Comments about ‘Boy Scouts of America proposal would end ban on gay youths, but keep ban on gay leaders’

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Published: Friday, April 19 2013 11:30 a.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

Philippine Bonita: The BSA is not a faith based organization.

Casper, WY

@RanchHand: You believe what you want, I'll believe what I want.


The church already says that members who consider themselves to be homosexual but who do not act on their homosexual inclinations can be members of the church in good standing, even up to holding a temple recommend. So why would the church have a problem retaining their partnership with the Boy Scouts after this policy change? If anything, it gets these boys more involved, and it gets them greater exposure to an LDS environment, and therefore, gives them greater strength and resolve to live the gospel. This sounds like a win.

Mcallen, TX

Sad day when people can't decided between right, and wrong.

Cedar Hills, UT

re:HS Fan

There are always some at age 12 or 13 who can be identified as having same gender attraction and your son is part of a very small minority at that age - an age where most boys are barely scratching the surface of understanding their sexuality. Perhaps a 16 or 17 year old would be more able to understand and identify those same gender feelings but I have been involved with thousands of boys via scouting and have never come across a 12 or 13 year old with openly gay feelings. I am not saying a 12 or 13 year old can't have those feelings - your son obviously did - I am just saying it is very rare at that age. The real point I was making was I support all boys regardless and want none to feel rejected. I think this move by BSA was the right one.

Cedar Hills, UT

re:Say No to BO

As the LDS church reaches the 15 million mark membership wise and most likely in 10 years the 20 million mark or more it finds itself having a more and more diverse membership. Instead of being mostly Utah Mormons with pretty much the standard upbringing from birth in the Church it now has an ever growing membership of converts - converts who have come from all parts of life in all parts of the world. Many converts have experienced a far different world compared to those of us brought up here in Utah and many have had to experience an "Alma the Younger" type conversion in their lives. They have lived and seen the other side of the fence so to speak so it behooves all of us to welcome those new converts and expect some tattoos and ear piercings and other life styles lived in their per-baptismal years. All of these people are welcome and loved. Recall the Lord himself said that he was sent to the "sick among us" and not for the well. The Lord was found often times in the company of the worst in the city...on purpose.

But seriously folks!
Salt Lake City, UT

No matter which side you are on this was a total cop out by the BSA. They ask the scouts to stand up straight and stick to their principles and yet they cave into political pressure. My years of being a century club member is over, and no this is not to punish young men who are gay. It is more about donating to an organization with no backbone.

For all those who say that homosexuality is not a choice you are dead wrong. It is a choice just like straight men also have a choice. Gay urges can be put down with effort and counseling, to do other wise is a sign of w\moral weakness.


@but seriously --

"Gay urges can be put down with effort and counseling, to do other wise is a sign of w\moral weakness."

And of course, you know better than all the medical and psychological professionals who disagree with you.

Could you please let us know how many patients you have personally treated? Or tell us all the peer-reviewed scientific papers you have written on the subject? Or let us know which professional medical and psychological societies share your view? Or even give us any evidence at all to support your claim?

I'd appreciate it!

Go 273 river miles
Draper, UT

If you are LDS and you think being gay is a choice you are diametrically opposed to the recent pronouncement of the First Presidency on the website mormonsandgays.org. It's not a choice. Gay boys are painfully aware at 12 years old that they are attracted boys, not girls and that they are different. They all struggle with it and a very large number give up the fight and kill themselves. Scouting is the Young Mens program of the church, all gay young man are ostracized from the YM program, by policy or by choice, because of this exclusionary policy. There is no gay agenda; -- other wanting to be treated with the same respect and fairness that society offers everyone else. There are a lot of people with opinions given to them by someone else; a couple of years ago, I was one of them. I believe being gay in Utah is the hardest thing any young man or woman could suffer. I believe that parents who throw their gay children out in their greatest hour of need are going to have a real problem when/if they stand before God someday.

Alexandria, VA

To those of you who disapprove of this move and no longer have any desire to be associated with the Scouting program and wish to leave or disassociate yourselves - please do so quickly - so that Scouting may once again become what is should have been all along and what I believe - Lord Baden-Powell intended it to be (and already is in many other countries).

Provo, UT

Go 273 river miles; Scouting is not the Young Mens program. They are 2 totally different programs.

David Gale
Salt Lake City, UT

I'm surprised to read so many of these posts are about LDS beliefs, sexual behavior and not about the Boy Scouts of America. I was encourage to read the wise position that the LDS and Catholic church have in place against discrimination against gay persons. From reading some of these posts, some quite reactionary and hateful, they have more work to do to get the word out. Discriminating against homosexual persons is against Roman Catholic Canon Law as well LDS church teaching. The Constitution is clear about this. Period! Issues surrounding sexual behavior and marriage for both heterosexual and homosexual persons is a separate issue, which it seems those who identify themselves as hetero, are failing miserably. This was a wise step that will help the BSA appeal to a younger generation, many of whom, are not homophobic and don't find this an issue.

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