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Published: Thursday, April 18 2013 6:55 p.m. MDT

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Mount Beauty, VIC

Sorry , I disagree the the Millers.

This is a perfect time to clean house

New Coach, with young players and plenty cap space to sign or resign whom ever he pleases that suits hi sgame plan


More count time was needed for the younger players and that did not happen

Provo, UT

Can the Millers afford more empty seats next year?

Red and Blue

Yea, let's keep everything the same so we can have another sorry season.

Idaho Falls, ID

I would rather buy BYU tickets and cheer for them than buy another Jazz ticket with Corbin coaching. He looks and is clueless when it comes to coaching.

Ivins, UT

Things at the Jazz headquarters are in turmoil it appears. Jazz management now settles for mediocrity unlike when Jerry and Larry ran the show. They knew what they were doing right off the bat. There are plenty of good college coaches who could outcoach Corbin and who could build a fire under this team. What would we have to lose?

I doubt the fans will continue to put up with present low expectations of the Miller
Family. The fans have lost confidence in the present owner, coaching, and management team.

The comment columns are full of discouragement and dissapointment with our current organizations attitude.

Burley, ID

On the job training for an NBA head coach?

What's it going to take for the Miller's to realize they made a mistake in giving Tyrone Corbin the team's coaching reigns? This Jazz team should have won at least another 10 games. They lost those games due mostly to bad coaching, bad substitutions and lousy play calling, all of which falls on the Head Coach's shoulders.

Rick Majerus, the University of Utah's legendary coach, would have won those 10 games and likely a few more with exactly the same players. That's the difference a great coach can make. The Jazz need a great coach, one who understands Xs and Os and what it takes to win the close ones; even if he can't pronounce the word "Oaf-fense."

Ivins, UT

This article is so frustrating but I can't say I'm surprised. The Millers are totally clueless about running a basketball team without Larry at the helm. How in the world does Corbin deserve another year? This team is going backwards and the young talent is not being developed. Don't even get me started about the defensive ineptitude. The fans want to see the Jazz clean house and with all the free agents this is the time to pull the plug and start fresh.

Centerfield Sanpete, UT

I think the Jazz need to learn how to play defense! It may be better next year if Jefferson is gone! Seems like the wrong team was starting! The bench would out play the starters!

Lindon, UT



I'm no Corbin fan, not because he had a year without a playoff, but because he is Jerry Jr. From 2003 to 2006 Jerry struggled with similar records and even had a 26 win season. I know many of you blame all of the losses on Corbin, but he is running the same exact offensive sets as Sloan. Everyone wanted players that could score, but that meant giving up defense, ie Mo, Foye, Jefferson. Mix in a bunch of young untested rookies, an I'm sure Jerry would have struggled too. Without a change in offensive schemes, this two trick offense will always struggle against better teams because the jazz run the same two plays. When they fail with those they go one on one. Now that is a coaching problem, so if a coaching change finally breaks the chain of the high post pick and roll, then they should say goodbye to Corbin. My point is that Corbin is a puppet of Jerry, with similar 40ish win records with the same offense, and the same type players. But if Corbin had Stockton, we wouldn't be having these conversations.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

It looks like I'm in the minority here, but I agree with Brad. When things aren't going well everyone wants to fire the coach. I don't think any other coach (at least anyone likely to come here) would have had better success this season.

Ogden, UT

The problim I see with with Corbin, is the lack of respect the players have for him. They may say they respect him, but what else could they say. The real test is putting EVERYTHING they have on the floor and playing with heart every game, then they show respect, not just say it! I know its a long season, and guys will have off nights, but game after game of half hearted play guys should ride the pine! Having been a coach, Corbin needed to sit the guys not giving there all and play the young up and coming to give them more experiendce. In my experience once a guy realizes he has to perform in order to play...if he wants to play he performs! Of course I didn't have to deal with people making millions of dollars...but never the less one should have to prove he is good enough to get the minutes, not just play because he is a vet of the league! Corbin needs to go!

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

The Jazz might be better if they could get a top 5 point guard. That way they would have someone on the floor that could "coach" them. I don't see anything changing dramatically. The Jaxx will use their draft pick on a 2 guard that wont play and it will be the same thing all over.

Hugh G. Hater
Swat Lake City, UT

This is what happens when you have a soft media corp (some of whom are even on the Miller's payroll, i.e. certain 1280 personalities). Just yesterday Hayward was crowned the Great White Hope for this team by Lindsey. Are you kidding me?! As if he alone will turn things around. Reference his stats the last month.

You really have to hand it to the Miller's- they have created an environment where they have duped fans into overpaying for tickets with no risk of criticism from the media when the team shows no progress.

This franchise is done. They will never be competitive and make another WCF run with the current system that is in place.

Ivins, UT

Labeling Corbin as "Jerry Jr." is insulting. To say Corbin runs the same offense as Sloan is meaningless. I can put a Stradivarius up to my shoulder but it doesn't mean I can play beautiful music. Coach Sloan demanded that his players work hard and I remember him many times stamping his foot on the floor when his players weren't in the right position. That 26 win season (if that's what it was) happened after Stockton, Malone and Hornacek retired and the cub boards were totally bare. I remember NBA analysts before the start of that season make comments to the effect that the Jazz that year could set the record for the worst season in NBA history. Some thought he deserved coach of the year for getting the wins he did. Sloan never had lottery picks of the likes Corbin has had because his teams were always too good to be in the lottery. Sloan played young players when they deserved to play unlike Corbin that continued playing veterans that can't advance this team and that won't be here next year anyway. Corbin is a shadow of Sloan, not a carbon copy.

Hyrum, UT

One thing is for certain. If you keep doing what you've been doing (and with whom you've been doing it), you'll keep getting what you've been getting.
It's called the law of what is... and what could be. From what this article states, apparently neither Brad Rock nor the Jazz ownership understands it. They stuck with what was last year, and predictably ended up with an even worse record. Have they not yet learned anything? Do they really want to keep going down this same unchanged path yet another year? Hopefully, the Millers are smarter than that.

These comment sections give a good indication on how the fans feel. As such, without some meaningful changes, starting with the coach, it's pretty much guaranteed that season ticket sales will go down next season. Why wait another year to learn the lesson that could and should be learned now?

Sloan had Jazz fan support. Corbin doesn't, and for obvious reasons. He hasn't produced. The numbers prove it. In business, the customers (which in this case are the fans) are always right. That's because without them, there is no business.


26 win season Bozzer, Okur, Ak, Gordon, And he had other seasons that 40 something got them in the playoffs. A different coach might have got something different out of this team, but not running the same offense that has gone downhill since the zone defense has been allowed. Jerry Sloan talked about some of the things that tired him of the NBA, and that was a big one. Jerry never played rookies, (maybe one or two). Stockton rode the pine for half a year and so did Deron. Calling Corbin Jerry Jr, is as much an insult is this old and outdated offensive scheme. Americanvet it isn't all Corbin. I have been a season ticket holder since Frank Layden was there and nothing has changed. If Corbin comes back with those offensive sets, the same thing will happen. If anyone coaching this team runs the same two or three plays that worked against man on man coverage 20 tears ago they too will have the same results. The NBA and the teams were different for Jerry, and the new rules of the NBA out grew his style.

Sandy, UT

Count me in as supporting Corbin for another year. He has been through a lot and certainly must have learned valuable lessons from all of it. Give him one more chance to work with a new batch of players along with the core four (plus D.Carroll, I hope!!). Once they start winning, the naysayers will be back because we all love winners. Most of these regular posters obviously have loved the Jazz or else they would not write with such emotion/passion. That is a good thing, negative or positive, just a huge interest. I'm pretty certain they will still watch to see what happens, with or without Ty Corbin. I'm sincerely hoping it will be a positive turnaround and am looking forward to seeing it all start again. Now I am in withdrawals. Guess I'll cheer for Denver with Andre Miller, etc. Couldn't have done that with Carmello (not one of my favorites).

Thanks, Jazzboys, for a fun season although a disappointing ending. I'm still your cheerleader!

Salt Lake City, UT


Corbin does not run the same offensive sets as Sloan does like you claim. In fact the Jazz hardly ever run the pick-and-roll anymore and use much more of a motion offense. The thing is, that the offense isn't the main problem, so I'm not sure why you're harping on it. The real problem is the defense. Utah is 29th in the league according to hoopdata.com

Now is the perfect time to fire Corbin, clean house with a new coach and new players to build around the "core four."

Orem, UT

Wow, have you seen all the empty seats lately? Fans message to the Jazz is, "GET A NEW AND EXPERIENCED COACH"! The Jazz really can't afford to play games with the arena empty. Can't pay employees. Can't pay players. Can't pay vendors. Can't even pay the electric bill. MAKE A CHANGE JAZZ! Corbin is a nice man but not a good coach.

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