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Published: Monday, April 22 2013 6:55 p.m. MDT

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So Utah's brightest and best Mr. Lee has basically reached the same conclusion Mr. Priebus reached a few weeks ago, which, with much fanfare, was released into the world as a prelude to republicans doing...pretty much the same thing they've been doing. Verbatim.

Remember when Rand Paul went to Howard University to try and explain the republican message, as Mr. Lee is suggested. "Let me y'all about your people history." Ah, that was so much fun.

Lowering taxes on the rich and doing away with regulations don't create jobs, as history shows, but as long as republicans get elected, there will be plenty of work for comedians to do.

Saint George, UT

Mike: We are, in fact, a socialist country. However, why am I labeled an extremist for not wanting to be a socialist? I didn't vote for most of the programs you labeled and have been fighting against them my whole life. Yup, I have paid in Social Security and expect to get my money back! However, I am prepared to hit the 'delete' button on all the programs you mentioned, including social security, medicare, medicaid, public libraries, etc. As far as the Military, it too has become 'socialistic'. Defending our country, however, is one of the things our government is supposed to do. Standing armies around the world, however, is not what our founders envisioned. It has shackled us like all the other paternalistic ideas that politicians and irresponsible citizens have allowed. Democrats and Republicans love war and love irresponsibility. As far as police departments, public roads, and fire departments, all need to be returned to the states and citizens allowed to participate to decide what they want and how much. Socialism doesn't work and government run capitalism doesn't work either. Free markets, protection of individual liberties, and recognition of God does.

Saint George, UT

"...A republican senator elected by a majority of voters is not democracy in action, in the eyes of a liberal...".

Democracy in action?

In the eyes of a Republican, 'democracy in action' is a SUPER MAJORITY, not a majority.

We elect people, with a simple majority,

We send them, to DC, where they find out that nothing gets done without a SUPER MAJORITY.

Republican's have set the record for filibusters.

Among many things, filibustering is what the Republicans stand for...

When it's the Republicans turn to control the Senate, Democrats will forget and forgive?

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Centerville, UT

LDS Liberal you asked me for a personal public apology last week re Boston, after I stated we should not be prejudging who did it. You wanted a public apology when you were proven right about it being a right wing nut job same as the Atlantic bombing. I was wondering were you posted your public apology?

9:06 a.m. April 23, 2013


I'll be happy to go 1st.
I apologize wrongly assuming it was a "Tea-Party" right-wing conservative.
I was wrong.

However -- as far as uber-far-right-wing conservativism....

Islamic terrorists see America as morally bankrupt.
The great Satan.

They are fighting a Jihad - a Holy War -- against the world's immorality.

Since they are:

Against abortion,
Against homosexuals and Pre-marital sex,
Against smoking and drinking,
Against pornography,
Against gambling,
and other forms of vice and decadence...

That puts them squarely into the uber-far-right-wing camp.

God has told them to "clean up the world",
and they will be rewarded in Heaven for it.

So they feel the end justifies the means.

And, I'm still waiting for YOUR apology.

Bountiful, UT

Senator Lee, I sincerely appreciate your stanch support of the second amendment. Because of this you will get my vote next time. This in spite of the fact that I disagree with you on so many other issues.

USS Enterprise, UT

This article highlights the difference between conservatives. Senator Lee simply states his opinion about what he thinks the conservatives need to do to help people rally together, and the liberals jump into a personal attack.

To "LDS Liberal" if the GOP says no so much, why is it that the DEMOCRATs won't vote much of anything passed by the Republicans in the House? Wasn't it Harry Reid (Democrat) that just shut down the gun control debate in the Senate? Seems like your beloved Democrats are the ones saying No right now to the things you want.

What you posted wasn't an appology, it was an excuse to bash conservatives. You complain about conservative principals, but remember, they have some. Go and learn about what Jihadists want. They want SOCIALISM, just like you and every other liberal.

Listing off some religious beliefs don't make somebody a conservative. If that is all it took, then you are either not LDS or not a liberal.

the old switcharoo
mesa, AZ

Oh we know what you stand for. We just don't like it.

Silver Spring, MD

LDS Liberal,
Since you are, I presume, faithful LDS, you should be:
Against abortion (at least in most cases),
Against homosexual conduct and Pre-marital sex,
Against smoking and drinking,
Against pornography,
Against gambling,
and other forms of vice and decadence...

Which should make you in compliance with the teachings of the General Authorities and also comfortable with us "uber far-right conservatives."

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Centerville, UT
A republican senator elected by a majority of voters is not democracy in action, in the eyes of a liberal.

[and a Republican senator ignoring 85% of his own consituants who supported background checks is not a Republic in action, in the eyes of a conservative.]


USS Enterprise, UT

Jihadists want the same things you-uber-conservatives do RedShirt.

A Theocracy, based on God's laws.
Where everyone is forced to do what is right and they can't commit "sins".

Lucifer's plan.

Believe it or not,
You and I seek the same goal.

Mine is based on Free Agency and Pro-Choice - where some will make bad choices,
Yours is based on Martial Theocratic Laws based on God, no one is allowed to make a choice, but can only choose the right always...or be jailed, or killed.

New York, NY

It’s this kind of arrogance that got the GOP into this trouble. It’s not that us simpletons don’t understand the message it’s that the GOP needs to stop talking at and start listening to the voters.

Centerville, UT

And what am I to apologize for? I will apologize for asking that people not irrationally jump to a conclusion blaming a whole class of people for the actions of a few based on a biased opinion of one act out of many. I apologize for pointing out that over the past hundred years there are many examples of American radicals left and right, foreign radicals left and right and religious and non religious radicals, that have committed such acts. I apologize for supporting the concept, that blaming all Muslims for this single act is abominable. And mostly, I apologize for dragging this thread off the topic of policy positions of Mike Lee. Go Mike.

Salt Lake City, UT


I'm a Republican that wishes Mike Lee would talk less not more. I think he's wrong on immigration, defense spending, and protection of the environment among other things. When he and his right wing friends talk, the Republican party loses.

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

Banderson. Well, thank Providence that you don't have the "delete button" in your hands, because if you did this would be country that few would want to live in.

But if that kind of country you want, one privatized and without public accommodation, I suggest you consider moving to Somalia. There for certain, is freedom from that nasty old ungodly socialism. No debilitating paternalism and lack of self reliance, and they recognize God so long as you are Muslim. Nice unfettered free market, no limitations or regulations. Sounds like just your kind of place, but take your biggest baddest gun, because you are going to need it.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "LDS Liberal" reall??? that is not what the socialists have to say about it. According to the International Socialist Review (A socialist website), modern Islamic leaders describe themselves as Socialists.

If you believed in the LDS doctrine, you would also believe that in the future we will have a Theocracy, except people will still be allowed to chose for themselves (as CONSERVATIVES have always advocated)

If your plan is based on agency and freedom, why is it that your ilk is trying to ban guns, ban trans fats, salt, school choice, alcohol, freedom of speech from those who oppose you, free enterpise, and seeks to control our destiny from birth to grave?

Mark B
Eureka, CA

Balderson, which of your three conservative premises will keep factories from exploding, pipelines from leaking and food from poisoning? If you find one that works, please get the word out to those responsible. We'll elect you President for Life.

the truth
Holladay, UT

IT's quite clear form these comments that liberals, leftest, and progressives,

have no idea what conservatism is, nor what conservatives believe.

Conservatism is NOT the republican party, the GOP is NOT conservative.

THe masses do not knw whqt Conservatism is, because the conservatisves not had political leaders who could articulate conseravtism,

Some equate it to voices on radio, but onl;y couple can articute conservatism,

but the same liberals=, leftest and and progressivers go out their way to hate, be derogtory of, misquote, take out context, all in discouraging othere from listening and to damage opposing voices to the left. liberalism and progressivism.

Lee points out we need more voices correctly and clearly articulate conservatism.

Because as I have said it is quite clear that liberals, leftest, and progressive commenting here, have no idea what conservatism is, just what ever other leftest. liberals, ansd progressives have told them.

When you get your "facts" from the enemy is will always be wrong.

We need a better informed people who can think and act on thier own. An idea the liberals leftest and progressives hate.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Isn't the real problem that Republicans allows the Tea Party folks to control their agenda?

It isn't surprising when you are constantly chasing fellow Republicans like Bob Bennett out of the Party for not being "conservative enough" that fewer and fewer people are interested in what's left.

Far East USA, SC

Lots of posters talk about being for smaller government and less socialism.

But, you defend the Republican party all day long. Is that what you think the GOP has exhibited in their leadership in the last 30 years?

Look. If you want to be a Republican, just say it. Just don't try to justify it on anti-socialist grounds.

Why aren't you all Libertarians and Ron Paul supporters?

(disclaimer, Dems are no better)

Durham, NC

Per bandersen.... you either agree with Lee... or you are a socialist.

It is just that black and white. bandersen, what is it exactly on a daily level that the government is doing that is keeping you from doing what you want to do. Which freedom exactly is it you are missing?

I don't ask this to be mean, or accusatory, but I want to understand what freedoms people who hold similar thoughts as you do feel they are being deprived of. I just don't seem to feel the threat you all feel. I mean, do you home school your kids? Do you want to get rid of the education system? Do you not believe in government funded roads? At what level do you want or need government out of your life so you don't feel persecuted.

I would love to understand - honestly.

North, UT

It must be nice to see the world in black or white, left or right, Conservative or liberal. I find that most or our problems have more than one answer. Yet the extreme left or the extreme right see only two the right and the wrong answer.

For example, why is the government involved in a religious ceremony? Marriage should be left to the religions to define. We could separate the government from the church introducing a union clause that is not referred to as marriage. It could be applied to anyone who wishes to have this union performed by the government. Thus the government no longer needs to redefine the age old tradition that is founded on religious principles but can recognize marriage by any church or organization as a legal union.

Folks, I plead with you...start thinking for yourselves. Recognize that there is always more than two solutions to a problem.

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