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Published: Tuesday, April 23 2013 1:55 p.m. MDT

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Far East USA, SC


You had to go in thinking that you would either 1) defy your contract or 2) wear a bikini

Why on earth would you sign a contract requiring you to do something that you were so strongly against? Wouldn't the prudent thing be to politely decline?

sandy, ut

If you have ever been outside Utah, you would know that many women now days dress with less and less clothes. Beaches in Florida are full of women in skimpy bikinis. It is not that big of a deal. Men like to look, women like to be looked at. It is human nature. If they don't like their line of work, I am sure another restaurant would hire them...

From Ted's Head
Orem, UT

Funny Utah article. Sitting at the beach in Santa Monica or any beach town and you're surrounded by bikinis. Halter tops to college classes in Hawaii. And then there's the gym! Come on Carmen...get real. Would I pay more to go to Bikini Cuts? Nope. What about Hooters? The food wasn't that great and the shorts and nylons uniform was uninteresting. Back in the day the Playboy Club was a good place for a business lunch and I found myself inside one (Century City, following the client's lead) and it turned out to be a good lunch. The bunnies were covering more skin than the girls at the beach 6 miles to the west and it was a complete non-issue. Guys who are going to leer are going to leer in church and everywhere else. I doubt many women say to themselves "I've got to take this job as a __________" (waitress, stripper, ring girl, fitness model, etc) with a concern about being leered at. If it bothers you, don't do it.

Larry Chandler

Wow, hope your ankles are covered when you go outside. Wouldn't want you to be degraded. And what, exactly, is degrading for men about women wearing bikinis? As far as male customers OK with being treated like animals who can't control their cravings, um, works for me.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

Challenging these sorts of things is great. Thank you.

Sugar City, ID

Carmen, I'm not surprised that you are getting some mocking comments but you are right. I'd rather respect a woman for her brains than for her partially clad body. But, I guess some women are so insecure or have so little brain, that the only thing they have to attract attention is a body. How unfortunate.

Layton, UT

Free enterprise. Customers don't have to patronize, employees don't have to work there.

Wally West

One of the best things about football season?

Crowd shots @ UCLA, Fla St, Auburn, Az St, etc... home football games.

Springville, UT

Rather than speculate and guess, you might have interviewed some of the employees and customers. You might have been surprised, or you might have found exactly what you were expecting.

Farmington, UT

@JoeBlow--guess you didn't read the sentence where Carmen noted they made an exception for her.

I'm not a woman, so I have no idea why some dress scantily or how they feel about men gawking at them. There is a real incongruence in our society. Women want to be respected for their minds and real contributions to society, yet they submit to a culture that increasingly exploits them as sex objects. Stars compete for the deepest decolletage on the red carpet.

I admire women such as Carmen and others in the entertainment business who fight the "requirement" to exploit their bodies for the sake of ratings. Society has become increasingly accepting of more and more bare flesh, a continuum that results in a thriving porn industry. I get that for those who don't believe in moral absolutes that is no big deal, and that for them exploiting women's bodies for porn is OK, and a "victimless" crime. If you really believe that, search for some of the chilling documentaries recounting the human cost of women trapped in that industry. And to the men who "hire" those women to perform for them: for shame!

Orem, UT

It's really just a byproduct of capitalism. There's no perfect system, but capitalism seems to have a pretty good net result, so we're left with some seedy operations here and there.

Far East USA, SC

"guess you didn't read the sentence where Carmen noted they made an exception for her. "

People don't (or shouldn't) sign a contract and then hope for an exception. The way it is written, the contract was signed and later the exception was granted.

Tucson, AZ

Well written, Carmen. I'm always surprised to see some of the comments that pop up on Deseret News in response to an article. In this case, I think some of the comments that cheapen a woman's worth to how much skin she can show prove Carmen's point. What will it take for men to respect a woman for who she is rather than for how much skin she can show?

Moses Lake, WA

Ahhhh, that was refreshing! I'm a little surprised at some of the posts. I wouldn't want my daughter working in a place like these businesses, and would be embarrassed if she or my mom knew if I went to one. I really don' think I'm a prude. Even though its accepted now days, it still doesn't make it right and you can never convince me that your a better person for going. My sons might want to go but they or their Dad has no business going

American Fork, UT

Hooters has good wings.

Farmington, UT

@JoeBlow--maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see what you're seeing in the article. For all we know, the exception was granted after she told the producers she couldn't agree to the contract. The producers clearly accepted her innovation on the two-piece swimming suit, so what are you grousing about? Much ado about nothing.

John Charity Spring
Back Home in Davis County, UT

Shame on the left-wing extremists who have attacked Rasmussen for her stand against immorality. Study after study has confirmed that these types of businesses which exploit scantily-clad women increase the overall crime rate in the surrounding area. Sexual assaults, prostitution, and drug use all increase exponentially. No community which cares about the welfare of its citizens would ever allow any such business into its midst.

Los Angeles, CA

"And I believe every woman is worth more than a plate of hot wings."

Me too... although I've known some who weren't worth two plates!

Salt Lake City, UT

"I'd rather respect a woman for her brains than for her partially clad body. But, I guess some women are so insecure or have so little brain, that the only thing they have to attract attention is a body."

Here's the problem... you're putting blame on a woman for an issue that involves the men. In fact, you're the one making a judgment about a woman's brain based on what she is wearing.

Salt Lake City, UT

"What will it take for men to respect a woman for who she is rather than for how much skin she can show?"

There's also the reverse issue of that too. Is a woman being disrespected for who they are because they aren't conforming with what someone believes is acceptable amounts of skin being covered? An extreme form of this is of course Saudi Arabia.

Now I'm not saying that women should definitely wear clothes that cover less skin. I'm saying that a woman deserves respect regardless of her choice in swimsuit.

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