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Published: Thursday, May 9 2013 12:55 p.m. MDT

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all hands on deck
Sandy, UT

1)From personal experience, common core has dumbed down math college preparedness levels.
2)From personal experience, common core has begun to integrate the elimination of American Exceptionalism.
3)Common core science standards will utilize the bogus science surrounding man made climate change. Especially once the testing standards start asking questions around climate change.
4)Common core has been pushed by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT through incentives contrary to what our state board tells us.
5)Bill Gates and his foundation has also supplied hundreds of millions of dollars toward common core. He is not conservative.

Common Core is NOT good for Utah.

Heber City, UT

Yesterday's news: one Utah high school in the nation's top 396.
Today's news: Microsoft and Intel asking for exemptions to immigration laws so they can have 5,200 American jobs with immigrants.

Utah's Common Core battle has been cast as a good vs. evil political battle. It is nothing of the sort. It's about particpating with 44 other states in a coordinated effort to better equip our kids to compete in the world -- while maintaining flexibility and local control.

The State School Board's call for support would not be necessary if a few more legislators had the courage to stand up to the tin-foil-hat factions of thier constituencies. The opponents have been relentless in their misinformation campaign. If even half the energy put into opposing the standards and concocting conspiracies was put instead into volunteering at local schools, Utah schools would be at the top of the list.

Roberts, ID

The residents of Utah should demand that Common Core be stopped dead in its tracks. It eliminates the teaching of American History and rewrites much of our Founding Fathers good work.
It's not about providing a good education to our youth, but for the Department of Education to control what is taught. Trust me, the families of Utah are far more qualified to determine how the children are educated. Ask yourself, "What has the Department of Education done to better the Utah educational experience"?
Education is a states rights issue and should not be relinquished to the Feds.

Farmington, Utah

Here's one of the problems with Common Core: phasing out parent involvement in their child's schooling. My children who have children in Utah public schools have all commented on it. My child who has children in Iowa public schools is very frustrated with what is happening. She home-schooled her kids until this last year. They tested very high when she put them into public schools this past year. Their scores have continued to drop ever since. She is quite alarmed and is pulling the kids back out for next year and going back to home schooling. So, my observations about Common Core are based merely on what is being reported to me by several children about my grandchildren, and the reports are not good.

The Hammer
lehi, utah

Common core would turn our school system into Germany's school system. Germany school system starts determining kids futures when they are in Junior high and at the end of Junior high you take your final test to determine if you can go to college or if you go to a trade school. Mostly you do not have a choice once you reach this point as your career choices are limited to whatever path you test into in 9th grade!

If you have disabilities, or are a slow learner, or slow maturer (as most boys are) or you don't do well in the set school environment they place you into, you will never have the choice to attend college you will be stuck in some trade that you may or may not like for the rest of your life.

Additionally your pay will be limited because the labor market will be full of workers and their will be very few innovators who have access to knowledge. All the corporations would have all the labor they need to keep wages low. Oligarchies would abound like Walmart, GM, Chase, Microsoft and Exxon.

Common core would restrict freedom to choose your career.

Kaysville, UT

There are Common Core Standards and then Utah Core Standards. These are not Iowa's or Idaho's.

Salt Lake City, UT

My observations as an actively involved parent are that the the Common Core is EXACTLY what Utah needs! After a lengthy discussion with my kids' local teacher who is actively involved in the roll-out of the Common Core at the state level, I have a better understanding of what it is and what it isn't. The Common Core integrates the teaching of related subjects into a more complete methodology, it better benchmarks student performance for increased transparency, and most importantly, it refocuses our state's teaching and curriculum on career and college readiness. All this, while still leaving the control directly in the hands of our local districts and teachers.

Please, if you have doubts, study it out first! Do not rely on misinformation (even some of which is being propagated in this comment board!). Talk to your local teacher. Call your local district. Reach out to the state education office.

Our state's future, our children, NEED the Common Core.

Salt Lake City, UT

@all hands on deck
The argument "Bill Gates is for it, so I need to be against it" doesn't exactly hold water. Your other points might if they were true (which I doubt). Do you have sources?

In what way does the Common Core "eliminate the teaching of American History"? More generally, the Common Core is a set of benchmarks that encourage career and college readiness. Individual teaching and curriculum is still up to each district and even teacher.

Are you sure the the decline in your grandchildren's performance is due solely to the Common Core? There are many factors that could be affecting it, from individual teachers to your grandchildren's peers. Honestly, it sounds more like a teaching issue than a curriculum issue (kudos to your daughter by the way!).

@The Hammer
The Common Core is mostly a set of standardized benchmarks meant to prepare children for careers and higher education. It in NO WAY defines which profession kids should pursue, and it in NO WAY obligates children to a specific field of study/career. If you think otherwise, I'm afraid you are misinformed.

Snowflake, AZ

"It's not about providing a good education to our youth, but for the Department of Education to control what is taught. Trust me, the families of Utah are far more qualified to determine how the children are educated."

There is nothing in the common core that tells educators how or what to teach. These are benchmarks as to where students need to be at each level. Trust me, I have read the common core standards and it never says how educators should teach, only what the outcomes should be for students at certain grade levels.

The common core requires students to read and write at a higher level than they need to at the state level. Students are required to give evidence and make citations for arguments about relevant issues (which would be a big step up for the parents that are calling for withdrawal from common core implementation)

I don't see how setting the bar a little higher translates into surrendering local control to the Feds. We seem to be screaming "We don't want our students to be competitive"

Snowflake, AZ

to The Hammer "Common core would restrict freedom to choose your career."

You mean we would do away with the Community college route for getting into a university?

You are an alarmist. Universities are filled with students that took a longer route into a university. The problem now, is that the top 10% of students going into universities require so much remediation that the cost of higher education is going through the roof. The common core is aimed at improving the university readiness.

Forget your conspiracy theories!

The Hammer
lehi, utah


Barack Obama explained the vision of common core to be exactly like the German education system. State of the Union address and I quote-

"Right now, countries like Germany focus on graduating their high school students with the equivalent of a technical degree from one of our community colleges" ........."And four years ago, we started Race to the Top -- a competition that convinced almost every state to develop smarter curricula and higher standards, all for about 1 percent of what we spend on education each year."

The curricula isn't higher in its standards and that has been proven, but the standards are only a fraction of the issue. The larger issue is the testing where they will quantify you and qualify your for whatever the testing says. In Germany this testing takes place all the way up to ninth grade where they place you in programs according to the testing.

This means if you are a late bloomer or disabled you can kiss your college dreams goodbye because in Germany you have to pass their test to get in to university, there is no choice!

Florien Wineriter
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Spoesmen for Utah extremist should remember that the Civil Was reinforced the founding fathers decision to establish Federalism as our form of government and Utah applied for statehood to participate.

Farr West, Utah

We don't need a "common core" to raise standards. There are many subject areas that are not covered in the common core. Focusing so much on the common core will lead to less instructional time in other areas such as music and foreign language. Studies have consistetly shown that more time in these "elective" areas does more to raise math scores than more time on math alone.

Lehi, UT

Kommin Kore Kriklum Werks 4 Me!

With the implementation of these "standards" this year, my kids have been taught much of the same thing they learned the previous year.

It seems like this, that, and the other government department is regularly trying to fix education, and it's good that these various organizations are trying, but they will all fail until we get a collective moral backbone.

In coming years after this latest attempt at standardization is weighed objectively, the current proponents will have to consent to failure.

When we decide to reintroduce God into our learning, we will succeed. From what I've seen thus far, this, that, and the other government department have the opposite of that on their agenda.

Kommin Kore Kriklum doesn't do anything to change our course.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

The problem isn't Common Core. It is the school board and legislature always making drastic changes EACH year to either the curriculum or testing that has harmed students the most. The state has made it impossible to accurately determine whether an individual student is making progress from year to year.

Common Core itself is a baseline of minimum standards for math, reading and science. There is nothing wrong with establishing a bare minimum of proficiency is there? School boards, schools and individual teachers should go beyond what the core asks. If that isn't happening for your individual student, ask questions and find answers to the problem to help your child.

Saint George, UT

When are Utah citizens going to 'fix' the problems themselves, instead of giving someone else, in this case, the federal government, all the power and resources to do it? If in fact the Common Core Curriculum is something that needs to be accepted, passed, and supported, what does that say about the support that was giving to all the other federal 'answers'that were supported in the past that were going to 'fix' the problems? Come on people, wake up! Where are the independent, liberty minded, citizens of this state that will look the federal government in the face and say, "You know, I enjoy my liberty and I think Utah can figure this out all by itself, thank you!" Why jump on a ship that is practically sunk! Why do the so-called Constitutionally minded Utahns support something that isn't even in the constitution? Why?

Gray, TN

Frankly, we have too many "college graduates" that can't find work. We have too many technical and skilled labor jobs that can't find workers to fill them.
Everybody wants a "college degree" - nobody wants a technical job, so the work goes overseas. Machinists and Technicians are needed to grow our hard goods economy. If America remains a "service" or "white collar" dominated country, then we will be limited to provide goods to export or use in our own economy.
I don't know about Common Core testing for competency in History - I'm afraid that American History has already been hijacked by progressive liberals that don't want focus on the US Constitution, Founding Principles, Free-market Capitalist systems, Individual Exceptionalism, and Entrepreneural examples that can be contrasted with socialism, communism and "no one is a winner" programs that have weakened our children's vision of excellence and to reach your full potential through hardwork and sacrifice.
Whatever is on the Common Core Tests, that's what teachers will be forced to teach.

Salem, UT

The problem is not the Common Core or any other conspiracy theory- ohh if schools were so powerful as to be able to make your children into what they want- I wish I had that power- concerned about your childs education- then read to them, explore ideas with them, engage in what they are doing and you will find your influence far greater than any of the fears you have and you might just find they can think for themselves and learn- but ohhh I forgot that would take effort and afterall who wants to do that- stop blaming schools for your failure and look at your own homes and neighborhoods since afterall most of you declare that is where the most importnat learning takes place.

Boise, ID

Anytime state sovereignty is signed away to the Federal government bad things happen. Good government exists ONLY when voters can make changes when necessary and they can't do that when Federal bureaucrats are in control. Note that we are talking big union, socialist oriented Federal employees and political appointees who believe a big Federal government is the answer to just about everything and that local control is their enemy.

Coach P
Provo, UT

I'm not sure exactly what the common core is doing with math and science and literacy. But as a Social Studies teacher, we still plan on teaching U.S. History and U.S. Government...

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