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Published: Wednesday, May 8 2013 9:20 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I am not worried.

Whit will take us to the top of the nation, just like he already did.

Who is the last team to beat Alabama in a bowl game? We are.

We will compete for, if not win the south this year

There will be roses within a couple years

Those who don't believe didn't believe we would beat Alabama in our second bcs game.

With in state recruiting domination and 7 out of 8 wins last 8 games against in state opponents, it's clear there is one and only one national program in the state

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Dear Utah state and byu:

We encourage all to support the only team in Utah worthy of a bcs conference invite

The university of Utah utes.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Our 2013 seniors will get a perfect 4-0 sweep against our former rivals

That would be embarrassing to never beat your rival your entire career


The big pac12 wins will come soon

anti BCS
Anaheim, CA

"Although the official polls for this year won't be released until the end of July, early projections peg the Utes near the bottom of the pack."

Looks like the PAC 10.2 has finally accepted the Utes as their official whipping boy; 3-9 is a real possibility next season, with losses to BYU and Utah State. Luckily the Utes have Weber State on their schedule so they can still claim they're the 3rd best team in the state.

Layton, UT

@anti BCS
Anaheim, CA

The Utes beat both byu and UCLA last year. What are you crowing about?

Idaho Falls, ID

What are you talking about? The utes are undefeated against Washington State and split with Colorado. what else do you expect?

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Utah needs to take care of business at home and knock off some conference foes on the road. I'm not sold on Wilson at QB, but at east there's depth at the position. It's nice to know that 3-0 in non-conference play is highly likely. It's also nice to know that 10-2 would probably get you a BCS bowl game. Not to mention all the other nice bowl games the PAC 12 ties into. I guess my screen name might be anti BCS too, if the team I pulled for had NO chance of getting to a BCS bowl and I was on the outside looking in. It's gotta be tough to be the little guy on the block.

Idaho Falls, ID

Hey ekute, the utes didn't beat UCLA last year. Try to keep up.

Layton, UT

oops. Well, we would of beat UCLA if we would of "executed at a higher level".
"We made mistakes, we didn't execute to out full potential, and we beat ourselves"


@ekute, U also lost to Utah State. And U barely beat BYU...at home. Not much to brag about!

That's A Good One
Salt Lake City, UT

Thanks for the daily dose of comedy Christine. That's just hilarious - times 3.

Looks like you copied and pasted your same "mark it down" type comments from the last 2 years again this year. One of these days reality will surely set in, won't it???

When did Whit take you to the top of the nation? We must have missed that one. Alabama is getting smaller and smaller in your rear view mirror. What have you done on the field lately?

If you finished at the bottom of the PAC with a more favorable schedule your first 2 years how do you ever think this year will be your big breakthrough? Get back to us when the pigs start flying in East Salt Lake or when snowmen start lasting for days in downtown Phoenix during July.

If it aids your fantasy I hear you can buy a dozen roses at Walmart for the rollback price of $14.99 this weekend. Other than through your crimson glasses that'll be the only chance again this year you'll have of seeing anything rose colored.

Gone fishin
Murray, UT

Crissy B and other Ute fans are hanging the ENTIR season's success on beating BYU, regardless of many other wins they get. Pretty sad that they have not figured out that a successfuls eason like BYU's means more wins than losses and a bowl game.
Sorry Utes but the article was spot on. Truth really bites.

I love my independance.

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

I don't count Chris B as a Ute fan. She/he is just a pot stirring troll. Don't feed him/her.

I am not hanging my season on beating byu at all. A loss to byu wouldn't be that big of a deal for us. Even with a loss, we'd still have 3 of the last 4. BYU fans on the other hand, REALLY NEED a win this year regardless of how their season goes. Losing 4 in a row going into a two year hiatus would be bad news.

What I want to see this year as a Utah fan is progress. We need to get to a bowl game. We need to see some real progress on the offensive side of the ball. I think we will.

Go Utes!

Lindon, UT

Everyone knows I'm a BYU fan but I have to admit that these down years for Utah is more than just playing in the PAC. Their teams of just a few years ago would have kicked butt on the teams of the last two years--- regardless of conference affiliation. It seems reality is setting in that being IN the conference means nothing if you don't win some games. Whitt and the team knows this and maybe now the fans will realize it too. Every big conference has a bottom half that no one cares about. Utah needs to win so they don't join their ranks-- otherwise the PAC patch and BYU wins will be all you have.

Layton, UT

"U also lost to Utah State. And U barely beat BYU...at home. Not much to brag about!"

But we did beat byU 3 times last year. That makes it 5 in row and 10 out of 13.

And your right. "Not much to brag about!"

Frisco, TX

Unlike a couple of U who are BYU bashers, I'm not a Ute basher. I'm married to a Ute and cheer for U in every game except BYU and USU. Although a couple of commenters drive me crazy.

But I think it's time to admit, the Utes could be in trouble this year, and finishing below .500 again is a real possibility. Sorry cb, there will be no roses unless U get them for your mother on Sunday.

Stanford and Oregon are likely Top 10 teams again. USC will be improved over last year. Oregon State, Arizona, ASU and UCLA are teams on the rise. BYU vs Utah has been a nail biter three of the last four years, and there's no reason to expect otherwise this year. And let's face it, Utah lost a lot of talent - Brenner, Christopher, Dunn, Kruger (x2), Lacy, Star, Lee, Rolf Stephens and Topps.

U will probably be improved at QB, but every other group looks to be down from last year.

Elk Grove, CA

The Utes will eventually become at least a mid-tier team in the PAC-12. They have a good coaching staff and have been very successful at recruiting many of the best players in Utah, which traditionally opted for BYU. I would imagine that Coach Whittingham has been given at least a five-year grace period to put together a winning program in the PAC-12, so the next three years will be crucial if he desires to keep his job.

Reasonable thinker
Murray, UT

I really had no expectations for the Utes so I am not disappointed that they missed out on a winning season and a bowl game. I expect the same or worse this year. Maybe they should consider moving back to a lesser conference where they belong anyway. They can't play with the big boys except for one game a year with their big brother.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ CougFaninTX

I don't disagree with your comment, except when you said USC will be improved. They still have depth issues and lost Barkley, Woods, Burnett, McDonald, and a few other key players.


@ekute, Wow, are you really going to count that as three wins? I guess when you run .500 or below year in and year out, you count what you can.

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