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Published: Monday, April 29 2013 10:05 a.m. MDT

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Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

Does this mean that ALL the cops inside the station get to go on "paid vacation.....er..."administrative leave" for the next 6 months like the last shooting in WVC?

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

2 quick Questions to the pro-gun 2nd amendment people out there --

How did this guy get a gun in the 1st place?
And why do you keep defending and supportting them?

Provo, UT

LDS Liberal

How do think the citizens of Boston now feel about having a gun in the house to protect the lives of their families?

Clearfield, UT

I don't know if this is the case here, but having counseled a number of sex offenders, many of their lives continue to be hell even after they have completed their prison sentence. Most can't get a decent job to survive in the real world, most are shunned, many won't have a satisfying relationahip, their lives will never be normal. Whether or not this is just punishment for such offenses, a number of these people sometimes believe they would be better off back in prison or worse.


@LDS Liberal,

Answer to question 1: He probably got it illegally. Stricter gun laws, which you obviously want, aren't going to stop people like this guy from getting their hands on them.

Answer to question 2: Why? To protect my family. Why do you want to take my ability and my right to protect my family out of my hands? If you don't want to have guns, then don't buy them. But don't take away my right to purchase them and use them to defend and protect my family.

Santaquin, UT

Did Mayor Winder really refer to the police station as a sanctuary? I support the police and I'm glad that we have people willing to do the job. But a sanctuary?

Provo, UT

LDS Liberal: it is his right to own one.

Provo, UT

A LDS Liberal

Drugs are illegal. People still get them. Making guns illegal won't solve headcases from getting them. Taking guns away from everyone empowers these types of people. If they can go open fire in a public place like what happened at Trolley Square and they know people are not armed, they will do it with more confidence. Unfortunately a person with bad intentions finds ways to "get the job done." Whether a bomb or a gun or whatever. It is sad, and the gun debate will always continue.

DN Subscriber 2

@ LDS Liberal-

"How did this guy get a gun in the 1st place?"
He got it illegally, probably by stealing it or having someone with a clean record make an illegal "straw purchase" for him. As a convicted felon he is prohibited forever from purchase OR POSSESSION of any firearm. There seems to be a pattern here of ignoring laws, so passing more laws will not stop a guy like this.

"And why do you keep defending and supporting them?"
Sorry, I don't support convicted felons having guns or breaking laws or molesting children.

Question for LDS LIberal now: "Why do you ignore the fact that criminals break existing laws and then demand more restrictions on law abiding citizens? Especially law abiding citizens who have a right to defend themselves from criminals?"

For the WVC cops- Good work, you did the right thing.

However, when deadly force is required it should be deadly, so some more marksmanship training is needed. Suicide by cop is not the fault of the officers involved, but the act of the victim for whatever twisted reason they might have. We must not let our officers be put at risk by suicidal people.

West Jordan, UT

2 quick questions for LDS Liberal...

How do you feel about the Constitution and Bill of Rights?
Do I not have a natural to defend myself and my family against those who might do me/them harm?

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Good guy becomes bad guy fast and deadly when trigger pulled.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

The real story here is that a trained police officer took six shots from 20 feet and hit the guy in the arm twice. I am sure the average citizen would be even less accurate, especially in a high stress situation.

You guys may feel like you're protecting your family, but in reality you're endangering everybody else around you.

@ peacemaker

Please tell us how a gun is supposed to protect you from a roadside bomb?

Don't Feed the Trolls
Salt Lake City, UT

"Please tell us how a gun is supposed to protect you from a roadside bomb?"

It is self-evident he was talking about the citizens of Boston huddled inside their homes while the police were looking for the suspect after there had already been a shootout.

Go ahead and flinch again.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Provo, UT


Provo, UT

Provo, UT

@DN Subscriber 2

West Jordan, UT

1. I'm a veteran.
2. I've had extensive weapons training.
3. I had to under go background checks, mental health evaluations, and training and certifications.
4. I own several guns, and ALWAYS keep them in a gun safe.

I want to know why you pro-gun nuts keep thinking KNOWN criminals, KNOWN mental cases, and KNOWN terror suspects should be allowed unrestricted access to weapons?

Sandy, UT

More goofy laws won't protect people for those who are determined to disrupt or harm. I personally think that if we stopped this "war on drugs," we'd save hundreds of billions of dollars and avoid building hundreds of prisons. If people want to self destruct, they will usually find SOME way to do it, even if it's a legal drug like alcohol. If they want to harm others, there are multiple ways--ways that can't be covered by removing a bunch of rights and privileges from the rest of us. A gallon of gasoline used judiciously can do immense harm to multiple individuals and property, yet I don't think we need more regulation on the distribution of fuel. We need a society that teaches morals, ethics, and individual responsibility and accountability.

Sandy, UT


You're absolutely right. In our sex-obsessed society, you're pretty much guilty until proven innocent when it comes to anything remotely connected with sex. They tell me that public urination can get you on the famous registry and have you thereby blacklisted from many social and economic opportunities and venues. Yet we have NO registries for those who embezzle, rob, sell drugs, manufacture drugs, set fires, assault wives and girlfriends . . . or even murder. Supposedly, the registries are there to protect the public, but yet many dangerous criminals are not on registries, know how to avoid/evade the law, or are very dangerous first-time offenders . . . which all spells a false sense of security and hell for the registrants and their families. Popular . . . but stupid, just like so many other laws and requirements.

Provo, UT

LDS Liberal: 1. There are veterans in my family. 2. They all went through the same training that you did. 3.They and their family members have gone through all those other things that you did. 4. We all own guns and use them safely. Our Constitution says we can have guns.

Springville, UT

There are laws against people stealing things, but people still steal.

There are laws against certain drugs, but people still take them.

Do we say to ourselves there is no sense in modifying our laws to counteract these illegal activities? No. We continue to enact laws to move towards more effective stopgaps and punishments for those who break the relevant laws.

So, explain why the NRA and so many use the arguments that "criminals will still get guns" and "we just need to enforce the laws we already have" to argue against making background checks mandatory and straw purchases illegal. Where is the harm in that?

And by the way, I am liberal, I am a combat veteran, I am pro-gun ownership, and I do believe in the right to carry concealed and defend one's self. I simply fail to see any real logic in fighting against measures which have been proven to reduce gun violence.

The Authority
Richfield, UT

If he was a registered sex offender, that means he as a convicted felon, which means he was not allowed to own a firearm legally.
We need to do a better job of enforcing the laws we have, not create new ones.
And what the heck was this guy thinking? West Valley Police Department? The department that's notorious for shooting people as it is, and facing a severe probe due to how it handles things and that's where you go to pull a gun? Sorry, that's just dumb.

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC

Can't trust anything that comes out of the west valley police department these days. This person could've had his hand in his pocket and the officer shot him without being sure.

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