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Published: Monday, April 29 2013 5:35 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake, UT

Why not build a new MTC in another part of Utah. Let BYU use the current MTC property to expand and allow for more locals to attend BYU.

South Jordan, UT

The obvious answer to Trekker is that the foreign language classes and many other employment opportunities are handled well by BYU students. Moving the MTC to another part of Utah wouldn't make any sense at all.

South Jordan, UT

Are these the same Utah county residents that strongly objected to the first plan last year that led to this overcrowding condition now?

Gee, we hope their view of Utah Lake isn't affected by what the church is trying to do in spreading the gospel beyond University Ave.


Yeah, I'm all for Missionary work and expanding the MTC. I support it 100% as long as it doesn't affect my view or property values.

I know it. I Live it. I Love it.
Salt Lake City, UT

I loved the original plans. I'm sorry to see that they won't be realized.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA


The stated mission of BYU is to provide an LDS atmosphere specifically to out-of-state and international LDS students who may not have had an atmosphere like that where they grew up. LDS kids in Utah don't need that. They can go to other in-state schools or go out of state.

Really what the church needs to do is open more international MTCs. Those are a better solution for missionaries who are learning a language, because even when you do "total immersion" in the Provo MTC, it's not truly total immersion because you still order your food in English, go to church in English, go to the temple in English, etc. True immersion would be better served by sending missionaries to MTCs where they have to do everything in that foreign language.

Salt Lake City, UT

It's never wrong for members to object to a church building proposal. Years ago, when members were asked to contribute to a ward budget or to donate to a ward building fund, the Handbook of Instructions clearly stated that leaders should encourage members to express their thoughts without fear of recrimination. That should be the case here. However, once leaders make a decision, after taking all comments into consideration, it's considered good etiquette for all members to support the decision.

Twin Sister

For those who didn't read the article carefully, the Church said that their original plan for building the nine-story building became obsolete with the new announcement of the age change for missionaries. One new nine-story building never would have accommodated the current, huge influx of missionaries. Scraping the nine-story building plan turned out to be a GOOD thing.

Why the judgmental, sarcastic remarks about what the neighbors are quoted as saying in this article? I don't live in this neighborhood, but I know some of the people who do live there, and their comments in this news article are sincere. Church officials, BYU officials, Provo City officials, and the residents of this neighborhood are all happy with the two current alternatives for expanding the MTC that will now support the new tremendous need for expanded housing and training for the new missionaries. All concerned are happy with this win/win situation, but some people can't seem let go of their vindictive attitudes.

I applaud the LDS Church, BYU, Provo City, and the MTC neighbors for coming to an amiable resolution that takes into consideration the needs of all concerned.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

They should put one in Bountiful so Davis County could get some blessings too.

Russell Howes
Los Angeles, CA

Build an MTC in Rexburg. Provo is overcrowded, Idaho is not, and I can't imagine there being a lot of jobs to go around for RMs up there. Maybe MTC jobs in Rexburg would reduce the number of BYU-I freshmen trying to get into BYU-Provo after their missions, and if you moved the MTC entirely up there, you'd have more space for BYU academic buildings.

Beaverton, OR

@Russell - while a thoughtful idea of putting an MTC in Idaho, there is a fall-out issue, which is the fact that there is not a sufficient airport to accommodate the new missionaries' flight statuses. Having an airport near an MTC (within an hour's time) is one essential thing for the missionary training to succeed.

Springville, Ut

Re: Brave Sir Robin

Hmm, that's funny. Last time I drove by BYU I was pretty sure their mission statement hadn't changed to implicitly exclude the tithe payers of Utah. I was pretty sure the mission statement went something like "Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve." Here I was thinking my kids had just as much a right as anyone else to attend the school which is in part subsidized happily by my tithing. What an egregious error I made!

Tucson, AZ

Rexburg doesn't currently teach many language classes in comparison to BYU--hence few student workers. Rexburg only teaches Spanish, French, Russian, German, Chinese--and of course, English. Aside from English and Spanish, you can only go as high as a minor in each of the other languages if I'm not mistaken. That doesn't create the best-qualified instructors.

Logan, UT

Why do they have to add to the Provo MTC? They fly the missionaries out of the SLC airport. There's plenty of land in-between Provo and SLC to build a new MTC.

Orem, UT

Why not make a new MTC somewhere else in the outlying area. Move all English speaking to one, and all foreign language to another?

Move the entire dirt/gravel/storage operations toward springville, and Build new MTC where the old Agriculture land is.

Orem, UT

oh! New MTC hy 7-Peaks...something to do on P-Day!!!

Orlando, FL

Twin Sister,

Some of us are still mortified by the reaction of our neighbors in Provo after they were invited to support the decision to move forward with the project and saddened the church felt the need to scrap it. If only claiming love and loyalty was enough to make it so.
In stating how thrilled they are about the process the church has followed this time around, the implication is that they were not sufficiently considerate the first time around. How arrogant! Does anyone believe that a great deal of effort and care were not exercised in both planning and discussing the project? I'm sorry but if the church makes a proposal, goes through multiple iterations of dialogue with neighbors, makes a decision and then invites them to support the decision, the conversation is over. It's time to be counted. Some have a hard time understanding that not getting what you want is not the same as not being listened to. In this case the church took the high road in accepting the wishes of a small number of arrogant members.

I believe Mr. Johnson's enthusiasm is genuine. His view won't be obstructed...

Harwich, MA

Build it out in the Tooele valley. Close to the airport, no distractions, lots of room. Kinda simple.

Owasso, OK


Springville, Ut

Re: Claudio

The comments made by Brave Sir Robin were spot on. The BYU experience is often the only one that people who live out of state can have. My children all grew up in the mission field and going to BYU was a great opportunity. Sir Robin was suggesting that your kids can go to one of several institutions in Utah other than BYU and essentially have the same experience w/o having to deal with out of state tuition. The motto "The World is Our Campus" has real meaning and in the future it would be nice to see more international students get into BYU.

I would hope that you would have some sympathy for those who live outside your boundaries. This is somewhat like the Perpetual Immigration and Perpetual Education funds which allows members to help others. I do not believe we should ever make statements to the brethren about how tithing is to be spent...

Twin Sister


One of your points is in error. It is a fact (My parents live in this neighborhood, therefore, I know whereof I speak.) that the Church did not include the people who live in this neighborhood in their plans to build the nine-story building. This decision was announced to the public (this neighborhood included) and the press after the Church had made the decision to build a nine-story building. Those living in this neighborhood had no input in this decision nor any knowledge of these plans prior to this announcement.

As President Monson reminded us in our recent General Conference, imperfect people belong to and run the Church. Mistakes are made. A mistake was made when the Church's committee failed to notify and include the neighbors in the first building decision.

What the Church did right the second time was to invite all concerned parties in making the decision about the needed expansion of the MTC. Again,I applaud the Church this second time around for including all concerned parties in the decision making process. All is well!

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