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Published: Tuesday, April 23 2013 11:10 p.m. MDT

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Orem, UT


Actually, BYU has MUCH tougher competition in men's volleyball, than Utah has in skiing.


BYU, UCLA, USC, Stanford, Ohio State, Penn State, Hawaii, Pepperdine, Long Beach State, UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego, Pacific, and CS Northridge


Utah, Denver, Colorado, Vermont, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Dartmouth

Frankly, there's no comparison.

And let's not forget, we're talking a men's competition that is watched by thousands of fans versus a coed competition that is practically non-existent as far as fans are concerned.

Baltimore, MD


"Utah's men's basketball team has an NCAA title."

Yes, Utah's men's basketball team does have an NCAA title, won almost 70 years ago in the most watered-down NCAA tournament in history when the NCAA tournament was still the little sister to the NIT and the vast majority of colleges had suspended their basketball programs.

Unfortunately for U, even that wasn't a national championship.

Baltimore, MD


"that is not the entire field of D-I NCAA ski teams"

Really? What other D-I schools compete in skiing?

The truth is, nobody, including the kids on the hill, even follow the college skiing.

When was the last time you attended or even watched a televised Utah ski meet?

Without looking it up, could you name a single skier who competed on Utah's ski team this year?

There were over 3,000 fans at the BYU-UCLA volleyball match last night, and many thousands more watching the match on BYUtv. It wouldn't be surprising if that's more fans than attended Utah ski meets during the entire year, including the NCAA championship.


SportsFan, names like Denver, Vermont and Dartmouth may not mean anything to you, but in the skiing world, no it is not comparable to the Big Sky in basketball or football, more like an all-SEC team.

Of the teams you mentioned in men's volleyball, 3 of them have .500 or worse records, and are still ranked in the top 15. Just like skiing, there are only a handful of relevant teams every year, due to such a small field. Very similar comparison.

What does fan attendance have to do with skill level or athleticism? I would imagine roughly the same number of people nationwide know who won the last men's volleyball championship as the last skiing championship. Just as I assumed, yes you are trying to have your argument both ways.


Rockwell, to humor you, yes I can name two of Utah's skiiers from this year alone that were fantastic athletes, Miles Havlek and Rose (can't think of her last name), and last year Tii-Maria Romar was an awesome alpine skier.

The D-I ski programs are Wisconsin-Green Bay, Boston College, Harvard, New Hampshire, Brown, Dartmouth, Vermont, Colorado, Denver, Montana State-Bozeman, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.

The last time I attended an NCAA ski event was the Rocky Mountain Intercollegiate Skiing Association championships at Soldier Hollow two years ago, and I watched a bit of nationals this year.

Baltimore, MD


"What does fan attendance have to do with skill level or athleticism?"

Nothing, but Utah fans are trying to make the argument that winning NCAA championships shows that Utah's athletic programs are "relevant".

Check out the social media response to BYU's win over UCLA in volleyball last night.

Now compare that to the social media response to Utah's latest NCAA championship competition in skiing.

Utah's big claim to fame, college skiing, is so obscure that even Utah fans don't follow it.

The simple truth is, BYU's overall athletic program dwarfs Utah's overall athletic program in both popularity and achievement.


Rockwell, like I said, when their achievement of NCAA titles DOUBLES to come within striking distance of Utah's, I'm all ears for that argument. That truth is simple enough.

Palo Alto, CA


BYU's men's teams have already more than doubled the number of NCAA titles Utah's men's teams have won.

U should be more worried about actually doing something in football, where the mighty weak Utes have only managed to finish in the AP Top 25 FIVE times; BYU has more than three times as many AP Top 25 finishes, SEVENTEEN, including a national championship.

U still lag way behind BYU in the most important college sport.


skywalker: "BYU's men's teams have already more than doubled the number of NCAA titles Utah's men's teams have won."

Can't tell if you're that sexist to discredit women's athletics, or just looking to contort every metric to your advantage. Some choice arguments on this board today, it's been enlightening to say the least.

PAC man
Anaheim, CA

"Can't tell if you're that sexist to discredit women's athletics,..."

Earth to StGtoSLC, he wasn't discrediting women's athletics, he was discrediting Utah's men's athletics, which are so pathetic that they've only won ONE national championship without the aid of Utah's women, and that lone championship was over 30 years ago, in 1981.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Rockwell

The only reason volleyball is more attended than college skiing is because it far more convenient (and warm) to watch a volleyball match.

As to which sport is more popular, consult the Olympics to see which event gets more coverage...

Syracuse, UT

And yet Utah is a member of the PAC12, one of six power conferences while byu is a mid-major playing in the lowly WCC and one of the three non-BCS football teams in the Independent 1.3.

With the exception Utah County, Utah, the rest of the country recognizes Notre Dame as the only significant football program playing independent of a league. They also recognize the *National Championship from 1984 as an anomaly. A pre-Christmas lower-tier bowl game against the 7th place BIG-10 team (tied for 6th with MSU but MSU beat Michigan). Six Big-10 teams were invited to better bowl games. National Championship before Christmas against a 6-5, 7th place team from a 10 team conference.

For those byu fans counting final rankings, check this out.

Top 5 finishes: Utah 2 and byu 2
Top 10 finishes: Utah 3 and byu 4
Undefeated seasons: Utah 2 and byu 1

Football drives athletic programs. Utah leads the series 56-34-4 and has won 13 of the past 20 games, scoring 108 more points during those games. Utah's stronger football program coupled with their strong research program lead to their PAC12 invitation.

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