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Published: Saturday, May 4 2013 8:35 p.m. MDT

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Podunk, UT

So what the 2A State Record in the 300 M Hurdles set by Riley Lyman of Enterprise High? Is that not good enough to be mentioned? There really needs to be more respect shown to smaller schools. This young lady finished 3rd overall in the heat against the 3-5A schools and not even a blip...and she is only a sophmore!! Spread the love DNews, we small schools exist too.

utah, UT

Dont be angry, just move to a bigger school?


You think someone who finished "3rd overall in the heat" deserves a mention? This is a huge meet - she finished third.

Pac 12 Fever
Salt Lake City, UT

Re 2A

It doesn't matter if you are 1A or 5A...track is an individual sport. It's not like football where u have 2600 kids to make a team verses 400. Bigger schools win.

Line up, run your race. Like golf...you shoot the best u win. Who cares if the person took third in a meet. Wake up. these people mentioned broke state records.

Your thinking is small time 2A. Sorry.

Blanding, UT

First off ummmm "just move to a bigger school" is such an old and over used slam on those of us that like living in rural areas. So I won't even go there.
Man in the middle you are right it is a huge meet, but it does allow kids from all classifications to compete against each other while still placing with in their proper classification. That being said her time would have placed her 3rd in the finals of the 3A-5A finals, not just the "heat".
Now 2Afan. Read all of the article. It does mention that she set the 2A record, just like Ammon Mitchell from San Juan and even Rich High's Boys Sprint Medley team.

Podunk, UT

@ummmm I went to a 5A and know way of thinking, it needs to change.

@maninmiddle, yes I believe someone who finished third in a FINAL who noone else thinks should be there is something to mention. a girl who just set a new State Record for her school classification and beat most the upper classification girls. If the state is going to break it up in classes, people should be recognized for their achievements in those classes. If it is all against everyone, take the classes away.

@Pac12 yes it does matter if you are from 1A or 5A...hence why they have different State Champs and records for each class. There is not just one state record in each event. There are 5 class records. Maybe you need to learn more about that. You are right about one thing, this article is about state records....She BROKE THE 2A STATE RECORD! Five classifications means 5 different state records.

@baldcoach I did read the article the night it was written and there was no mention until after my comment. These articlescan be edited. It is jice to see them put it i. and mention all the different records broken.

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