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Published: Friday, May 3 2013 5:00 a.m. MDT

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Don Bugg, the writer only has so much space and ultimately her motivation for going to the U. is irrelevant to the story. It's a story about her conversion, not a detailed biography.

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

Sweet story, maybe the philosophers are right any publicity whether negative or positive is good publicity. I won't see the musical as my tastes run differently towards mystery and drama, but I don't sence that it was cruel rather mocking and farsical. Too many bigots think they are being humorous when their intentions shine though. Such words are designed to denigrate and hurt not to exhaugerate something identified with one faith. Life seems to be more enjoyable when we value and respect others beliefs even if they seem insane to you. What happens between God and a single person reaching out to him, is private, we don't know or understand a spiritual witness unless we are the one asking. Regardless, respect first and always.

Springville, UT

Chris B, this has nothing to do with liberals, or conservatives. Nor with Islam. Please don't politicize everything, nor drag other religions in.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

So, how many people do you think are out there, at some place in their journey toward conversion, who have been motivated (prompted) onward because of this play? Could we stretch a little and ask if perhaps the authors were guided in their own right?

There are many things in our lives that we would deem to be bad, that God can turn for our good, if we will let Him. Thanks for letting Him!

Meadow Lark Mark

What a wonderful great story. And I enjoyed reading through most of the comments. Lisa I wish you the best. Remember that our testimony and conversion are highly personal things that each person must work on each day to maintain. There are many worldly factors that can attack anyone to destroy our faith. Each individual must work each day to maintain our own faith. As the scripture says we have to work out our own salvation. This is true. It is a challenge that I have to work on for myself each day. Blessings on you in your life.

Utes Fan
Salt Lake City, UT


Welcome to the LDS Church and the University of Utah!

Virginia Beach, VA

@Lmorong, welcome to the church! Keep following those promptings and inspirations, they'll lead you to eternal life. I've shared your conversion story, very inspirational!

Mapleton, UT

Congratulations to Elder Parker and Elder Stone on their latest convert baptism!!! Your finding methods are definitely unorthodox, but strangely successful!

Ghost Writer

As Parly P. Pratt used to say, "Truth will prevail!"

Santa Monica, CA

I know her story and understand completely. I used to dislike cats. But seeing Cats on Broadway made me want to sing and dance like the Rum Tum Tugger. I bought a furry costume and have been entertaining myself ever since.

The Scientist
Provo, UT

If there is no such thing as bad publicity, why does everyone always give me grief for my comments?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


You must not understand the world "publicity" if you think every comment on every article in every newspaper in the world is considered "publicity"


Sacramento, CA

I do believe that God has a sense of humor (been to the zoo lately?) so it's not incredulous that Liza found the Church through a night at a play that spoofed the Book of Mormon. No doubt the actual people from the original book on the other side of the veil truly rejoiced in her story, even more so than she did. Rock on, my sister, you will inspire many more simply with your story, and by your very life.

Salt Lake City, UT


At the University of Utah, you may encounter more opposition to your Mormonism than in Boston. Stay strong. Stay true.

Your story is the same story as many of us, and made my day.

Grants Pass, OR

Well, this story and the comments here have changed my mind about the play mentioned. I was appalled when I first read about it and saw some excerpts. I am happy that Liza saw it and looked further. Being a convert myself I can say the Church has been the greatest influence on my life that I have had. It has been 53 years since my baptism and I still love being LDS.


After listening to the song 'All American Prophet' from the play on internet, I was amazed that the play producers and writers would put themselves in the untenable position of just making things up about Joseph.

After all, the facts about eleven men signing their names as witnesses to both seeing and handling the gold plates has been in the preface to the book of Mormon for 183 years. Three of the eleven men also signed their names as to being in the presence of the Angel that presented the gold plates to them for their inspection and handling.

Phoenix, AZ

What about the other side of the coin, the play seems to have made one convert, but how many has it turned away from being attracted to the church. It is hard to see how the play would make anyone want to be a Mormon. It is good to be happy for Liz and wish her a happy life; perhaps the same should be said for those that the play drove to Catholicism and are now attending ND.

Mission Viejo, CA

South Park, Book of Mormon (play), Mitt Romney. I guess its true that there is no such thing as bad publicity. Not sure I've heard of anyone converting because of Romney, though (joke).

Phoenix, AZ

Many of you have never watched South Park, as it can be crude, but it is extremely funny, with biting satire and deep points buried within. Yes, they goof on Mormons, but so do they on Catholics, Jews, Muslims. They rip atheists, gays, liberals and liberal causes. They make fun of permissive parents and overbearing parents. They make Osama Bin Laden into a caricature like Elmer Fudd and one of the South Park kids like Bugs Bunny, bashing Bin Laden with hammers, etc. They make fun of Satan, and put him in a gay relationship with Sadam Hussein, where Satan is ruled by Sadam. In that episode, they show life in Hell, and they show heaven and only Mormons are there (besides God of course.) And Catholics and Jews and Mormons and atheists and gays and almost every group out there takes it in stride... except Muslims (google "south park muslim death threats". So just saying that y'all are in good (and bad) company, and that LDS are not a particularly hard hit group compared to many targeted on this hilarious show. And seriously, I highly suggest you watch a few episodes to understand.

Beverly Hills, CA

Stories like this are yet another reason we as LDS/Mormons should take such satirical musicals such as this as an opportunity to separate fact from entertainment. Just because we do not agree with it does not mean we should never talk to those who have viewed it. We should be a friend to all.

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