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Published: Thursday, April 25 2013 6:50 p.m. MDT

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River Falls, WI

Congrats Ziggy, from unknown to tied for the highest draft pick ever from BYU in a few short months. Quite the story.

orem, ut

Congrats Ziggy! Hope you have an awesome and great career in the NFL!

American Fork, UT

You go ZIggy! He's going to be awesome in the NFL. Can't wait to watch him play.

Salt Lake City, UT

I like the comment: Ziggy is the Ansah!!!" Cougar becomes a Lion!!!
Biggest problem is I am going to miss watching him progress at the Y.
More missionaries to Ghana!!!
I wish Ziggy all the best and Hope he can bless his home land with his success here.

South Jordan, UT

Proud to see Ziggy go so high. Wish he would have gone to Cleveland. Don't really want him learning from Suh. Dirty player


Wow, suddenly I'm a Detroit fan, best wishes Ziggy!

Salt Lake City, UT

Way to go Ziggy! Hey, I thought Star was supposed to be high on the list too.

Lyman, WY

Congrats to Ziggy!

South Jordan, UT

Wish Ziggy would have gone to browns. Awesome to have such a great NFL player introduce him

Omaha, NE

So much for some other team of some other school predicting their player would be #1 overall! Hilarious.

To be drafted from the lips of one of the all-time greats makes this story even better. He is living the football player's dream. I can't get over what a neat moment this is for him and for BYU.

River Falls, WI

RE: Striker

No need to talk smack here... Star was a stud and will make an immediate impact in the league. He slid a little--probably due to the heart condition--but he was still a top pick and will have an amazing career. Congrats to both Star and Ziggy.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Ziggy, picked higher than Manti. Who would have thought. Who is the star? Good luck to all...

Holladay, UT

Congrats to Ziggy! He is a beast! Interestingly, he will be wearing former Utah standout and Detroit Lion Luther Elliss's former number, No. 94, for the Lions!

Park City, UT

Striker- It wasn't us Ute fans saying that Star was a potential #1, it was the national media. When ESPN, or whoever starts saying something, it then becomes easy for others to pick up on it and start saying it as well. Still, not participating in the combine for medical reasons, and being a 1st round pick is still quite the accomplishment. Honestly, in the first few rounds some players can go a little higher or lower because teams have different needs. Notice that there were a lot of linemen taken, and few skill positions in the first round this year. Congrats to both Ziggy and Star!

Omaha, NE

" It wasn't us Ute fans saying that Star was a potential #1, it was the national media. "

Are you kidding me? I don't know how many Ute fans either told me personally or that I read stated he'd be #1. Just plain idiocy. The guy was good, but his senior season was not as stellar, and would no way have been #1. People surely fell prey to the media, but most fans do. I was surprised he went so low, but thrilled to see Ziggy go so high. Just glad I don't have to listen to your fans spouting all that ridiculousness anymore. Ziggy going very high will help that too.

Lincoln City, OR

2013 NFL Lottery...

Round 1:

#5 Detroit Lions DE E. Ansah BYU

#14 Carolina Panthers DT S. Lotulelei Utah

Nuff Said.

Las Vegas, NV

Congrats to both Ziggy and Star! I believe both players are going to make an impact for their respective teams.

Pleasant Grove, UT

I have been a Lions for for 30years plus. I am thrilled!

Stop The Nonsense
El Paso, TX

As a BYU fan, I am absolutely thrilled for Ziggy! I am also very excited for Star, and hope that his heart condition has been corrected so that both players can have long, successful careers. I will be rooting for both of them to succeed. I hope we all can avoid the smack talk about draft order and just enjoy the fact that both schools had picks in the top 15 of the 1st round. Incredible!

I have never cheered for the Lions (because of Suh), but I like Ziggy a whole lot more than I dislike Suh so will now cheer for the Lions whenever they aren't playing the 49ers. :)

Utes Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

I am thrilled that both Ziggy and Star went high in the draft. We'll have to see how well they do. Now I might actually have a reason to watch the Lions on Thanksgiving Day!

Now, to settle something:

Round 1:

#5 Detroit Lions DE E. Ansah BYU

#14 Carolina Panthers DT S. Lotulelei Utah

Nuff Said.

Current players in the NFL:
BYU 8 (now 9 with Ziggy).
Utah 22 (now 23 with Star).

Nuff said

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