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Published: Wednesday, May 8 2013 10:05 a.m. MDT

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Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Instead of asking BYUI to follow BYU and adopt their sports teams, maybe we should turn the question around and ask why not have BYU follow BYUI's example and drop their sports programs? After all, let's face it: Sports brings out the worst in players/coaches/fans (yes, even BYU's) and some of the things we've seen out of BYU's sports program don't paint the institution and the LDS Church in a positive light. That is contrary to the stated mission of BYU and the church. College sports have become "worldly" enough that it might be time for BYU to think about dropping intercollegiate sports altogether.

Salt Lake City, UT

I think it would be very unfortunate if BYU was to be forced to merge sports with BYU-I. While people sometimes do indeed conglomerate the schools together into one blob, they are not one school. They never have been and never will be. I find it highly appealing that BYU-Hawaii has figured that out. They have their own sports teams and their own mascot. They have found their own identity. Just because people do not know the difference between the schools does not mean that the schools should merge together. I have friends from out of state that confuse the U with USU all the time; surely we will not suggest that the Utes start donning the navy blue and white.

Elk Grove, CA

Brave Sir Robin,
I hear the same story from my brother-in-law who's a University of Utah graduate. You'd love BYU to cancel it's sports programs so the Utes can become the big and only brother on the block.
In regards to BYU-Idaho, I would much rather have my child attend a California in-state school than go to school in Rexburg. BYU-Idaho is an empty shell culturally. It's kind of like a long distance commuter school with very little to offer outside of some academics and a weekly devotional. BYU-Idaho definitely has an identity crisis because it has none. Attending a school with no school culture wouldn't be pleasant. Making BYU-Idaho students BYU sports fans is a natural fit. Maybe BYU-Idaho could eventually host some BYU sporting events on occasion, such as baseball, softball, women's soccer, etc.

Layton, UT

@Brave Sir Robin

what are you thinking! Your comment is taboo among the tds faithful. It brings forth a deep-seeded fear that is not spoken of ever since Utah joined the Pac12 and the tds went independent.

Sports Are Great
Salt Lake City, UT

baby sparrow

Nothing more hypocritical than a Ute fan being ok with classlessness on the hill while crucifying byu fans who once in a rare while act the same as Ute fans. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Ute "fans" represent their university and our state. I'm more embarrassed to be associated with the state of Utah from ute "fans" behavior than I am of the ocassional byu-mormon affiliation.

Stop hiding behind the red to justify the behavior that proves Max Hall right day after day.


@NorCalCougarFan&Alum, I don't know where you get your info on BYU-I, but I think you are wrong. My nephew just finished his Freshman year and I have several neighbors whose kids went/are there and loved the experience. There have been many articles as well as the book mentioned in this article about some of the ground breaking education that is happening there. The President of BYU-I is the former Dean of Harvard Business school. If you would rather your children experience the "culture" of UC-Santa Cruz and the left-over hippie drug-culture of the banana slugs, then more power to you. I would love my children to attend BYU-I.

Ted H.
Midvale, UT

Robin, Our beloved Prophet President Monson would have ended sports if he thought sports should be ended at BYU. After all, he is the chairman of the board of BYU. And assuming you support our prophet as I support our prophet, I'm going to side with President Monson.

And yes, I'm so happy that byu bothers you. It puts a smile on my face knowing how much byu and byu sports make you upset. Thank you. Your frustration bring me great joy.

Layton, UT

@Brave Sir Robin

See. Look how quick they turn on you.

Rexburg, ID

Students here at BYU-Idaho don't have any automatic allegiance to BYU sports. On any given day you'll find them wearing shirts from universities all around the country, and when you talk to them you'll find their allegiances all over the place.

I agree with the basic premise of the article, that BYU-I offers nothing to generate school spirit and unity, and this could be accomplished in part by promoting BYU sports.

But those who claim that BYUI is "culturally empty" (whatever that really means) simply haven't been here -- the university has its own distinct atmosphere and culture. Just because it's different from another school doesn't make it inferior.

Elk Grove, CA

First, many kids in my ward attend BYU-Idaho and they can't wait to return to CA after they complete their two terms each school year. They complain of the boredom and wished they had worked harder in high school to get into BYU-Provo. Plus, the extreme weather in Idaho gets old as well. Finally, there are many fine University of California and California State University campuses that have LDS Institutes close by where LDS young adults can be spiritually nourished on a daily basis and enjoy sporting and other cultural events on campus. After I completed my undergrad at BYU, I attended two in-state California campuses with great institute programs where I was spiritually filled and enjoyed campus life as well. Yes, there were many Liberal professors. However, witnessing other perspectives prepared me for real life.

Cougar Files
Roosevelt, UT

I have had this same thought (have BYU-I adopt the same mascot and host events periodically). I have children, nephews and nieces attending both schools. I think it's a tragedy not to have the opportunity to attend sporting events at BYU-I. I hear from my nephews that there is a robust intramural program, but it will not unite the student body in a way that cheering on a university sponsored team in intercollegiate competition does. Yes it has the potential to bring out the worst in individuals and, occasionally, the student body, but it creates enhanced student body unity and identity as well as memorable, fun social activities.

Woods Cross, UT

Perhaps Utah public schools should follow BYU-I's example and drop athletic programs. It would save taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. Let parents pay for club sports in the communities.

Springville, UT

Some interesting ideas. Probably won't go anywhere, but creative.

Maybe BYU-I should get back into sports on its own. Seems like a pretty bland place with few of the college traditions that are part of the American experience. And I'm not suggesting the fraternity/sorority stuff for which I have no use. What is more American than a football game in the Fall or a basketball rivalry? Great memories (even if college sports has gone to the dogs, i.e., money over anything else).

West Jordan, UT

@Brave Sir Robin

"why not have BYU follow BYUI's example and drop their sports programs?"

I know that is the secret little fantasy of every petty BYU hater in Utah, but all signs point to that being nothing but fantasy. We see quite the opposite happening at BYU, with the LDS church investing more in BYU athletics, as both a publicity and missionary tool. They just spent millions building a state of the art HD broadcasting facility, created their own cable TV channel that reaches more than 100 million homes, and signed a 10 year exclusive contract with ESPN to broadcast their football games. These are just a few example. I could cite many more. I know that must gall you as it is obvious from your frequent posts that you have a deep-seeded and irrational hatred of BYU, but do not despair. I am sure there is some treatment available for that if you wish to overcome it.

Madison, ID


So if going to school in Rexburg is such a drag and the Institutes in Cali are so great (which I imagine they are) why don't they just stay at home, quit grousing, and go to a UC/CSU school? It's not like BYU-I needs them.

Salt Lake City, UT

BYUI has made a commitment to academics and personal growth rather than the BCS. Let them pursue that goal. College athletics has become the tail that wags the dog and BYUI has rejected that model.

Pleasant Grove, UT

How is this worthy of publication?

Elk Grove, CA


If LDS youth can't get into the BYU Provo campus, they choose to attend BYU-Idaho due to the price tag. Unfortunately, the University of California and California State University systems have increased their tuition 15-30% a year. BYU-Idaho tuition is $1,785.00 a semester for tuition. The LDS Church does a great job at keeping expenditures low and subsidizing tuition with tithing money. An undergraduate degree at a CSU campus is $2,736.00 and a UC campus is $3,740.00 per semester for undergraduate studies.


My daughter attended BYUI for a year recently and said she found more Utah and Utah State fans as students than BYU fans. This was frustrating to her.

I suspect BYUI would prefer to stay neutral so Utes fans, Aggies fans and others can attend a church school and not feel like they have to sacrifice loyalty to their favorite college sports team. However, that does not mean they could not have a huge sponsored BYU Sports fan club on campus that could provide activities and big screen viewings of games.

BYUI has plenty of cultural events and activities but the students have to take advantage of what is available. Just because they don't have D1 sports does not mean they are without culture. Take the blinders off.

Even though the academic entrance standards are lower at BYUI than BYU, that does not mean all the students at BYUI are underachievers academically. There are many reasons a student may want to attend BYUI rather than BYU. Some were mentioned above. Others include size of school/community, focus on academics, much lower costs, closer to home, small town atmosphere, smaller class room size, getting away from home, nutureing environment, etc..

Somewhere in Time, UT

The Church sees BYU sports programs as an important resource for getting exposure for the Church. That is actually the main reason they exist. I doubt the Church will ever consider ending sports at BYU.

Making the BYU-I campus a cougar campus, as well, sounds like a great idea.

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