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Published: Friday, April 26 2013 4:45 p.m. MDT

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New York, NY

this from the guy that has made a living off of consperecy theories. He clearly knows what his audence wants to hear, got to give him that.

Park City, UT

Hey George- instead of ripping on OUR congressman, why don't you give us YOUR theories? Thinking these two youngsters did this alone, is not the most popular opinion in America right now. Most people think they were a part of a larger network. That is not a conspiracy theory, just prudent thought.

salt lake, UT

Prudent thoughts do not rush out ahead of the facts josey.

New York, NY


We have seen were the the thought processes that run out ahead of the facts gets us (patriot act, internment camps, us citizens held without charges) I will follow the fact before I offer MY theories but thanks.

Park City, UT

tolstoy- I'm guessing a Congressman has a few more facts than you or I. Agree? If the older brother was already on a watch list, spent 6 months in Russia while his wife remained home working to support him, it's not even a little bit of a stretch to think these guys had help. Maybe not help in the actual bombing, but help in the planning and possible financing. Besides, Chaffetz only said that he isn't convinced. He didn't say no way, no how that these guys acted alone. Come to think of it, that is prudent.

New York, NY


I think what is prudent depends on if you often walk past heavily armed solders in body armor as I do or if you walk past ski lifts as you do. It becomes accutly obvious the potential for harm if people come to the wrong conclusion because they rushed out ahead of the facts when you are being stared down by a guy with a gun.

Nan BW
ELder, CO

We have seen nothing about these brothers to indicate they had well paying employment to finance building bombs or acquiring the "arsenal" they had assembled. The wife of the older one worked as a home health aide to support the family. Would that have covered the above expenses and travel to Russia? Another recent article indicates the mother was on a "watch" list and she had a conviction for shop-lifting. She might be part of the larger network, and almost certainly the brothers had help. I didn't see anything wrong with the Chaffetz comments.

Springville, UT

Honestly? Chaffetz should put up or shut up. There is nothing of value and nothing to be gained by attention seeking speculation.

Ralph West Jordan
Taylorsville, UT

Chaffetz at his usual best, using any opportunity to get his face and voice in the media! But amazingly enough he might be onto something. He states "I worry that they were radicalized". If there is anyone who can recognize radical it would be Chaffetz, after spending as much time and effort as he has smoozing the radical right!


Jason is on the 'homeland security committee' and is so bold as to think that he represents the people who want answers?

The well-heeled media receive directives on where the people's thoughts 'need' to be manipulated.

one old man
Ogden, UT

But after all his bluster, he did add a caveat. He finally said, "Let investigators do their work."

Yes, Jason. Good idea.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Chaffetz has clearly been watching too much of Glenn Beck. What a joke. I'm so glad that chaffetz can spend his time on lame conspiracies without any facts rather than fix... You know... The economy

Colorado Springs, CO

Chaffetz is a genius!

Farmington, UT

Ok...did I miss something here? What I heard was Congressman Chaffetz wondering if the "officials" were getting ahead of the facts. He said he's "not convinced" they were lone wolves, and wondered why the instant characterization of them was as self-radicalized operators. I happen to agree with him that we should all keep an open mind.

I also agree with other posters here re the lack of evidence of any visible means of support (other than the wife's meager income). That should be a red flag in the light of the substantial outlay required to arm themselves as they have and produce their bombs. So who IS funding these guys?

Reasonable Person
Layton, UT

Big brother sold drugs, his wife worked long hours to support the family. "Mischa" pulled the strings and found a couple of losers he could manipulate.

This bombing likely cost less than $500 (three pressure cookers were the most expensive part). They didn't have to travel. In fact, they had NO PLAN AT ALL than to just blow something up.

Maybe "Mischa" is actually "mommy"?

slc, ut

I agree with Chaffetz, we should look at all angles, that being said, the most dangerous place to be in America is between Jason and a TV camera.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

This clown is the king of conspiracy theorists. He has no business being in the government.

Durham, NC

""We're going to need months to let this play out," Chaffetz said.

Well, yes. And this event happened in the US, in a safe US city, where investigators can do their work freely.

But in Libya... oh no. We needed information about what happened in real time. There was no time to do a more deeper dive into the facts. We needed to know exactly who, how, and all other conditions within hours of the events.... in Libya, half a world away.

Chaffetz comments here are reasonable. Is reasonable to worry their indeed may be others. It is indeed reasonable to give authorities the time to do their jobs. Chaffetz is spot on here... I have no issues. But what I do object to is his near constant appearances on FoxNews just after the Libya attacks - demanding instant answers - that is what I object to.

Perhaps, over time, he has developed more reasonable expectations. Who knows. I will give him the benefit of doubt here.

Park City, UT

George- What? I don't understand what you walking past armed guards and your assumption that I walk past ski lifts means. You talk about people who get ahead of facts, yet you make assumptions that because I live in PC my life is somehow inferior to yours because you have to walk past an armed guard? I don't get it, please explain.

I believe you mean soldiers, and acutely right? Someone with a NY address and working in a building with armed guards should know better. Maybe you need to come skiing?

Idaho Falls, ID

I didnt think we elected people to the FBI

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