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Published: Friday, April 19 2013 11:30 a.m. MDT

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South Jordan, UT

Yes, continue to isolate yourself from every group until all you have left is your little walled community. See how far that gets you.

Miss Piggie
Pheonix, AZ

The problem is... gay boys think their sexual urgings are quite normal and there's nothing wrong with them at the Boy Scout age.

Franklin, GA

Imagine the laughter that the Adversary is enjoying now

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I remember a few years ago when state legislatures across the country fought tooth and nail to keep public schools from having "Gay/Straight Alliance" clubs. Today most schools have such organizations and Gays are open about their sexual orientation. Much to the surprise of the older generation, the sky did not fall, and everyone did not suddenly decide to become gay. Violence and persecution has dropped off. I no longer have Gay students showing up to my office in pain literally wanting to kill themselves.

I believe the same benefits will result from changing this policy and I would urge its adoption.

casper, WY

I am 100% sure that our Prophet of today leads our church under the direct counsel of God the Father himself. Clearly this is a decision that isn't going to please all. I for one, will follow whatever counsel he gives us, even if it doesn't go along with "my" book of opinions. We need to have faith in those we sustain.

Mom Johnson
West Jordan, UT

Hello People!!! Don't you recognize that the "agenda" of the homosexual society is to force it's way into society hoping for acceptance???

For those of you who were scouts before the "ban", how many of you even knew of fellow scouts struggling with their sexual identity. It was NOT an issue to even be discussed. Boys were expected to be showing their duty to God, Country and to help people. Become physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.

It was because of the homosexual's wanting to be "accepted" and forcing their sexuality on others (i.e. leaders who took advantage of their position, etc.) That this "ban" began. They (the homosexuals) the homosexuals did it to themselves. They created the environment that caused the BAN. Now they want the BSA to accept their feelings and their behaviors once again.

Even those boys who were struggling with a huge heterosexual attraction were expected to not make it an issue and focus on the great things that scouting had to offer.

Why, Why, Why does anyone need to know the sexuality of another???? What is the purpose??? It's an agenda.


I don't think there are any scouting activities that involve group showers or sleeping in shared bedding. What, exactly is the danger of a same-sex attracted scout on a campout, in a group tent, in his own private sleeping bag? Is homosexuality contagious during the sleeping portion of the campout? What do some of you think is going to happen?

Also, there's no way a scout leader, gay or not, would ever be in a situation to abuse a scout, unless 2-deep leader policies and 1-on-1 prohibitions are violated. But, the bigger problem with having gay leaders, even committed monogomous ones, is the implication that homosexuality is a morally equivalent or acceptable sexual choice, compatible with the "morally straight" clause of the oath. It's highly inappropriate to impose acceptance of gay scout leaders on a private organization, especially those chartered by religious bodies.

But the scouts themselves are merely boys trying to figure out a lot about themselves. I'm not aware of any merit badges, camping workshops, or any other type of activity that focuses on sexuality at all, of any kind. It's not part of the program. Why are we worried about it?

Palmyra, ME

Scout camp is not about just 12 and thirteen year old boys. I have three young relatives who are going who are 16 and 17 years old. I would never send my son to camp to share a tent with a young woman. It would be entirely inappropriate no matter how well supervised the activity. Why would I send him to share a tent with a young man who has the same kind of feelings toward him as the young woman would have? I would not. It would also be entirely inappropriate. Sometimes truth and right have to trump seeming kindness.

Mount Pleasant, UT

I, too believe the almight dollar was a big part of caving in to the homosexual issue. This behavior can be controlled but now the Boy Scouts of America are actually saying, "it's okay if you are immoral and have desires and feelings toward the same sex" we'll make it possible for you to continue being a homsexual and we won't have to deal with the pressure we have been experiencing. Who says there won't be trouble with these boys who have chosen to be "gay" on outings - it only takes one time to dramatically affect and deeply hurt an innocent and wholesome young boy. I do not believe this is right and I will not support their decision with donations. All I can do is shake my head in disappointment.

Mcallen, TX

The acts of gays are wrong, and cannot be justified.

This posted by another is worth re-posting:

"On my honor, I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my Country and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight. "

This decision has no honor.
It ignores one's duty to God.
It does not help other people.
It is morally contorted.

Bye bye Boy Scouts

Idaho Falls, ID

The Church's official statement on being non-discriminative will make it hard for them to say you can't participate if you have same-gender attraction. If a 14-year-old boy tells his bishop that he is struggling with same gender attraction, will he "dis-enroll" him from scouts? I don't see that happening. However, the church gave a warning to parents regarding "sleep overs". The Boy Scouts do sleep overs. Adult leaders, for obvious reasons, are not allowed to stay in the same tents as the youth so they can't chaperone the boys. So, if a same-gender struggling scout decides to "experiment" with another scout on a scouting "sleep over", it creates a potential problem for the church. This is a difficult issue. I think it is time for the church to leave the BSA, stop having scout "sleep overs" and focus on the Duty to God award.

John C. C.
Payson, UT

The biggest misunderstanding here still seems to be the issue of attraction vs action. Adults of all ages with same-gender attraction have always been welcome in the Church of Jesus Christ as well as in the Boy Scouts of Americas. It's how individuals deal with their attraction that matters. Promiscuity is grounds for losing membership, regardless of the genders involved. Anyone who thinks it is acceptable for youth to engage in sexual acts as a normal part of growing up is wrong. Morally straight individuals wait for marriage.

We value all people and encourage them to return to a "morally straight" life style if they stray, even if some acts may disqualify them for some privileges. That's not the same as hate, or even rejection. It shows that we want the best and expect the best.

The LDS Church is currently considering its response to the proposed change. It has prominent leaders in the BSA body that votes on policy changes.

My response will depend on how BSA defines "open." Attraction or action?

Saratoga Springs, UT

Homosexuality is, and always has been, a form of sexual perversion. It has been declared to be a sin of immense moral magnitude by both ancient and modern prophets. Allowing openly homosexual boys into the Scouting program sends a message that such a lifestyle is an acceptable alternative to the one which patterned by our Creator. Attitudes are contagious. Should the BSA allow openly homosexual boys into their their midst, neither I nor my sons will be there to see how it turns out.

Orem, UT

When I was this age, a friend of mine was "befriended" by an older boy who was gay. My friend told me that it was really cool and we should try it which I wasn't interested in. I doubt he would be gay now if that older kid (17, 18 or older) hadn't been there. Till then we talked about and were excited about girls. I didn't even know what Gay/Homosexual was, but I soon figured out I didn't have anything in common with him anymore.

Some kids have those tendencies, but I have seen several that would not have occurred without an older person "converting" the kid.

I don't think a kid who is not openly gay is going to be banned now. I think a kid who is sexually active should not be in scouting under these rules. The Gay and Lesbian community activists are promoting sexual activity.

We have a few board members who got on the BSA board only to push an agenda. Now that it has been pushed, the box is open and the mess is complete. Either way it goes now the BSA will likely not last many more years.

Huntsville, UT

Miss Piggie says:

"The problem is... gay boys think their sexual urgings are quite normal and there's nothing wrong with them at the Boy Scout age."


Quite frankly, they're correct. There's nothing wrong with them.


And I believe that your leaders are not speaking for God, but from their own biases.

@Mom Johnson;

Once again, may I please have a copy of the "gay agenda"?


You make some good points, however, I'll point out once again that "morally straight" does NOT mean "heterosexual", it means, in the case of the boys, celibate, upright, etc.


"It's okay to be immoral... and discriminate against others." How well does that fit into the scout oath?

@John C. C.;

Marriage helps reduce promiscuity. Whodathunkit.

Moses Lake, WA

I'm so so tired of this political correct garbage being shoved down my throat. If gay want to be in an organization that does scout stuff then start one. If they want "benefits" that married couples get then start a group that can pool their resources and give those benefits they seek. Tax "benefits"....good luck....we are already over taxed. I don't see the bullying, I don't believe there is any more bias against your than there is for any other minority group. I do how ever feel resentment because you seek special treatment when you don't deserve it any more than I do.

Provo, UT

MapleDon: All boys deserve to be part of scouting

Provo, UT

Tolstoy: Religion is in scouting and all the boys have to receive a religious merit badge to get their eagle award howsever, if can be the reliong of their choice.

Mcallen, TX

Many parents won't have their child camping with a gay boy. Don't want to expose their son to the influence. It's they're choice.

Gays should start their own scouting program with like minded scout leaders.

Murray, UT

SCOTUS has handed down a decision that clearly stated that BSA is a private organization and can set the rules about who can and can not join. This is about having an organization where you associate with people you want to associate with and not about an association that, by monetary and political pressure, force you to associate with someone you would not care to associate with. BSA is under these great pressure right now to change the long standing rules on membership. If the BSA concedes to this pressure, like so many other private organizations have over the years, then it is a loss to everyone that believes one has a right to choose who one desires to associate with.

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