Comments about ‘Parenting language derails Utah County GOP immigration compromise’

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Published: Saturday, May 4 2013 5:10 p.m. MDT

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Orem, UT

The very act that of coming to America illegally is what creates the problem of families being separated and any parent who comes here illegally is being an irresponsible parent. Just like a parent who commits a crime and is then sent to jail for it, that breaks up their family is being irresponsible.

Murray, UT

Baccus0902; there had to be another reason. BYU has a very high percentage of students on visas from all over the world.

Beverly; Last week the news articles claimed that Romney lost because white America had a low turnout, and Blacks turned out in record numbers.

There is no reason not to enforce the laws of the land and require people to come here legally. Allowing this to go on will slowly destroy this country, so much dishonesty from people here illegally, and those that hire them or turn their head, pretending not to see. Parents have a responsibility to raise their children as good citizens. And the children have the responsibility to make things right at 18.

Kaysville, UT

Most of the people that may come to our country are known for work ethics. That is great but so also is going by the law and order of a country that has rules and regulations on entering our country. That process has been well defined and even though it takes time and there is a process, even for work-permits, there is a process. It is a violation to cross the border illegally or overstay the visa or permit.

This country is for people who want to get more in life than what they may get in their own country. Illegals exist in a lot of countries but the controls we have initiated decades ago are to put limitations on people who want to do bad or evil things against our citizens. The hard-working people from those same countries, should want to limit the bad people from coming to our country, also. They give them a bad reputation. Compliance with the rules and regulations is the most solid way to have the good people validated and those that are attempting to come to do bad, away from our country. Most came here to get away from the bad.


Perhaps one thing that needs to be done is to change the law to not grant automatic citizenship to children of illegal parents born in the united states. That way the parents can't come into the country, have a baby, then say, "You can't send me back to where I came from, my child is an American Citizen." Of course the law would need to grandfather those who are here already and not strip them of their citizenship.

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