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Published: Thursday, April 25 2013 8:25 p.m. MDT

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I expect Carolina to be very happy with Star! Good luck Star!

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Congrats Star!

Best of luck going forward.

Layton, UT

The Panthers now have a Ute to STAR on defense to compliment their Ute star offense.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Number of players Whittinham has RECRUITED and developed to the point of being DRAFTED?


Number of players Bronco has RECRUITED and developed to the point of being DRAFTED?





not one.

I wonder if future recruits want a coach who has RECRUITED and developed 20 guys that got drafted, or zero?

Which coach is better at identifying and developint talent?

Well, is 20 or 0 better?

I say 20.

Well done Star!


Should help shore up a porous defense. He plays a lot like Ngata. Not a lot of flash, but is stout in the middle. With the weight loss, he should be a force in the middle for Carolina.

IRS Agent

Congrats to Star, Ziggy and all the draftees. Wishing all of them safety and success in their careers.

Can't wait to hear what spin Chris B. puts on this one.

Raymond, 00

@Chris B

As a recruit I'd be pretty happy having little talent and being developed into a top 5 draft. Bronco may not have RECRUITED Ziggy but he DEVELOPED him. The only selling point U have is that U have another 2 months to prepare to the draft with no postseason.

Bountiful, UT

Sad spin, Chris B. Keep wishing.

Beverly Hills, CA

Congrats to Star. More Utes will be in the NFL with Pac 12 recruitment and development. Bright future ahead for Utah.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT


Is "developed" the same as "potential". I did not see one pre-draft comment about Ziggy's development; however, incredible praise for his potential, his arm span, his physical prowess. At this time Detroit drafted him on his potential and their ability to develop his play.

Christy B
Salt Lake City, Utah

Sorry folks; my little sister is so completely obsessed with all things BYU, that she hardly had room in her post to mention Star, who, btw, originally signed with BYU.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"I did not see one pre-draft comment about Ziggy's development"

Who are you kidding? Development is implied by the fact that Bronco and BYU took a kid that didn't even know how to don a pair of shoulder pads, and developed him into a starter on the 3rd ranked defense in the country.

It's laughable the frantic and emotional denials Utah fans have to put themselves through to avoid recognizing any accomplishment by their big brothers.

Orem, UT

Who am I

Your jealous spin is laughable; show me one single mention of any "development" attributable to Star's time at Utah.

Lyman, WY

Congratulations to Star. Gook luck in the NFL.

Star Bright
Salt Lake City, Ut

Can't we just be happy and proud they both came from Utah Universities?

Do wse have to be snarky when this is a happy day for both of them and they both deserve it?
Congrats to both of you! I hope you stay safe!

Unlike some of you I cheer for both schools unless they play each other, then I bleed blue!

I'm happy and excited for both of them and will follow both of their careers.

Vernal, UT

@Star Bright

Perfect comment...enough said. Too much trash talk and not enough support for both of these fine young athletes. They're both very talented. Good luck to both of you.

Raymond, 00

@Who Am I Sir?

He was drafted into the NFL based on his NFL potential yes, but to take someone who knows NOTHING about football and get him to be taken as a top 5 pick in the draft does take a lot of work spent developing. Bronco isn't the only one to credit as KVN probably spent just as much time with him since he was his roommate. On another note, i am surprised U have such a bad team with ALL 20 DRAFT PICKS KYLE WHITTINGHAM HAS.


Salt Lake City, UT

Good luck Star and congratulations.

Class guy.

Salt Lake City, UT

Congratulations to Star and his family. The Carolinas are a beautiful place to live and Star is the perfect addition to the Utah legacy with the Panthers. It's completely understandable why Star is so excited with his draft pick. It is a privilege that you will represent the Utah program as you find your place among the NFL elite. Congratulations again, Star!

U 90
Corona, CA


Please explain why your national brand, legacy, school has such a difficult time beating a "bad" team like Utah?

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