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Published: Saturday, April 27 2013 1:55 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

What a great man. It is definitely America that lost the election, not Romney. If not closing Guantanamo, balloning the debt, lying about not raising taxes for the middle class, failing to stimulate jobs, enacting a health plan that is neither universal or affordable, taking on the hopeless Afghanistan war as his own, breaking his promise to make his administration including the DOJ transparent, taking credit for allowing the military to get bin Laden, being one of the most partisan presidents ever and playing more golf than Clinton is the far left's definition of success, I am grateful that Mr. Obama has not been a failure.

Bee Careful
Kaysville, UT

Real Maverick: Obama has no real accomplishments. He has set us on a couse that will ultimately destroy us. No country has ever long endured where the government has over-taxed the producers to give money to the non-producers. We will soon become Greece. It's inevitable!

John Armstrong
Buena Vista, VA

Brother Romney's advice to recent college graduates was excellent: get married, have children, work hard, and serve God by serving our fellow human beings. I also love it that he stressed the unimportance to God of whether we become wealthy, famous, or powerful. It was a thoughtful, well-prepared, and concise speech. Thank you, Mitt!

As for my fellow commenters, please drop your pseudonyms and use your real names on this and other sites. It's the admirable thing to do.

Falconer, NY

xscribe: correction to your insensitive comment - only patriotic Americans vote.

Colorado Springs, CO

maclouie: Oh,sorry! I learned that from a lot of other posters, who identify themselves as conservative and the only ones who are patriotic. I thought that's how this little game is played,

Saint George, UT

Hank Pym: Indeed! My wife taught me that one. However, knowing full well that people returning to God is a far more potent power for change than anything a politician does, whether
Republican or Democrat. America would have had stronger leadership with Romney just based on his exemplary life. BO seems like a good husband and father, perhaps is best legacy. The fact that BO was elected gives everyone a chance to evaluate what his leadership has done for 8 years. I'm certain they will come to regret that decision. Perhaps after 8 years of BO, Americans might be ready for someone that will help them see, as we see from Romney's life, that government is not the answer to their problems. One man or women, exercising faith and dependent on God, can really make a difference, something readily apparent with Ann and Mitt Romney. The future greatness of any country will be built on individuals remaining true to core principles, such as work, family, service, and God

Litchfield, MI

You can tell how people really think the hidden camera is rolling..

Falconer, NY

xscribe: regarding your insensitive comment: it is patriotic Americans that vote.

Salt Lake City, UT

The majority of Americans don't deserve capable, responsible leadership that Mitt Romney would have provided.

American greatness is over, because the greatness in Her people is diminishing.

Kearns, UT

I watched Stossel last night on Fox News. The regulations regarding Obama Care can't help but screw things up worse and make it impossible to find a doctor if you are on Medicare. The current regulation stack is 7 feet high and getting higher.

By the way, we only have the white southern evangelicals to thank for Obama being re-elected. They said this morning on the news that more blacks voted than whites in the last election for president. The blacks really need to take a look at just what the Democrats promise them and then don't deliver so they can quit drinking the Democrat Koolaid.

Romney gave a great talk to those students. It is an indicator of the type of man that he is. He would have been a great president. He would have been in it for the right reasons. Not because of his ego like Obama.


@xscribe, keep drinking the dem. coolaid. You certainly aren't being patriotic with insensitive comments like that. They show what kind of "patriot", and type of person, you really are.

I thought Romney's speech was right on, and a great speach for the graduates to hear as they embark on the next phase of life. What a great example in Romney and his wife for them to see and how to shape their lives. The American people really blew it by not electing him.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT


Nibley, Ut

Real Maverick,
SEAL team six got Osama. he passed healthcare with dem majority in both the house and the senate. And now, dems are starting to turn on that same healthcare. The Country is finding out that it is not very good legislation(SCOTUS pointed that out a while ago) I am not rich and my taxes have gone up. The economy is far from back on track. More like dead in the water. Lowest labor participation rate since 1979 (63.3%). Keep living in a fantasy land.

G L W8

xscribe,are you saying that we who voted for Romney aren't patriots? I recall what happened to me way back when Nixon was running against Kennedy. I implied to a Catholic girl we couldn't trust Kennedy because of his religion. Her words: "I resent that, sir!" It's a lesson I never forgot. Not only was she beautiful, but much more informed on the issues than I was. I got quickly stuck in a male chauvinist hole!


I actually thought the Economy "CONTRACTED" last quarter?


"O" can't even pass a budget. I hear he likes to Golf though!

Jennifer Beck
Idaho Falls, ID

My daughter graduated last Saturday from SVU and we attended the commencement ceremony. Mitt Romney is truly an amazing man. All through his speech I wondered "what could have been" if the American People had not been so brain washed into believing BO's lies. While other famous people are demanding a lot of money to speak at commencements, Mitt traveled to Southern Virginia at his own expense and delivered his address free of charge. I highly recommend going to SVU.EDU and reading the entire speech.

Salt Lake City, Utah


I am sure that Mr. Romney gave a wonderful speech, for the audience that was there. The things he said resonated with the students and parents of SVU. The problem is that the people at the SVU graduation who I am sure are fine and wonderful people do not represent the majority of America. Personally I am similar in many ways to those who were there. I am LDS, in my mind I am conservative (I am sure some would differ)I am caucasian and I have been happily married to the same woman for 29 years.

I didn't vote for Mr. Romney, and I wasn't "brain washed". I voted for President Obama, because I thought he was the better of two poor candidates. I looked carefully at Mr. Romney's economic plan which I believe was not friendly to the middle class. It relied on rich people making even more money and then being generous enough to share some of that with their employees. I believed in Reagan's trickle down economics, but the last thirty taught me that trickle down economics works in principle not practice.

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