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Published: Tuesday, May 7 2013 3:15 p.m. MDT

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A Guy With A Brain
Enid, OK

Hey, Vice President Biden, let me tell you something:

I agree with you. Gun control IS a moral issue.

I have a MORAL responsibility to protect my family from foolish people. Foolish and misguided people like you, your boss and the political party that supports you two. So, NO, you cannot have my guns.

Gee, that was easy....

(and on another note, based on the vote at the Democrat Party's 2012 national convention, Democrats don't believe in God (go on YouTube and see for yourself) yet NOW they appeal to preachers and ministers to achieve their goal of gun control? Why am I not surprised?....)

Whos Life RU Living?
Ogden, UT

I love the comments on Deseret News! It is always entertaining.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mr. VP,
Please find another problem on which to comment. Your absence of tact and credibility diminishes the issue and tempts people to take an opposite position.


I thought faith leaders were suppose to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, not political views. What happened to churches loosing their IRS tax exempt status if they push political views? I know my church seems to be very concerned, and a letter is read every election cycle, that church assets are not to be used for political purposes.

Springville, UT

Biden is right. Churches should come out on the irrational gun obsession this country has, including the LDS Church. And please, don't drag abortion into this. Churches can take a position on more than one issue.

Centerville, UT

"please, don't drag abortion into this. Churches can take a position on more than one issue." But apparently only if you sign off on the issue. You tell us constantly, the LDS church needs to butt out of local issues, and now you want them to butt in for your issue. You tell us the individuals in the church are always following the church because they go against your desires, now you want them to control the individuals for your issue.

Sandy, Utah

The American people need to get nuts like Biden, Pelosi, Obama, and all the other nuts out of office. They don't give a crap about anyone but themselves. They don’t know the first thing about morals as they have none.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

like a typical liberal - if the argument works for us, we'll use it - if it works for you, it's not valid or welcome.

Mcallen, TX

Wasn't it Biden, telling someone, to shoot a gun and scare a burglar?

An unarmed public is dangerous. A reason why no foreign country has entered, and attacked us is because we're armed.

Seems our leaders wants us weak, unarmed, and broke.

Kaysville, UT

It wasn't just a gun, it was a shotgun he wanted people to use.

Brigham City, UT

Used to be a fan of Mr. Biden in the 1990's; now his law degree comes before his faith; his home state of Delaware now has gay marriage and he is silent on that moral issue: Bible more important than the Constitution, following the prophets Peter and Paul--- trumps the need to be equal in all things. And I've never owned a gun.

Springville, UT

@ jsf, I have never said the Church should bnot involve itself into local issue. Never. I don't know what you are talking about except it must be a standard right wing reactionary, knee-jerk talking ponit you raise. All the right wingers here, and no level headed thinking.... Where is the rational thinking? And since when did guns become more important than Christ's teachings?

Salt Lake City, UT

"Even Harry Reid voted NO on the gun ban bill in the senate because Harry knows the people of Nevada will throw him and his socialist buddies out the door during the next election if there is any hint of gun banning from the federal govt."

Harry Reid voted no because as majority leader there's a procedural rule that requires the majority leader to vote no if he is to bring the bill up for another vote later. He doesn't actually oppose it.

"and the undercover cameras at planned parenthood"

You mean edited videotapes of planned parenthood workers trying to pry information from the people by pretending to go along with it so that they could call the authorities and let them know about it?

"Only an evil government would disarm its citizens."

Only an ignorant public would think expanding background checks = disarmament.

@everyone harping about abortion
The lowest abortion rates in the world are in Belgium. If you really wanted to reduce abortions you'd support some of the things that lead Belgium to that status like making birth control available to everyone (prevent unwanted pregnancies and you prevent elective abortions).

Cache county, USA

Now, who is speaking morals?

Casey See

We have the right to chose. Both good and bad. When government starts to infringe on this right, government starts to assume that it knows better then our creator who recongized that choice includes accountability. Today, many pushing for gun control are really pushing to force people make only right choices. Unfortunately, we know that isn't possible. Yes laws are necessary, but should be kept to a minimum. Guns can also support good i.e. defend life and property and provide the means to acquire food.

While you may argue that assault weapons are only designed to kill people, they also can be used to defend life, liberty, and property. Also many of the current proposals would make most semi-automatic rifles illegal such as semi-automatic hunting rifles, shotguns, and rimfire rifles. The only guns that would fully meet some proposals are single shot rifles and shotguns. While some of us might hunt with a single shot, they are woefully inadequate for defending life, liberty, and property.

What is next after the banning of guns? Banning of knives? Talking with co-workers in Denmark, knives over 6 inches are not allowed outside of a home.

Lets get real.

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