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Published: Friday, May 3 2013 5:00 a.m. MDT

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Danbury, CT

Chris B,

Thanks for your gracious comments about Mormons. I hope we continue to live up to a higher standard. You know by now living in SLC that there are all kinds of Mormons and that the rivalry between the U and the Y is mostly among family and friends who love their own schools.

Enough niceties. GO COUGS!!!

Eastern girl
New Haven, CT

@Don Bugg, yes, the Boston student ward is especially strong. (Or at least it was a few years ago when some friends attended.)

Plano, TX

Hope she has a good experience at the U and it's student wards. A lot of good LDS folks at the U too.

Sego Lilly
Salt Lake City, UT

@Don Bugg - having lived in the Boston Temple district the Boston Temple is not being used to its fullest. I have been there numerous times and they do have a history of canceling sessions because no one shows up to attend. They will have a session if only one man and one woman show up for the endowment session. Baptisms are easy to get done there but the rest of the ordinance work - make sure you bring a few friends to help out. The endowment sessions there start on the hour.

Murtoa Australia, Victoria

Chris B

Salt Lake City, UT

I would encourage the South Park guys to create a satire on Muslims and their God.

Though not Mormon myself, I find it hypocritical of liberals to find this play funny and perfectly acceptable, whereas without a doubt if a similar production was done on Islam, the liberals would scream bigotry, and there likely would be death threats from the offended religion.

Mormons, thank you for overall being decent and non-violent people

I am an active Mormon and a liberal. I find this play not funny and perfectly unacceptable. I would find any play that makes light of anyones religion unacceptable. It is wrong to throw titles like Lideral & conservative around when this is not a political discusstion. Like myself there a members of the LDS Church that are conservative on some issues and liberal on others and yes, we all do try to be decent and non-violent people.

American Fork, UT

Good thing she didn't see 'Victor, Victoria', eh?

Orem, UT

Perhaps the thing to keep in mind is that Matt Stone and Trey Parker, literally nothing is sacred. As a group of people, you can either choose to be offended by it, or take it as a slight compliment that the creators of South Park found your religion of enough notoriety that it gets its own Broadway play. They certainly didn't write a play about Congregationalists...

The tough thing to do in this case is to remind yourself that your sacred thing--beliefs or otherwise--is not necessarily sacred to someone else. We could try to require everyone to respect others' sacred things, but there are an awful lot of things held sacred out there. A better approach, in my opinion, is what we have in America--you don't have to respect anyone else's sacred thing, but you do have to respect their right to hold it sacred. There are too many competing sacred ideals to tiptoe around them all.

San Francisco, CA

See, it's true--the book is always better than the show.

MoTown, CA

I loved this article...Liza will love the U, I could not have choosen a more enlightened campus in the world...Liza: If you read this - Welcome to the Kingdom of God and to the U...you will love both!

Salt Lake City, UT

"I would guess the two "South Park" authors who wrote this misguided play never saw that one coming."

I don't think they mind. The lesson in their Mormon episode of South Park was about being a good person being what really matters, regardless of what leads to that belief.

@Chris B
"whereas without a doubt if a similar production was done on Islam, the liberals would scream "

Oh... don't worry... I don't need a musical to be done about Islam to see there is very obvious bigotry against muslims (besides the South Park guys did an episode that Comedy Central censored due to portraying Muhammad). Like say when someone brings Islam into unrelated topics just to attack that particular religion.

Cougar Passion
Salt Lake City, UT

I have seen on more than one occasion Chris B. be gracious and complimentary to Mormons, but when he (I am guessing Chris is male) comments on BYU articles--which he clearly reads more than I, a die-hard Cougar fan, do--his commentary is. . . how can I say it and make sure it gets past the censors. . . about as lacking in thoughtfulness as any I might imagine, and that is saying something considering the abysmal level of some who are preoccupied with anti-BYU sentiment. So, Chris, since I am guessing you will continue with this pattern, very sincerely, what gives? I am a BYU fan very much because of my religion, not in spite of it or unrelated to it. OK, they are not *quite* one and the same, but they are far more so than could possibly be the case for LDS who support schools not affiliated--and in many ways at odds with--the LDS Church.

NM Trish
Bloomfield, NM

It was quite wonderful to read about Liza's conversion. I found myself grinning through the whole article! It's also exciting to hear of her plans for school. (Also, her mom sounds like a terrific lady!) It looks to me like she's enjoying a wonderful journey of discovery. Many kudos to Liza for listening to spiritual promptings and heading west to the University of Utah. Sometimes it's hard to tell in the middle of an adventure why you feel such strong impressions to do something, especially if you have naysayers who are also puzzled at your actions. But, given time and a change in perspective, you can usually look back and say "Aha! That's why I was supposed to move to Utah (or, fill in the blank)." May God bless you, Liza.

CA. reader
Rocklin, CA

Remember this folks: there is no such thing as bad publicity, especially when it is paid for by others.

Boston, ME

Hello! This is Liza Morong!!! (as in the girl in the article!)

Thank you all for the comments. There is a link to my email on my blog (which is in this article) please email me if you have further questions.

I truly cannot thank you all enough for the beautifully uplifting words!

Also: I am going to the U because of a prompting I received from Heavenly Father. Believe me when I say leaving Boston is not exactly ideal for me but I know it's where The Lord needs me right now. See you all in August!!

Alexandria, VA

Wow - Chris B, we might make a BYU fan out of you yet. :)

Salt Lake City, UT

"Anyone who assumes that because it is in Utah, the U will be an easy place to find or maintain a testimony is going to be sorely disappointed. "

There is a large LDS population on campus and a strong student ward/institute system. Having half of the U's student population be non-member really is not harmful to a testimony.

Welcome to the U!


Awesome! This is NOT the ending the South Park folks were hoping for.....

Tucson, AZ

Just goes to show that there is no such thing as bad publicity for the church. It always results in baptisms. Happened to me personally in Colorado when the Denver Temple was built. The Denver Post ran (anti-Mormonism) stories starting on the front page for six days. One of my co-workers was curious and I ended up baptizing him. He's still a strong member today.


"Chris B" I only know you through your posts on BYU sports stories. I am afraid I had the wrong impression of you. Thank you for your observations posted above. I will read you with much more interest in the future. Sorry so many hammer you for your satirical, yet thoughtful comments.

Logan, UT

Awesome! Even cooler that the online missionary (which is funny to say) was able to baptizer her. What an awesome story!

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