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Published: Sunday, April 28 2013 9:30 p.m. MDT

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Idaho Falls, ID

What about BYU punter Riley Stephenson?

I am really surprised!

Mesa, AZ

@ ida--


South Jordan, UT

Stephenson was one of the best punters in college ball last year.

Some pro team will be very happy to get him.

Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

Heard Riley had signed with someone. Anybody know?

Mesa, AZ

Never heard of this guy.

Ever heard of Josh Hubner?

Columbia, MO

Did you miss that BYU's Braden Hansen signed with the Oakland Raiders?

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Looks like that PAC membership didn't garner much respect for ute players!

Salt Lake City, UT

Real Bass:
What? The Utes had two taken in the draft (USU had two drafted as well) and a boat load signed as free agents. Your jealousy continues to shine forth, my friend. Byu...still on par with the mid-majors and always will be.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

@ Real Bass

You should go count up the number of free agent deals the Utes signed vs. the Cougs. Looks like your team was again outdone.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I hope J White can score a deal with a team. He was a class act and hard worker while at the U. Not to mention he carried the team on his back when we had no QB. We easily would have lost 2-3 more games each year without him.

He may be too small though for teams to be willing to take a chance on... Hopefully not...

midvale, UT

I don't see Dave Krugers name on the list. Anyone have any info on that?

provo, UT

This list is missing Dave Kruger - Browns, and DeVonte Christopher - Redskins.

The Skeptical Chymist

How many of these players will have their lives ruined by brain damage due to multiple concussions? I would never encourage a young man to take up this "sport".

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

The performance on the field is the only measure of success in the NFL. No sense being catty with each other. Comments here (including mine) won't change anything!


You guys crack me up... My dad is stronger and bigger than your dad. LOL

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Dave redshirted the 2008 Sugar Bowl winning season, so he never actually suited up with his big brother Paul, but it looks like he could finally get that chance now that the both of them will be headed to Cleveland. Way cool.

Plus we get the OTHER Kruger back here in Philly.

Go Eagles!


Raleigh, NC

Oh so much attention from u bloggers for your "declining, mid-major, little brother." Shouldn't you be concerned about who is and will continue to be better than u in the pac12...oregon with 5 draft picks, 2 in the first round, usc and ucla with 4 each. Even your designated rival tied u with 2 draft picks. Don't look at free agent signings from the good pac teams. It will depress you. I'm more familiar with SEC teams than with the pac. If you are ever able to get to the top of the pac, you may get to see what real college football is like. Better for your ego to stay focused on having three more free agents than BYU.

Overton, NV

From ESPN's list of BYU players who were eligible for the draft, these the ones that haven't signed with a team or been invited to camp (at least according to this article):

O'neil Champbers (did you really think he would be after basically not playing for the last two years?

Eathyn Manumaleana

Riley Nelson (does he even count)

Riley Stephenson

Russell Tialavea

12 guys on the list, 1 drafted at #5, 5 signed to free agent deals, and 1 with a camp invite. That leaves 3 of the 12 without an NFL invite thus far, and 2 more who really shouldn't be on the list.

I think BYU did pretty well for themselves.

Raymond, 00


And don't forget than Eathyn was granted a medical redshirt so he'll be back for another year!

Overton, NV

I knew there was something I was forgetting about Eathyn. For some reason, I thought it was a mistake to see his name on the potential draftees list. Now I know why I was thinking that.

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