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Published: Friday, April 26 2013 8:15 a.m. MDT

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Ziggy won't get jimmered simply because of his size. If anything, it would be more accurate to say "Don't get Araujo'd" but he won't. He is simply too athletic and smart.

Murray, UT

We're coming up on year 5 since Utah won the Sugar Bowl. People don't remember who played in Non Championship games 5 and 9 years ago aside from the fans of the team. In the last 2 years the average college fan across the country knows BYU as the school that produced Jimmer and Ziggy becuase ESPN made darn sure they got the coverage. We're all kidding ourselves if we think the nation is really following either of our teams as a whole...Its only when a unique story is presented that either the U or the Y garners any national interest.

Case in point: while reading most of the comments on the Mock Drafts leading up to the weekend I saw countless posts where they mistakenly had Ziggy and Star "playing in a weak conference like the WAC." Just goes to show the casual fan nationally still doesn't see the progress these 2 teams have made. Fans don't remember who won the title in 84 nor do they remember a 2003 fiesta bowl.

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