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Published: Monday, April 22 2013 7:05 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT


The problem, is that some think that the FRUITS of freedom just "grow on trees," like money on a money tree, that these fruits merely are here for the stealing.

It doesn't work that way.

The problem with illegal aliens is that they are attracted to the fruit, yes, but don't think they should have to subscribe to the PRINCIPLES which make those fruits possible.

One of those principles is respect for the rule of law.

And Americans WILL do the job, if paid a FAIR wage.

@Chester Brough

Senator Lee... shows great piousness and arrogance... 12 million back to Mexico ... the heartache and related suffering... want to be free to seek our wonderful benefits as a country."

This is what propagandists have been doing for a few years now: they have been trying to FALSELY "guilt" us into looking the other way at the willful illegality of illegal aliens.

We didn't flout the law. THEY did. We don't belong on trial. THEY do. This is not a "test" of society. It is about a VIOLATION of society.

Stop trying to shift the culpability for wrongdoing from the guilty to the innocent!

Watch Dog
Provo, UT

Mark Alvarez said. "We shouldn't separate immigrants into good immigrants and bad immigrants ... but I know at some point, for practical reasons, we're going to have some kind of argument about that."

Dear Mark, You seem to intentionally fail to separate legal immigrants and illegal ones in your statement. The good immigrants are the legal ones, the bad ones are the ones that have INTENTIONALLY broken our laws. The "good" ones, won't have these problems!!! The "bad" ones need shipped out of OUR country, where we are ALL expected to follow and obey the law, ASAP. This, my friend, IS the law.

The above paragraph should resolve any arguments you might experience when discussing this issue. If you can keep the above in mind, you won't have nearly as many "arguments" as you otherwise might get when discussing the issue.

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