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Published: Friday, April 26 2013 11:35 p.m. MDT

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Albert Maslar CPA (Retired)
Absecon, NJ

Don't say we did not get fair warning about ObamaCare when the politicians had no idea what was in the massive 1500 page bill that no one read, and its 10,000 page and growing list of unreadable regulations, as the good Speaker Pelosi proudly asserted that "We must pass this bill so we can see what is in it." Now we now. Full time workers are now part time and employers are sitting on their hands rather than venture into this minefield.

Hayden, ID

"Affordable Care Act"? Should be the 'Unaffordable, Job Killer Act" because that is exactly what it is!

the old switcharoo
mesa, AZ

The 29 and 49 came from the republican side just like the entire health insurance mandate came from conservatives,

All you are saying is that the conservative alternative to UNIVERSAL healthcare stinks.

Omaha, NE

But then these same companies will have to hire more part time workers and this will eventually drive unemployment down. Which of course those in charge at the time will attribute to their own great policies. Great benefits of the Affordable Care Act, less unemployment! Course the jobs would guarantee worse overall quality of life for lots of people but they might be healthier??

Saint George, UT

Is there no end to the mysteries and wonders of Socialism? This was a 'train wreck' before we heard Nancy Pelosi tell us that we had to pass it first to see what was in it. What a joke!

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Thanks BO and dems.

Now many full time workers will be pushed back to part time, and some part-timers will see their hours cut, other workers will face lay-offs. Some companies will not be expanding because the cost of Obamacare is more than the marginal return on new stores.

Obamacare is killing employment. Unemployment numbers may be down, but only because more people are dropping out of the labor force altogether, or are working part time. They are struggling financially thanks to BO and his anti-business policies.

American Fork, UT

We need a single payer system that removes employers from the provision of health care entirely.


Only in Liberal American's mind. The ACA will force the poor to become more poor by cutting the work they can do and then, come tax day, hit them with a fine for not signing up for the healthcare they cannot afford but must have under the mandate.

Sugar City, ID

Get employers out of health care. Let them focus on their business.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Wow! That is terrible, this administration is killing the American worker. (Didn't someone from the AFL-CIO say that in the early 1980's?) Maybe so. I guess that means that I'm liberal and Obama is conservative.

The lesson here is an action is only liberal if it actually works. Motivations, good intentions are fine for religion. But motives don't cut it in government. What is liberal is that which works.

salt lake city, utah

This is exactly why a health care system whos access is dependent on the generosity of a restraunt owner, or home builder and whos process makes billionairs out of the access owners is an immoral disaster. The point of this whole article is how business owners are working as hard as they can to avoid providing their $2.63 part time workers with health insurance. Not because it will drive them out of business but because it will "cut" into their profits. But hey they have a job. Nice work Republicans you've created a utopia over the last 30 years.

Virginia Beach, VA

Bottom line for those being moved to part-time. You getting what you voted for! The past eight years my family has used a local nursing agency to care for our disabled daughter. I know the owner very well (an Obama supporter), and the staff. When the Supreme Court upheld Obama Care last summer, I asked the office manager how will they comply since they have about 200 employees, she thought I was speaking Greek to her. The company did'nt offer insurance. Around January the owner announces she's moving the entire staff to part-time hours, and she sends a notice to all families there will be changes to the nursing care. The handfull of attendents, and nurses (alot of them obama supporters like the owner) that I came to know the past eight years were extremely upset. I explained to them what was going on, and may sure they understood "your getting what you voted for". My family, we moved our daughter to a nursing agency that will more stable. An agency with less than 50 employees.

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

We need to get Business out of the personal business of their employees. The employee’s health care solutions would be better if each employee could handle his own.

Even honest, decent Business operations will always stay just inside the law and seldom exceed the law protecting people. And will use any tactic they can to break the intent of the law, if it interferes with their profits.

The best solution is still the single payer government administered insurance controlled by people.

Spanish Fork, UT

An alternative to the situation is just to move all employees to 1099 contractors and require that they take care of their own taxes and insurance. People might prefer the increase to their compensation with a contract provision that requires that they place a percentage of their income into a IRA health savings account. This way, their insurance would likely be more affordable than on a group plan. Thoughts anyone!

Cedar Hills, UT

If the business sets the hours, provides the equipment, and mandates the place where you work, you cannot be considered a 1099 contractor, rather you are an employee.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Greed wins again.

Salt Lake, UT

Same thing is hitting construction workers.

DN Subscriber 2

The empty promises, inflated costs and devastating cuts in medical care availability caused by Obamacare are finally being revealed.

Repeal Obamacare NOW! Entirely. Every last word and regulation.

Socialized medicine is a disaster wherever it has been tried, and our citizens deserve better. The free market may not be perfect, but it will provide more and better care at lower costs than the bureaucratic mandates and rationing we will certainly kill us under Obamacare.

Repeal it now!

Houston, TX

The affordable Health Care Act was never about health care. The act was designed to get Congress's hands into the till os insurance comapnies and private busiensses so as to turn the health care industry into its own private slush fund. The ACT rerutes the moeny through D.C., where the politicians all get their "piece of the action" in the same way that gangsters running protection rackets do.

bountiful, UT

obama furthering job losses. well done.

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