often conservative bloggers such as yourself like to spout off statistics from unreliable sources. If you can come up with three reliable sources to prove this premise, which you seem to think we should all accept at face value, I'll give you credit.

As for public education, it has many, many problems and I do actually agree with you on many of these. I agree with you on state mandated testing and the myriad of reforms that have come across teachers. However, I feel most problems in public education aren't coming from the feds but come from society devaluing education and teachers and blaming teachers. The lack of holding parents and students accountable for their learning is coming home to roost. In Utah in particular, the lack of funding is really hurting teachers and their ability to just manage their classes. Having classes of 40-45 students of divergent needs is way too trying and gives our state its unique challenges.

Mcallen, TX

Howard Beal:

Our economy is evidence of weak education.

Cooperative learning is mandated grouping. Grouping takes away independence, and creativity, while promoting accountability, and dependence. This concept was tried in Russia, and Communist China with no success, and were abolished in 1956.

I'm not saying all group work is bad, but it should not be mandated. Thomas Edison voluntarily picked his associates, rather then having them assigned. Big difference with Independent grouping vs. Micro Managed groups to bring along the slow achievers. Some students will still succeed, but to a lesser degree. The amount of poverty, and dependence in this country, reflects the success of cooperative learning. Overall, it didn't work, and common won't either.

IMO the 1800's saw much progress, because man gained greater freedom of thought, and behavior.

That freedom of thought, and behavior are now being limited with tests, and accountability. That's what happens with having a central power.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Corporate greed and government mismanagement starting with Reagonomics is the cause of our economic problems. Corporate profits are at all time highs and our economy is in the tank. Corporations are sitting on gigantic sums of money. The stock market is flying at all time levels and our economy is in the tank. Help me understand how public education is cause of the problem.

Mcallen, TX


A blind man can see this:

* Government mismanagement--public educated folks, voted in our leaders.
* Corporate greed came from public educated people.
* Public educated people are followers of the media, and are generally dependent non-thinkers. The media, and schools shape public opinion, and values. Scary!
* Public education hasn't produced a sufficient amount of skilled workers. Much of our engineers, chemists, and medical personal are from other countries. American car engines, and transmissions are engineered by foreigners. Who made your cell phone, and computer?

Educate me Fred44. In the passed twenty five years,--how has public education been beneficial to our nation? Has it reduced, or increased poverty?

Salt Lake City, Utah


I will try and educate you, but I am not sure I am up to the task.

You apparently think that the public education system is responsible for everything in a person's life from cradle to grave. If you are on welfare its public educations fault, if you are greedy its public educations fault, if you are a corrupt government employee its because of public education. I thought you believed in personal responsibility.

In terms of a skilled workforce quit believing the propaganda from big business its an excuse to bring in foreign workers at a lower wage. Lets be real clear on who engineered my cellphone and computer and who built it, same thing goes for my car transmission and engine. Nearly all new products in all fields are created in America, by Americans, now many of those products are produced in other countries because of lower labor costs.

Conservatives need someone to blame and right now that is public education. How about solving problems instead of blaming.

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