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Published: Saturday, May 4 2013 11:25 p.m. MDT

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Murray, UT

@ Neanderthal
Pheonix, AZ

So out of the player and the ref, you think it is the ref that needed to change his behavior?

Wow, I mean WOW!

I think the player was 100% out of line. All fault to the player.

The ref did what he was supposed to do. No fault to the ref.

If that is all you think of refs, perhaps we should have refs officiate the game from a safety booth, like up by the announcers box. Or better yet, let the animals play soccer with no officials. Just let them play as rough as they want. If they assault each other, okay. Want to go sign your kids up for that?

Salt Lake City, UT


It is remarkable that someone like you, who postures himself as supremely merciful and forgiving, obviously thinks, simultaneously, that it is okay to punch people. You asked: "At any age, including when you were a minor, have either of you ever shoved, pushed, or punched anyone?"

No, I haven't, MormonSean, as a matter of fact. How about that.

But that doesn't make any difference. Punching people in the face or head is a remarkably VIOLENT act. It is alarming that you would think that it is normal, or okay. I think your attitude is extremely dangerous to society.

And regarding the "minor" punch. Witness reports indicate that the punch was a POWERFUL blow to the head. The initial injury was THOUGHT to be minor. However, not all injuries are visible or obvious at first.

And it is horrifying that your compassion for the perpetrator seems to have eclipsed your sympathy for the deceased and his family.

You yourself are not able to bring the deceased back to life. Therefore you really have no right to suggest that the perpetrator be given a pass in the name of "forgiveness."

I recommend you do some serious soul searching.

midvale guy

People need to be held accountable for their actions. I don't care what his excuse is it is not valid, Someone is dead. We all need to be less self absorbed, our society is paying the price for selfishness everywhere. We must start drawing a line in the sand so selfishness and ego have no payoff. There is a spiritual reason for all of this but what is important is what happens here in the physical world. Let's enforce the laws on the books and let this deters others in making these same senseless mistakes.

Gonzales, LA

I am just stupefied at that situation. I can only hope this person goes to prison for doing something that nasty. People give of their time and love to coach young people, I use to coach little league baseball, parents got so vile I moved the game to the afternoon when most were working. I tried to tell them not to criticize the boys, sadly they kept going. Its bad enough when a young man strikes out or makes a bad play, they don't need to hear it from the parents. I hope each of you will act in goodness and if you see anyone acting up mention something to them about it. this tradgedy should of never happened, and the excuse I didn't think I hit him that hard is hardly plausible.

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