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Published: Saturday, April 27 2013 5:20 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Duckhunter: Wrong. What I said was..."All other teams Utah has played in the Pac-12 conference are split execpt for (USC, Washington, Arizona St). That's it...there are three teams in the elite Pac-12 conference against whom the Utes have not yet prevailed at least one time"

The Utes cannot beat or lose to a team they have not yet played. Your attempt to discredit my post by taking it out of context is deceitful and manipulative.

Duckhunter commenting on Star being grounded: "As for the subject of the article I can really relate to it. It took me getting married and having a family to give focus to my life." So, Duckhunter, is foucs the same as being responsible and accountable?

Mesa, AZ

@ c1--

Search 2012 fbs final sos rankings and go through them all. A good starting point would be with fbsched.

My fellow UTE above hit it on the head. Say what you will about CU, but they possess BCS Talent and play one of the nation's toughest schedules, annually. They've just simply been poorly coached is all. I bring them up because by season's end, they'd been through the gauntlet and would've easily dispatched of the cupcakes byu played against. And CU was merely 1 game at season's end. byu had 4 non bye-weeks off with Weber State, Hawaii, Idaho and culminating with NMSU.

Attempt to point to comparable weeks off in UTAH's schedule? And I challenge you to be straight about it, without resorting to Spin.

BTW--byu also played against WAZZU, too.

Sandy, UT

At AZUte

BYU has a Consensus National Championship (Football).
Your 30 year old endless tantrum, notwithstanding.
Deal with it.

Voted #1 by every NCAA sanctioned poll in 1984.


And 7 others...

24 straight wins.
16 of those players became Pros.

BYU has 8-10 Top 25 programs every year.
How bout U?

The trophies are secure, and BYU Athletics continue to produce All-Americans at a clip 5 times that of Utah.

BYU has a Legacy Hall.....Utah has a Closet.

-23 Conference Championships in the modern era.
-18 Top 25 finishes.
-7 Hall of Famers
-Legendary Hall of Fame Coach...who stayed.
-16 Consensus All-Americans
-60+ All-Americans
-Super Bowl and NFL MVP's
-23 National Award Winners (Heisman, Outlands, Davey O'Brians, Sammy Baughs, Doak Walker etc)

Ziggy was the talk of the draft.
Pitta is a star on the Super Bowl Champion Ravens.

Your "False Bravado" has been exposed.
BYU's Legacy and National Brand well are established...
Utah can only dream.....

Legacy Programs are developed over Generations, and not by having 6 good years in 50.

When Utah matches what BYU has accomplished, then you can boast, until the, strive for .500.

Mesa, AZ

"There-in lies your answer why BYU finished #26 in Sagarin and Utah only finished #61."

It's obviously not getting through. byu opened against 2 cupcakes at home, then played UTAH/BSU, then had their 3rd week off in the first 5 weeks of the season at home against Hawaii, then played usu/OSU/nd, 2 of which UTAH also played against, too [although UTAH played both on the road, while bywho got them both at home]. Then a GT team from the weak acc which finished the reg seas with a losing record, then yet 2 more weeks off in prep for SJSU, with an actual bye-week followed by Idaho at home. Following SJSU, byu concluded their regular season w/their 7th week off against NMSU.

Not even remotely the week in, week out grind UTAH faced and against virtually all BCS Level Talent, to boot. usu, byu, ASU, USC [which was given the identical bye-week as we were given], UCLA, OSU and CAL. Then WAZZU followed by UW/ua, before concluding our season at CU.

Orem, UT


Despite your frantic and emotional attempt to spin away Utah's dismal 2012 record because of some vast disparity in SOS, the final rankings say otherwise.

A College Football Ranking Comparison of 124 rankings of all 124 FBS teams compiled by Massey on Monday, January 7, 2013 shows the following rankings for BYU and Utah:

BYU(8-5) Sagarin 26, Massey 26, average 34, high 7, low 60
Utah(5-7) Sagarin 61, Massey 65, average 67, high 36, low 87

Quite obviously, the only "experts" who think that Utah was even close to, let alone better than, BYU in 2012 are those living in their own little crimson bubble on the hill.

btw, according to Sagarin, BYU(63) had almost the same SOS as Ohio St(60), which accounts for Ohio St only being ranked #13, despite their 12-0 record.

Someday you'll realize that you actually have to WIN in order for a "better schedule" to mean something.

Salt Lake City, UT

The problem, Bluto, is that all of the accomplishments you cite were achieved over a span of 15 years last century. The game was different and byu was on the cutting edge of those changes. Since then, college football has passed byu by. The BCS has come and almost gone and byu has not even sniffed at the prize that made Utah, TCU, and BSU relevant. Further, we are headed into a playoff format and byu has no identity or relevant associations in independence land.

Again, I want to offer a huge congratulations to Mr. Kruger. He will be missed in the Utah defense for sure but it is great to have a great talent and strong character represent the Utah program at the next level.

Salt Lake City, UT


Congratulations on having the 41st toughest SOS in the country. Do you get some sort of trophy for that?

BYU, with the lowly 63rd toughest schedule will just have to settle for having a better record, a higher ranking, and another bowl win in their string of 8 straight bowl appearances, BYU's second longest such string.

anti BCS
Anaheim, CA


Yet, with all your spin, BYU remains a perennial Top 25 program, while even in their heyday, the Utes still couldn't keep pace with BYU in Top 25 finishes.

Top 25 Finishes by Decade
1960's BYU 0, Utah 1
1970's BYU 2, Utah 0
1980's BYU 6, Utah 0
1990's BYU 4, Utah 1
2000's BYU 5, Utah 4
2010's BYU 1, Utah 1

Total AP/Coaches
BYU 18, Utah 7

Total AP
BYU 17, Utah 5

Total Bronco/Kyle era
BYU 5, Utah 3

You're only fooling yourself if you think that Utah has any better chance of making the playoffs than BYU.

Gilbert, AZ


AP/Coaches Rankings

2011 ur/#25
2009 #12/#12
2008 #25/#21
2007 #14/#15
2006 #16/#15
2001 #25/#24
1996 #5/#5
1994 #18/#10
1991 #23/#23
1990 #22/#17
1989 #22/#18
1985 #16/#17
1984 #1/#1
1983 #7/#7
1981 #13/#11
1980 #12/#11
1979 #13/#12
1977 #20/#16

2010 ur/#23
2009 #18/#18
2008 #2/#4
2004 #4/#5
2003 #21/#21
1994 #10/#8
1964 ur/#14

Sorry to burst your Utah "relevancy" bubble, but during the "bcs era", BYU has as many AP Top 25 finishes, as Utah has in its entire college football history.

AP Top 25 Finishes
Utah 4

AP Top 15 Finishes
Utah 2

Utah had a couple of great seasons in 2004 and 2008, and little else.

Since 2008, the Utes have been in steady decline, to the point that you're not even good enough to qualify for a bowl anymore, let alone be "relevant".

Y's little brother
Sandy, UT

I see that the kids on the hill are once again trying to rewrite history to suit their own distorted view of reality. Unfortunately for them, despite their spin, the record is already cast in stone and here's what it shows:

Comparing BYU and Utah during the Independence/PAC 12 era

2011 #25/#26/#34 BYU(10-3) > unranked/#39 Utah(8-5)
2012 unranked/#26 BYU(8-5) bowl winner > unranked/#61 Utah(5-7) bowl no show

BYU was the only team ranked in 2011
BYU was the only team to beat a ranked opponent in 2012
BYU gets the trophy for having better records and higher rankings
Utah gets the trophy for having better SOS

Salt Lake City, UT

anti BCS, phoenix: Thank you both for your insightful responses. The bottom line here is that byu accomplished nothing in the BCS era to establish itself as a program capable of playing at the next level. It is no coincidence that Utah, TCU, and BSU are the three mid-majors invited to move up (BSU of course moved then returned).

Further, even ND recognizes that, at a minimum, a quasi conference relationship is necessary to be successful in the upcoming playoff format.

Best of luck to BYU this year and in the years to come.

Palo Alto, CA


The bottom line here is that despite your over-inflated opinion of Utah football, the Utes end the bcs era no more relevant than they were at the start of the bcs era. Welcome to the world of big boy conference bottom dwellers that don't even sniff Top 25 rankings and spend their holidays watching other teams playing in bowl games.

West Point , UT

I have to say one thing because it always bugs me. Utah fans often "frantically and emotionally" state BYU is not wanted or was rejected by the big leagues. Chip brown who was probably closest to the big 12 expansion talks stated: " BYU was a serious candidate for expansion until last September, when OU destabilized the Big 12 when it tried to go to the Pac12. At that point, BYU officials were turned off by the instability and backed away, saying it cherished its independence...BYU turned away from the Big 12 first. So that was a downfall." The big 12 obviously wanted BYU but during the instability of 2011 BYU wasn't so sure about them. So please stop acting like no one ever wanted BYU and they were rejected. The big 12 came to BYU not the other way around so I don't see how BYU could have possibly been rejected when they never asked to join. There's also this idea that the PAC 12 somehow believed Utah to be superior to BYU. Not at all...from a business standpoint BYU was worth more, but Utah fit the PAC 10 profile. Had nothing to do with Utah > BYU.

West Point , UT

Concerning SOS I think going to the BCS rankings themselves (which include SOS) is the most accurate way to evaluate it. Utah's avg final BCS ranking for their opponents was 47.63, while BYUs was 55.16. While BYU played two outlier programs in Idaho and NMSU, they also played many more higher ranked, top 25 opponents. This is a close SOS in terms of the only rankings that have mattered, and shows that Utah's schedule isn't as superior as they would like people to think. If you go by AP final rankings BYU had 5 opponents finish in the top 25 while Utah had only 2. I also love how Utah fans try and elevate Colorado by saying their 1-11 record is somehow a function of their "tough" schedule. They lost to "little brothers" Colorado St and Sacremento St. They stunk even against poor competition. The good news is Utah plays Oregon and Stanford this year. The bad news is that's likely 2 more losses on their already mediocre conference record. Also bad news that BYUs SOS will also be better with their weakest opponent according to BCS rank is Houston (91). Both teams again play one FCS.

Layton, UT

Sammy...Your frantic and emotional name calling betrays you. It's obvious that you can't handle the truth that Utah is good to go in the Pac12 and haters are beside themselves stressing about the future of the tds as an independent.

Good Luck to Joe in the NFL. Plenty of size and talent stepping up to replace him on the Ute squad...thanks to the advantages of recruiting as a member of a major conference. Go Utes.

Palo Alto, CA


Talk about frantic and emotional... what exactly has Utah accomplished in any PAC 12 sport that give credence to your claim that Utah is "good to go" in the PAC 12?

Frankly, the only thing you've proven so far is that you're incapable of beating a PAC 12 football team with a winning record.

At least, as an Independent, BYU has finished in the Top 25 and has won two bowl games, which is far more than the Utes have accomplished as a PAC 12 member.

West Point , UT

There has been some advantage in recruiting for Utah but not enough to beat the better half of the PAC 12. Utah won't out recruit the California schools or Washington and Oregon, nor ASU the majority of the time. That spells mid to lower teir PAC 12 for the foreseeable future. Even as a BYU fan, I actually don't want that for Utah. I would like to see any Utah school do well and cheer for the others when they aren't playing the Cougs. But it is what it is, it's reality for Utah unfortunately. That would most likely be the case for BYU also if they were in the big 12. Hard to out recruit Texas and Oklahoma. Good luck to the utes and aggies this year.

West Point , UT

If U recall BYU was asked to "move up" to the big east with BSU (actually begged would be more accurate than asked). They backed out which is looking smarter every passing month.

Payson, UT

He should of come back for his last year.

Mesa, AZ

It's actually quite surreal how the core of the byu-fanbase has reacted to the mounting losses against UTAH, being so utterly/thoroughly dominated by us UTES. In a vain attempt to "cope", they've gone into this bizarre, crazed state of desperation and grasping at whatever blatant Spin they can think of, regurgitated endlessly, or otherwise. And to think they truly believe they're in fact fooling anybody whatsoever outside of their very own Bubble down there in utah county where they're annually playing against the [Formerly] WAC's worst in order just to be able to qualify for entry into a low-tier bowl game, since they can rarely ever actually beat a good team [during this current BCS Era, both schools have reached 11 bowl games each, but UTAH's 10-1 while byu has struggled to stay above .500 at 6-5], is, alone, truly remarkable to behold and it's, literally, to the point where I just simply sit back, with popcorn in-hand, mind you, and watch this spectacle unfold with the utmost glee humanly attainable. Honestly, I wouldn't trade this chicken with its head cut-off reaction by these people for anything else in the World.

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