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Published: Monday, April 29 2013 5:35 p.m. MDT

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Ft Thomas, KY

I wonder what they will do if they go forward with all of this expansion and then find after a few years that all of this excitement about going on a mission "early" dies out.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

The stone rolling forth to fill the earth? Not in my back yard.
Seriously, I don't know how the locals put up with the whole BYU congestion.
I suppose there is money to be made renting to students and the boost to the economy.
But the MTC gives the locals nothing but lunches and congestion on intake day.
If the church is going to invest in a building program they need to think about a completely new complex. The current site is not adequate for the big plans of the last days.
Proximity to the temple needs to be discounted as a consideration. Put the new MTC far away from the current congested area. Plan for exercise areas.
Once built the old MTC will not go to waste. BYU has always filled the vacuum before.

Orem, Utah

I believe that proximity to an operating temple is essential for the MTC experience of preparing missionaries. To move the MTC to a remote location will take away from this spiritual strenthening instruction. Sounds like the Church has reached a good solution with the two alternatives that reside near the Provo Temple. Exciting times. These are great problems to have with so many young people heading the Lord's call to serve.

Heber City, UT

It is absolutely essential that the MTC be next door to the temple, so the missionaries can attend regularly and participate in the ordinances. This further strengthens their testimony and reinforces the sacred covenants they make. An MTC in Tooele would not further this need. Too much instructional and learning time lost in transporting them to a temple. Those who will be living in the Wyview and Raintree apartments, I assume would be bussed to the temple, which would be a much shorter trip.

Crossing 900 East would be very simple, Simply make underground passages as they have done on Temple Square in SLC. These passages would link the two campuses and be available only within the campuses. No outside access.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

I'm not thinking about Tooele. I was thinking somewhere off-campus.
And how often do they go to the temple?

Saint George, UT

The MTC needs to stay in its same location for a variety of reasons that have already been posted: close proximity to a temple, easy access to an enormous, qualified pool for foreign language and other MTC staff, an hour drive to a major airport which can handle the amount of missionaries departing, etc.

There are other considerations as well. These could include the following which may already dovetailed into BYU functions: integration of security services, across-the-street-access to the BYU Health Center, food services and food suppplies, and emergency services. I suspect that the church has in place food storage to handle all missionaries and other security/emergency plans in place to handle these missionaries should evacuation or lock down occur.

It would be hard to efficiently provide all services the MTC needs on a cost-efficient basis if it were relocated to another area.

Plano, TX

So there aren't enough languages supported at BYU-ID... um, then maybe there is a plethora of English speaking RMs there who could gain campus-type employment... the temple is basically on campus. Re: flying to mission fields - um, Idaho Falls (?) and there's always the 4 hour express available to SLC airport. Its no worse than what students there are face with addressing, if they don't drive personal vehicles. This approach could offload Provo issues and strength the weak employment situation BYU-ID students face.

Provo, UT

amagnetick: Property values go up where there are church builds.

Disco Vega
MoTown, CA

I wish they'd put one in Modesto CA so we can at least one good thing in CA.

Richmond, VA

@ Turtle,

"The motto "The World is Our Campus" has real meaning and in the future it would be nice to see more international students get into BYU."

Amen to that! We need more Ziggys from Ghana to give BYU more exposure Ansahs, lol! Hope the Church is sending more missionaries there.

As for the MTC expansion plans, sounds like the thngs are going well and everyone concerned are please and happy. I'm sure the Lord is involved in the details of the plan so all will be well.


When the age change announcement was made there were 2,800 missionaries in the MTC. The LDS Church expects to hit a high around 8,000 this summer. In what world does this stay at 6,000 missionaries, for the foreseeable future, in the MTC?

It doesn't make sense that this is a permanent bump more than doubling the previous number of missionaries. Simply lowering the age means a one-time bump for a few years until things go back to almost normal. Of course, there will be some who will go on missions who wouldn't have before the age change, but to expect it to more than double the number of missionaries in the MTC going forward seems ludicrous to me. I would expect a more likely permanent baseline increase of 10% to 20%.

But then, I don't receive revelation for the MTC!

Provo, UT

thebigsamoan: It would be nice if more Provo residents could get into BYU. Right now less than 15 of the students at BYU are from Provo.

Provo, UT

snowman:: correction that should say less than 1%

Twin Sister

Correction: It was Elder Jeffrey R. Holland who stated in his talk that the Lord only has imperfect people to work with in His Church--except for His Perfect Son, Jesus Christ. "That must be very difficult for Him, but He deals with it." I mistakenly attributed that statement to President Monson. I suppose this is a case in point--I was mistaken.

Provo, UT

There is this principle called synergy. I know, cliches notwithstanding, it is real. The combination of MTC, Temple, BYU, linguistic support, regional hub airport, etc. is an obvious one. You would find no other place in the US with that combination. That isn't to say that alternatives aren't attractive in other states where you are focusing on that language, but for broad support, BYU is it. The only alternative, would be a place like U of U for English speaking missionaries, but that isn't going to happen given its build out issues.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"Rexburg only teaches Spanish, French, Russian, German, Chinese--and of course, English."


There are a few others. My son is taking classes in Arabic.


I really lovetheopen field west of the Temple. It is beautiful and peaceful. Hope they don't build on it b

Salt Lake City, UT

The Church did not have to inform anyone personally about their plans to build the nine-story building. They went to the City of Provo and followed the rules by submitting plans and having them reviewed and approved. If the residents with the view have a beef, it is with their representatives on the city council. It is their representatives that set up and approved the zoning and building rules and procedures. I'll bet it was on the agenda of the planning commission and maybe even on line for all the world to see, if anyone cared to check.

There is no "right" to a view, you have a right to do what you want to your property as long as you conform to the rules your representatives make. And that's an issue for another time.

The Church would have been within it's rights to build the building as planned once all requirements were met and ignore the public hue and cry over a view. And if the new building did not meet the demand, they could build a second on on the land it owns.

It's not your land folks, get over it!

Orlando, FL

Twin Sister,

Members of the community were engaged during a three-year planning process in which expansion several options were considered. The cramped all brick classrooms and other facilities needed to be replaced. A single consolidated building in place of some of the original buildings was the recommendation.
After announcing their intentions, the church's needs were explained to "all concerned parties." Information and resources were put out online, in newspapers, city council and local community meetings and this went on for months. There was no shortage of invitations for input.
The church not acting on the wishes of a few does not mean that their wishes were not considered. It is far more likely that during the three years of planning that significant resources were put forth to meet the church's needs and enhance rather than detract from the community.
Your claim that members in the community were not notified and consulted before and after the announcement is false and disingenuous. The church has certainly been gracious. Despite the church's efforts towards dialogue, those apposed staged protests and sighted the fallibility of their leaders. To me they were arrogant. The church ultimately respected their wishes.

Charlottesville, VA

I'm surprised that neighbors favor the northeast option for aesthetic reasons. The view from 900 East, looking from in front of the MTC to the temple, is beautiful, open, and unobstructed. It's an amazing view not just of the temple, but of the mountains behind it. Even short buildings would totally alter the feel of the place.

And by expanding to the south, placing the new campus between the MTC and some BYU parking lots, on the current site of the laundry, maintenance, and auxiliary support buildings, the Church would be obstructing the view of...what exactly?

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