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Published: Saturday, April 27 2013 5:20 p.m. MDT

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Layton, UT


LOL...Love it...High Five...Fist Bump...Chest Bump...etc.

Go Utes.

Arlington, VA

What's really surreal is the absolute denial of reality happening on the hill as the losses continue to mount and Utah's steady decline from high water mark to mediocrity to train wreck continues.

As has already been posted, it's clear that BYU continues to outperform their little brothers on the hill.

2011 #25/#26/#34 BYU(10-3) > unranked/#39 Utah(8-5)
2012 unranked/#26 BYU(8-5) bowl winner > unranked/#61 Utah(5-7) bowl no show

A couple of lucky head-to-head wins in the last three years is the only thing U have left to cling to.

That and a growing list of excuses for a return to losing seasons and no bowl games.

Layton, UT

AZUTE1 is exactly right.

As Ute fans we're delighted with our Pac12 membership and comfortable with the results of the last to years. Our expectations are starting to rise as the rewards and advantages of our inclusion begin to come to fruition.

The repetitive, incessant and feeble attempts of the haters trying to beat it into our heads that the last 2 years has been a failure betrays their insecurities about the direction of their own team.

"A couple of lucky head-to-head wins in the last three years"
You must face the truth...It's been the last 20 years, since before Lavelle left.
And the sad, awful truth for the tds is...He's not coming back.

Go Utes

Baltimore, MD

"Our expectations are starting to rise as the rewards and advantages of our inclusion begin to come to fruition."

Rewards and advantages like having more time to spend with family and friends during the holidays without the distraction of having to play in a bowl.

West Point , UT

It's the players and coaches of both schools that probably get the biggest kick out if the fans in this rivalry on both sides. Having talked to and had some friendships with players from both sides, the answer to how they feel about the BYU Utah rivalry is always the same. "It's another game. It's the fans that get all wrapped up in it". It's also interesting how U paint the BYU fans as being in a "bizarre, crazed state" and "grasping blatant spin" when I've seen ute fans a plenty on here meeting that description. I agree it is entertaining, though. It's why this rivalry will hopefully never die. I'm just hoping BYU can finally beat Utah before the teams don't play each other again for awhile. As U said we have struggled and been beaten by the utes far too much recently (it's like the BoSox curse or something lol). CFB can't get here soon enough...good luck to all the teams in the state of Utah, including Southern Utah (congrats Brad Sorenson on being drafted).

Layton, UT

With a respectable schedule for the tds this year, it will be their fans that have to face reality and find "more time to spend with family and friends during the holidays without the distraction of having to play in a bowl." As it should be, or the might enjoy watching the Utes play in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl vs a Big 12 team.

West Point , UT

I have to be honest, if you're satisfied with the results of the last couple years you are definitely in the minority of Utah fans I know. What are u going to do when the utes are 5-7 again and you're watching home alone reruns instead of ute football in December? This is Utah's yr of reckoning. First yr struggles in a new league are expected, the second yr you figure to get better, by the third year you're expecting to turn the corner. I don't think too many Utah fans will be satisfied with a 5-7 record again, and there's a strong possibility of that happening with the two best teams in the PAC12 being on the schedule. I'll be here to talk u off the ledge in December ek, because regardless of your allegiance u seem like a nice guy.

Layton, UT


The same holds true for your team. After 2 years out on your own, playing a nothing to brag about Wac-ish schedule and qualifying for lower team bowls, your now facing a respectable schedule. I said we're comfortable with the results of the last 2 years, nothing about being satisfied with the same or less in the future. The time has come to pay the rent for both sides. Let's hope for the best so we don't have to hold hands and jump off the ledge together. Back and forth trash talking between 2 losers would not be fun. But in the long run, if worst comes to worst...We'll still have the Pac12 to hold over your heads. Go Utes.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


Utah fans are big on "predictions" based on nothing but their own wishful thinking.

After two years in the PAC 12, the Utes are a paltry 7-11 in conference, win two losing conference finishes and one losing season, and U haven't even played two of the best teams in the conference, yet.

Bluffdale, UT


This is one Cougar fan who will be pulling for your Utes to have a breakout year in the PAC...regardless of what you may wish upon my Cougars. Good luck.

Layton, UT

You know, I meant lower-tier bowls, dang keyboard. Some my say I got a little to frantic and emotional. lol. Go Utes.

West Point , UT

Agreed Ekute, it's a yr if reckoning for both schools. As far as being in the PAC12 it really doesn't mean anything if u do nothing with it. Vanderbilt, Iowa st, and northwestern can't really hold big conference over anyone's head because they aren't respected football programs in those conferences. Hopefully the utes can reach a point of more respectability, but it's going to take more than just being in the PAC 12. Lol...ya jumping off because we're both losers would suck all the way around. Cheers

Layton, UT

The back and forth is starting to get old and we just keep going around and around and back to the same. I think I'll give it a rest for a while.

Apparently, some see me as a bully and politically incorrect. I sincerely apologize to them.
I maintain that commenting under sports articles is fun and not to be taken personal. Regards from a passionate Ute fan. See you guys this fall. Go Utes.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"If U recall BYU was asked to 'move up' to the big east with BSU (actually begged would be more accurate than asked)."

If YOU recall, the Big [L]East asked Boise State to move up. Your "invitation" only came because BSU agreed to join only if they could have a travel partner, the suggested Utah's little brother. So essentially, it was BSU -- not the Big [L]East -- that wanted you in that conference. BSU seemed just as content with SDSU as a travel partner instead.

Also, if you recall, at the time the Big [L]East extended an invitation to BSU, they were a crumbling conference expecting defections from Syracuse, Pitt, and West Virginia, and with Louisville, Cincinnati, and UConn actively posturing to join the Big 12 and/or the ACC. The Big [L]East was becoming a glorified C-USA. Very mid-majorey.

Ultimately, once all the dust had settled, the very conference that decided to allow you to ride in on BSU's coattails had also invited schools like ECU, Memphis, and Tulane. THAT's the company YOU keep...at least when you're not lining up opposite Middle Tennessee St. anyway.

Marked it Down
Park City, UT

Naval Vet

Once again, you've allowed your BYU-hatred to cloud your understanding of the actual sequence of events.

BYU was in discussions about joining the Big East long before Boise State entered the picture, but the Big East wasn't willing to let BYU retain television rights to BYU home games and BYU, after their experience with the MWC, wasn't willing to give up those rights for uncertain promises in a new, yet to be negotiated, Big East television contract.

During a year when teams across the country were panicking to join a major conference, BYU maintained its composure and made the correct decision not to get sucked into a splintering "bcs" conference.

Boise State and SDSU finally came to the same conclusion and, in the process, ended up wasting a lot of money paying exit fees to a conference in which they never played a single game.

Salt Lake City, UT

Marked it Down: Naval has it right. The events you cite occurred after BSU greased the skids for byu. Make no mistake about it, byu did the right thing in turning down the invite to the Big East but honestly, it was kind of a no brainer by the time byu entered the picture. The defections to the ACC and Big 12 were written all over the wall. The Big12 clearly knew who they wanted.

West Point , UT

Marked it down is also right. BYU was approached by the big least before BSU. Reports were that as of march the big least was still begging BYU.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"Naval has it right. The events you cite occurred after BSU greased the skids for BYU."

Sorry, but you're both wrong! BSU may have wanted BYU in the conference as a travel partner, but Boise State had absolutely NOTHING to do with "greasing the skids" for BYU.

Big East Commissioner John Marinatto had been talking to BYU about joining the league for weeks prior to negotiations stalling over television rights in late November 2011, long before BSU agreed to join the Big East. In fact, talk of BYU being a serious candidate for Big East membership began as early as May 2011, months before discussions with BSU began.



It's interesting that you, a BYU "fan (as duckhunter/sammy) would say, pay homage to your rival with your choice of a pseudonym.

Anyway, back to the real issue. In this article on the Utes' Joe Kruger, there have been many byu "fans" who have posted, trying somehow to say how superior their program is. But in true competition, the only way to settle this is on the field. And what are the results both recently and long-term? Well, Utah has won 3 in a row, 4 of the last 5 ( it took all senior Max Hall could muster to lead byu from behind to win by 3 over a freshman AT HOME.). Utah has also won 8 of 11, and overall 56-34-4.

I really don't know what the issue is here. Utah has dominated, is dominating, and forever will dominate their rivals from Provo.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Sorry gored, you misread the tea leaves - Utah alum, BYU fan.

As for superiority:

Long term success for Utah means absolutely nothing. The vast majority of Utah's 56-34-4 head-to-head was compiled from 1922 to 1963 when Utah did absolutely NOTHING on a national scale. If being an extremely mediocre team beating up on even more mediocre teams helps you sleep at night, knock yourself out.

Recent success for Utah means a little more, but head-to-head by itself doesn't mean much if your overall success is lacking, which clearly, it is.

Bottom line, during the current coaching era, Bronco has more conference championships, more Top 25 finishes, more Top 15 finishes, more winning seasons, more bowls, and a better overall record than Kyle.

As far as your deluded head-to-head "domination" theory, 13 of the last 16 head-to-head games have been decided by a touchdown or less in the closing minutes or in overtime, including 2 of the Utah's 3 recent wins.

For true head-to-head domination, see 1972 to 1991, 18 of 20, including 27-0, 56-6 and 56-28 back-to-back-to-back.

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