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Published: Saturday, April 27 2013 5:20 p.m. MDT

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Orem, UT


Sorry to burst your crimson bubble, but Utah's basketball "tradition" is DEAD!

Since Majerus's remnants left in 2005, the Utes are 116-137 (46%), with 6 losing seasons, and an embarrassing loss in their only NCAA tournament game.

The Utes have never had a football tradition; it took the Utes over a hundred years of playing football just to crack the AP Top 25 for the very first time. Utah is nothing more than a fading two-hit wonder flash-in-the-pan.

West Jordan, UT

Ducky it's an embarrassment that you think signing 4 players from your team is good. Before you post such drivoul you should do some research. 4 players is on par with div 2 schools. Utah had 9 players picked up yesterday.


Duckhunter, Utah's UDFA:
Sean Sellwood: Falcons
Tevita Stevens: Redskins
Ryan Lacy: Saints
Reggie Dunn: Steelers
Reggie Topps: Cardinals
Sam Brenner: Dolphins
Moe Lee: Ravens
David Rolf: Chargers
Dave Kruger: Browns

That means you talk before you know anything again. Can you explain this to us?

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

If he would have played just 6 games for coach bronco he would have been a #1 top 5 pick.

Orem, UT


And with all of those "NFL-caliber" players, the Utes still weren't good enough to qualify for a bowl?


Salt Lake City, UT

Roger Jolley commented in response to Chris B.

"@Chris B

Good job, I for one get a kick out of your comments. The "mid-major" fans get all hysterical over every word you say. I for one get the joke. Keep up the good work, some people just can't laugh about the rivalry. And even if you're a faux-Ute fan, thanks for the chuckles."

The problem here is that this is no joking. There appears to be a very deep hatred of BYU here that ends up in childish name calling, and in some cases very hateful comments. Chris B does not joke. I believe he is very sincere with his posts. This is hate stuff.

Nothing hysterical in a response to hate and name calling. You use of "mid major" is not a joke. I read is as attempt to use a basketball term to slur and degrade other programs.

Sorry for the preaching but name calling leads to bullying in school. Check out 42 and the boy in the stands who follows his father in yelling hate at Jackie Robinson.

Some poeple just don't grow up.

Salt Lake City, UT

SportsFan: "And with all of those "NFL-caliber" players, the Utes still weren't good enough to qualify for a bowl?"

Which speaks volumes about the level of competition the Utes face week in and week out...exactly what we have been trying to tell you people for the last two years. Finally, the light comes on in the mind of a byu fan.

Arlington, VA


"Which speaks volumes about the level of competition the Utes face week in and week out..."

lol at the spin

The Utes lost to Utah State last season, a team BYU beat, and the Utes have lost to 10-loss Colorado, 10-loss UNLV, and every bottom dweller in the MWC in recent years and haven't beaten a PAC 10.2 team with a winning record.

Increased "strength" of competition isn't your problem. The truth is, except for a couple of great seasons 2004 and 2008, the Utes have always been capable of losing to ANYBODY.

UoU 1991
Park City, UT


Until Utah starts beating teams like Colorado EVERY time, using the better schedule argument for losing seasons and no bowls is nothing more than a cop out. All that you're doing by using that argument is proving the naysayers correct who said Utah wasn't good enough to compete in the PAC 12.

Layton, UT


Spot on. And they boast about their records and stats vs non-competion and qualifying for lower tier bowls. Yet consistently lose their biggest game of the year against the so called "bottom dweller".

Layton, UT

@UoU 1991

Give us a couple of years.
That was a big step up from MWC to the Pac12.
While the tds took a step down to a Wac-ish schedule, maintained a winning regular season record and qualified for lower tier bowls.
Yet still lose to our Mighty Utes every year.

Bluffdale, UT

This pathetic excuse of playing a tough schedule is getting old. Step up and beat a PAC school with a winning record. It's pathetic. The only team Utah plays with any kind of passion is BYU. The fans, players and coaches show more emotion in that game than any other and yet they use the "tough schedule" excuse as some cop-out to excuse their pathetic record in the PAC. U haven't even had to play the 2 best teams in the PAC for the last 2 years. And please spare us the "week in week out" babble. You play Washington State and Colorado. As for BYU's schedule, according to College Football Schedules, BYU's schedule for 2012 was ranked stronger than Utah's. For crying out loud, BYU played a team that played in the NC. On the road.

Bluffdale, UT

That's some kind of double standard you have going there. "Give us a couple of years", yet you don't even hesitate in your criticism of BYU's schedule when Holmoe said from the beginning that it would take a few years to get the schedule where they want it. He was right. Take a look at 2013. Not a single WAC team.


Cougars1, wow, you know who else doesn't play any WAC teams in 2013? EVERYBODY!

Salt Lake City, UT

TheSportsAuthority, UoU 1991: Beating teams like Colorado every time? They've only played twice. You failed to note in your post that Utah beat Washington St both times they played. does that not meet the criteria you've put forward? All other teams Utah has played in the Pac-12 conference are split except for (USC, Washington, Arizona St). That's it...there are three teams in the elite Pac-12 conference against whom the Utes have not yet prevailed at least one time.

Are you aware that TCU's win/loss ratio and national ranking fell markedly with their step up to the Big12?

"Utes have always been capable of losing to ANYBODY." You probably haven't noticed but every team in the Pac-12 is capable of losing to any team in the Pac-12. Take a look at who beat Stanford last year and the scare they received from Washington St at home. Membership in the Pac-12 is is one wild and fantastic ride. Since participating in an elite conference is an experience byu will not have, you will just have to take our word for it.

Layton, UT

So your excuse for losing to Utah is that Utah gets up for the game?
And that proofs(worf) that byu is better than Utah?

Salt Lake City, UT

Gentlemen, we struck a nerve with Cougars1. Touchy subject for him.

We all saw the schedule byu used to get to a bowl game last year and no, ND did not belong in the NC game but they made it and embarrassed themselves.

So, Cougs1 one, when byu finally steps up and beats one of the worst teams in the elite Pac-12 you can talk. Until then...

btw, Congratulations to Joe Kruger on a richly deserved opportunity in the NFL.

Bluffdale, UT


Way to be the only one to get my point. I should have known you would be the one to catch that.


Your right.ND didn't belong in the NC, but neither did any team on Utah's schedule. BYU has beaten one of the worst teams in the PAC. In fact since Utah has joined the PAC, BYU has beaten WSU and Oregon State but that wasn't my point. Once again you have proven that BYU is on your mind more that any other PAC opponent that Utah plays. THAT was my point. Beat a school with a winning record in your own conference.

I may sound like I hate Utah, but I pull for them every year. I want them to prove that the top "mid-major teams can play with the big boys. I hope this is the year that they show some adjustments have been made. Good luck Utes.

Mesa, AZ

This year's draft [UTAH 2 and byu 1]--Since 2005--


2012395Tony BergstromGOakland
20115139Brandon BurtonDBMinnesota
20116179Caleb SchlauderaffGGreen Bay
2010240Koa MisiOLBMiami Dolphins
2010245Zane BeadlesGDenver
20105148Robert JohnsonDBTennessee
20105156David ReedWRBaltimore
20105166Stevenson SylvesterLBPittsburgh
20107223R.J. StanfordCBCarolina
2009257Paul KrugerDEBaltimore
2009261Sean SmithDBMiami
20096188Brice McCainDBHouston
20097252Freddie BrownWRCincinnati
2007237Eric WeddleSAFSan Diego
20074108Paul SoliaiDTMiami
20067245Spencer TooneLBTennessee
20067246Quinton GantherRBTennessee
200511Alex SmithQBSan Francisco
2005388Sione PouhaDTNew York
20056204Chris KemoeatuGPittsburgh
20057225Paris WarrenWRTampa Bay
20057233Jonathan FaneneDECincinnati

Mesa, AZ



20104114Dennis PittaTEBaltimore
20094127Austin CollieWRIndianapolis
20097215Fui VakapunaRBCincinnati
20084123Bryan KehlOLBNew York
2007240John BeckQBMiami
20067218Todd WatkinsWRArizona
20054125Brady PoppingaLBGreen Bay
20055172Scott YoungGPhiladelphia
20057228Shaun NuaDEPittsburgh

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