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Published: Friday, April 19 2013 11:30 a.m. MDT

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South Jordan, UT

IS there a way that BSA could legally separate homosexual from straight boys in overnighter situations? If the law states they can now, then it won't long before that will be considered discrimination and will be banned.

Next, should this admission change happen (kids accepted, but not adults), it won't be long before the homosexual agenda will make certain that won't be allowed either. Then, since homosexual behavior will be classified as being morally straight, it will have to taught as acceptable behavior in the scout handbook.

Folks, what used to considered illegal and immoral, is now neither in the eyes of power brokers. For the BSA to cave now will mean one of the last bastions of moral courage will be gone, replaced with "tolerance".

And, should this thing regress as the homosexual agenda would like, your kindergartners in public schools will be taught that having two "moms" is acceptable. Anything short of that will be 'discrimination'.

Lehi, UT

I'm embarrassed that so many of my fellow Latter-Day Saints are making such ignorant statements. I think you can make the case with keeping the ban on gay leaders because of the camping issues, but denying a young man who is otherwise living a clean moral life the ability to participate is simply wrong. Who's going to remind the young deacon each week that he's not invited as the quorum discusses the week's scouting activities? It's sad that Jesus would gladly welcome a gay boy to church, but many here wouldn't welcome that same boy to scouts.

pocatello, ID

Huntsville, UT


And the 2nd was to love thy neighbor. Another was to "Judge not lest ye be judged". Good luck at the judgement seat.


No problem. I also like "Judges in Israel."
How nice of you to selectively leave out what is said before and after "Judge not lest ye be judged."

Provo, UT


It's true that they aren't the same thing, but I highly doubt any male pedophile who has molested little boys only likes little boys and women. And you do know married to a woman and straight aren't the same thing right? It could just be someone still hiding in the closet.

Honest Abe
Salt Lake City, UT

The Scout Oath defines the qualities and attributes one aspires to live as a scout. It is both personal and reflective. I will live it, honor it, and keep it.

Houston, TX

I'm not going to send my teenage son into the woods for a week long camping trip with a teenage girl for obvious reasons and I won't send him into the woods with a gay young man. I didn't give to Friends of Scouting this year because they were considering this and if it passes, I won't give to them again.

The goal of Scouting should not be to include as many boys as possible or stay tax-exempt. If that's their goal then they are about money and not about the families and youth that have supported them for years- many times for generations.

Durham, NC

Someone asked "Should we accept adulterers, liars, thieves, etc"

The answer is that yes, because you do already. If you go to church, most every sunday there are those who are guilty of the above mentioned sins in that congregation. For example, there are those who accept payment for services in cash, and don't declare that income on their taxes. That at a minimum is luting. It is a lie when they file their taxes, and it is a lie to the question if they are honest in all their business dealings.

Church, and its programs, are not intended to be a sanctuary for the perfect, but a place where all can go to get closer to the Lord, and work on becoming perfect. I am pretty confident there are perfect people at church each sunday... some just hide those things they are working on better than others.

Salt Lake City, UT

Few 12 year-olds who have gay leanings are even aware that they are gay. Few act out sexually. I remember in my scout troop there was a boy who later turned out to be gay. He was rather effeminate at 12 years old and didn't fit in well. We endured his misfittedness with marginal tolerance, but resisted teasing him. I think few 12 to 14 year-old gay boys will want to be scouts, and few parents will force them to participate in scouting. To the extent that's true, this is probably an idealogical issue, which will impose little practical change upon 95% of scout troops.

I remain wary of any effect of this change on older boy scouts around the age of 16 who may wish to continue participation, particularly those who become instructors at summer camps. Perhaps those would fall into the category of scout "leaders."

Cache county, USA

For some boys, the difference in being a homosexual, or heterosexual, is a blink of an eye in today's society. Choosing homosexual is not gods will. Why have a homosexual leader in there midst then?

Saint George, UT

Tolerant (noun): A Tolerant is someone who, usually through patronizing self-conceit, has interpreted Jesus Christ's gospel as acceptance of any evil on the grounds that he/she is living in such a way as to advise Him on what is acceptable or not.

G L W8

Most of the discussion is over the moral question, but how about the legal one? Where is the protection going to be to a chartered organization--which could be an LDS Ward, not the church in general, because the ward is the sponsoring institution--if an adult leader, after registering, reveals he is homosexual and sues to retain his scout membership and position? I don't see where the National Council has clarified legal issues; they have only muddied the waters.


Having openly gay leaders is certainly something worthy of debate and concern. Having gay scouts is a total non-issue. I don't know how scouting works outside the LDS church, but the fact is every LDS male youth in America is enrolled in scouting. The level of participation varies, of course, but anytime they want to get a Merit Badge or go on a campout, they are all welcome.

Most, if not all, young men who engage in the wrong things, whether it's shoplifting, drugs, or sexual activity on either team, aren't interested in participating in scouts. The Bishop might be talking to such kids and counseling them, but I've never heard of a young man being kicked out of the scouting program or prevented from participating in any scouting or youth activity. Probably no scout could get an Eagle or advance if he is openly sexually active, so who are we worried about here?

We certainly have scouts with same sex attraction already. If they're not acting out sexually, what rule have they broken and how would you propose to identify them and kick them out?


The values of our society continue to erode daily. The Boy Scouts of America need to stand firm on their principles and against amending them to suit "political correctness".

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Yea for America.

Gallatin, MO

Here's another issue that patriot alluded to when on camp outs or showering do you single out this boy with these homosexual tendencies by telling them they will have to wait until all the other boys are showered. Or you have to sleep in your own tent? Or is the BSA going to make separate shower stalls for everyone and everyone has to sleep alone in their own tents?

Bartlett, TN

My son was never asked if he were gay when he joined the BSA. He was asked to agree to uphold the Scout Law and the Scout Oath. There's nothing mean spirited or bigoted about the current policy of disallowing "openly gay" adults and youth. Being "openly gay" is a political position. For the sake of the young men struggling to overcome same-sex attraction, the BSA needs to stand firm against the political position and continue to disallow openly gay adults and youth while encouraging all young men to uphold the scout law and oath - whatever their personal struggles.

Centennial, CO

Though I am strongly against lifting the ban at all, if anything is changed, I could actually live with this. The vast majority of Scout-age boys who think they are gay are simply confused at their age and need all the acceptance they can get, especially with all the screwsd-up families in the world.

People who think the ban on gay leaders is purely because a boy might become a leader's personal targst miss one other important point: I don't want an openly gay leader fdr my son because he can influence my son that homosexuality is acceptable when it's not. Though it's a temptation that some have to deal with (and I gratefully do not), acting on that temptation is never acceptable--and I don't want my son spendig time with men or women who clearly think it is.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

This could end LDS church domination of local troops. Excellent.

Durham, NC

" I don't want an openly gay leader fdr my son because he can influence my son that homosexuality is acceptable when it's not."

Lets be really clear, it is not the role of any scout leader at any time to be talking to any boy about sexual orientation, one way or another. There are no cases where this is appropriate. Gay, Straight, what ever.

This subject doesn't belong in scouting.

There are gay people in most any aspect of life today.... and you would have no idea of their orientation. And that is the way it should be. One's romantic leanings has no place in many aspects of life - Scouts is no different.


The BSA appears to be virtually the only scouting organization in the world that still discriminates against gay boys and men.

There are no restrictions against membership **or** leadership by gays in: Scouts Canada, the Baden-Powell Service Association in the United States, Scouts Australia, or in most European associations, including The Scout Association of the United Kingdom, Ring deutscher Pfadfinderverbände of Germany (German Scout Federation), and the Swedish Guide and Scout Association.

Why are some Americans so worried about this change, when equal treatment for all is obviously already working for all these other scouting groups? Are American boys somehow more vulnerable than all these other boys? Perhaps you think that American boys would succumb to temptation, while all those other boys have the strength to resist? Or are all those other boys somehow already ruined and beyond hope of salvation?

Seriously -- why would an open policy not work here, when it already works everywhere else? What makes BSA unique?

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