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Published: Tuesday, May 7 2013 1:15 p.m. MDT

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Cottonwood Heights, UT

The Granite District has every right to be proud that Skyline HS is ranked so high. But as only 1 of its 9 schools made the list (I don't think they can claim AMES, despite its location), Granite may want to rethink how it allocates resources.

On the other hand, hearty congratulations to the Davis District--4 of its 8 high schools in the top 2,000 nationwide.


So what do all of these schools have in common? I know no one wants to say it, but these school are located in suburban, white, middle class neighborhoods, with functioning parents and strong families.

Salt Lake City, UT

Yeah, the annual I'm (we're) better than you list.

Woods Cross, UT

The U.S. News rankings are silly. Davis High, a large public school performed amazingly well in every category, with 48% of their seniors passing AP exams, except class size?

broomfield, CO

Congratulations to the 15 Utah high schools! Did any other states have more than 15 high schools in the top? Sounds like "sour grapes" from two other commenters.


Where pray tell is Murray High? or wait never mind we know.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


You are much like you're namesake--not familiar with the facts. West High student demographics are not like the others. Yet they've flourished, too.

But thanks for your empty "progressive" contribution.

Western Rover
Herriman, UT

Obama10, isn't a significant portion of Skyline's catchment area (namely east of I-215) in an upper-class, not middle-class neighborhood?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Utah's teachers traditionally do better than they should, based on per pupil spending by the state government. Utah teachers are particular dedicated, poorly paid, often blamed by legislagtors for everything from poor test scores to leprosy, and often supplement the classroom books and supplies they are granted with their own money. They are to be congratulated for their achievement. Based on Utah accounting for about one two-hundredth of the U.S. population, anything over ten Utah high schools making this list of 2,000 is a very real achievement, which is in no way attributable to Utah government. Teachers are very special people.

What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

This is really a pathetic result for Utah. We can't do better than this? Maybe we need vouchers.


These types of rankings should be taken with a grain of salt--and those interested should google and read the parameters used. One problem with the ranking is they didn't consider the percentage of students in the school taking the SAT. Instead, they merely used average SAT score. A very small percentage of UT students take the SAT-- so their average SAT scores will be significantly higher than schools where a large percentage of students take the SAT. Skyline had very high SAT scores-- how many students took the test?

Durham, NC

@Obama10.....Riddle me this batman - Durham NC, which is demographically half black has two schools listed - one is ranked 23rd in this nation.

Unfortunately though much of what you said does apply... demographics does have a high correlation. It has little to do with color of skin (Utah is over 95% white so that isn't a factor).. but a lot to do with family demographics.

Mission Viejo, CA

Western Rover, I would say East of 215 is upper-middle class, but not exactly upper class. I'd reserve that for a few blocks in Federal Heights. The reality is compared to other cities, the entire Salt Lake Valley is suburbia, including, Salt Lake proper.

Holly Mullen
Salt Lake City, UT

Dear Obama10:
Check Google Maps. West High School is smack on Salt Lake City's west side and remains one of the state's most racially and ethnically diverse public schools. Fortunately, most teachers and administrators at West are committed to academic improvement and it was the first school in the state to add an International Baccalaureate program to its curriculum (which our state Legislature repeatedly threatens to kill).

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Not bad for being the worst funded in the nation!

I guess that pro voucher agenda promoted by the far right will have to wait another year, eh repubs!?

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