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Published: Friday, May 3 2013 12:50 p.m. MDT

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Anaheim, CA


"that Utah team when[sic] to the NCAA Final Four (to loose[sic] the famous '66 Texas Western [UTEP] team of Glory Road fame)."

Utah only had to win two games - Pacific(83-51) and Oregon St(70-64) to get to the Final Four in 1966, equivalent to getting to the Sweet Sixteen today.

Utah(7-3) won the WAC title over 2nd place BYU(6-4), but BYU swept the Utes, winning 115-100 in Provo and 94-93 in SLC.

No neutral organization considered Utah's 1916 AAU and 1944 NCAA tournament titles as national titles either.

BYU sports on TV in Missouri
Lebanon, MO

Seems pretty clear that good things are going on at BYU. Not only do the fans get to watch games all the time all over the country all the time but when you put it in perspective, BYU has won championships in 9 differnt sports. Utah... Only 3. Same as USU. Last 10 years BYU addded 5 more championships with 2 more on the way... Utah only 2, same as weber state... When it comes to skiing... less than 30 schools participate and they make up 1/2 of your championships... I am sure that vermont, middleburry and alaska/Anchorage were all shaking in their non BCS ski boots when Utah shows up...Tell all your BCS buddies about winning skiing championships. I will bet they will be really impressed. c'mon.... more cowbell.....

Mesa, AZ


Brigham Young

Texas Christian, Boise State, and Utah have been tearing it up over the last decade, but in 1984 Brigham Young did something none of those other "Little Big" teams have even gotten a legitimate shot at: they finished #1.

Unfortunately, BYU '84 differs from those other teams in another way too: they did not play a single ranked opponent. The only so-called "national champion" that didn't (though Oklahoma came very close in 1956).

BYU's 1984 opponents went 61-85-3, placing their schedule 96th amongst 98 division 1A schools.

And yet their performance was as weak as their schedule.

They won five games by a touchdown or less, from a 20-14 win at 3-7-1 Pitt in their opener to a 24-17 win against 6-6 Michigan in the Holiday Bowl-- by far the worst bowl opponent ever faced by a so-called "national champion."

How bad was Michigan? They finished 6th in the Big Ten, and the Big Ten was a horrid 12-15 against nonconference opponents and 1-5 in bowl games. The only conference in the country that was as bad as the Big 10 was the WAC itself.

Mesa, AZ

The lengths the byu-fanbase will go to in a vain attempt to cope with being utterly/blatantly straight dominated by UTAH head-to-head in the king of all sports, football, is truly entertainment at its finest. Thanks for the show!

Anaheim, CA


BYU fans don't have to go to any lengths to prove BYU's national dominance over the Utes, the record speaks for itself.

National Championships
Utah 0

Top 25 Finishes
BYU 18
Utah 7

Heisman Trophy Winners
Utah 0

National College Hall of Fame Players
Utah 0

National Individual Award Winners
BYU 15
Utah 0

Call us when Utah wins its first national player or team award of any kind in football.


Getting back to the subject of the article, "National championship-filled week in Utah"

One Rugby National Championship down, one Volleyball National Championship to go for BYU.

Go Cougars!

Salt Lake City, UT


"their performance was as weak as their schedule"

Despite your frantic and emotion spin to prove otherwise, BYU's performance was obviously strong enough that after over a month of careful scrutiny of BYU and every other legitimate national championship contender, BYU was selected CONSENSUS 1984 Major College Football National Champion by ALL FIVE major national selecting organizations.

BYU's "weak" bowl opponent, Michigan, would have been playing in the Rose Bowl instead of the Holiday Bowl if the Wolverines had beaten Ohio State in their season finale, and the Wolverines were themselves considered national championship contenders after beating Miami earlier in the season.

Iowa City, IA

The real story is BYU is playing for two in one day! That's awesome.

Chris B. you can't count your rugby nat'l champ. because after all, you ute fans have been screaming they are NOT part of the Universtity.

Iowa City, IA

Actually Mr. Petersen this week filled of champioinships doesn't bring anything else to mind except BYU's across the board domination in sports. The weekend screams how good BYU is and how good they've been for years.

MR TDLAWTON: Wow you are bitter. But since you've taken it upon yourself to "disqualify" Nat. Championship you might as well do that for Utah NCAA championship too. They lost in the NIT and were taken as a left over to the NCAA (the secondary championship).

I am sure you want to be fair and not spiteful.

Lincoln City, OR

@ gonefishin...

1944 Hmmm... Seems like something was going on that year that took a ton of athletes over seas and probably rendered Championships meaningless... Oh yeah, it was World War II.

Lincoln City, OR

Actually the Championship count is

26 Brigham Young University

24 Utah

But nice try Chrissy B

West Point , UT

Excluding the NIT, and AAU vague histories of both schools, BYU has 24 national championships to Utah's 21 (not really sure where Chris B learned to count). Both schools should be proud of that history but BYUs seems far more impressive with championships in so much greater a variety of sports. Lacrosse, football, soccer, volleyball, rugby, track and field, etc. Utah has gymnastics and skiing (coed since 1983). While Utah has had some impressive feats in other sports, they have never been able to get over the hump (well there was rugby but were not sure if they own up ti that yet). No one outside of Utah cares that U were ever second. History doesn't care. One of my favorite Nike shirts put it best: "second place is the first loser". 2003, Utah...U better win one soon because your impotence is making all your "big brother little brother" diatribe sound foolish and tired, makes your daddy want to send u to bed. U know who your daddy is Utah, regardless of how much U can't admit it.

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