Comments about ‘Catholic church ad calls Jesus Christ 'The Original Hipster'’

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Published: Friday, April 26 2013 3:25 p.m. MDT

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Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

Thank heaven it's the Catholic Church putting these out. Any commercial enterprise that attempted something this bold would spark a front page controversy.

Salt Lake City, UT

They do realize hipster has absolutely negative connotations? Nobody admits to being a hipster, no matter how much they may qualify.

Also, the Hipster Jesus and Hipster Joseph Smith memes have been around for a bit:

"It's called Reformed Egyptian... It's a pretty obscure language. You've probably never heard of it."

the truth
Holladay, UT


"reformed egyptian" (should be lower case), is a description of writing used by an anicent people,

NOT a title, NOT a name,

it is also a translation of writing, where "reformed egyptian" was apparently the most accurate translation of some text.

If you going to throw out such nonsense at least get your facts right.

I cringe when people try to label Jesus.

Isaiah 55:8

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord."

Los Angeles, CA

Seems pretty desperate to me.

Salt Lake City, UT

the truth:
["reformed egyptian" (should be lower case)"]

"Egyptian" is always capitalized in English. Languages/demonyms are always capitalized. Basic English spelling rules. The capitalization of reformed may be debatable, depending on context, but the capitalization of "Egyptian" is not.

So, fail on your part.

Information Overload
Kaysville, UT

I find it interesting in this advertisement that the intended target audience is probably young adults to thirtysomethings yet I don't believe the word "hipster" is "hip" to this demographic anymore.

Sacramento, CA

Lighten up! Jesus had some serious things to say, things we often "forget" because they require us to give to one another, forgive one another, and love one another, without judging one another and especially doing that judging against ourselves, against whom the others always seem to come out worse. He also said a few things about the fleeting value of "stuff" versus the lasting value of "Heavenly stuff" which he actually practiced in front of everyone--recall, if you will, that he was homeless, and never rechristened the religion he preached after Himself, but self-identified as a Jew. So...he was, in a sense, an outlier from the beginning. And if that is the message of this advert, let it be! Jesus also went to weddings and celebrations, had friends, loved his family, enjoyed the beauty that the Father had created, cherished children...What a wonderful Savior! Rock on!

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