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Published: Thursday, April 18 2013 10:10 a.m. MDT

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Go Utes!
Springville, UT

I am sorry BYU didn't make it on ESPN.
that was the point of this article right? Feel sorry for BYU, they got hosed.

Washington, UT

Women's basketball is a joke, I wouldn't waste five minutes watching women's basketball. Now, women's volleyball? yes, I would watch that, they are good at it, it's entertaining, but women's basketball is silly, awful basketball.

Holladay, UT

I would watch women's basketball....if my grandaugter was playing in the game.

Provo, Utah

@Go Utes!

Well, we couldn't very well compare the Utes playing on ESPN vs. ESPN 2 now could could we.

Bob A. Bohey
Marlborough, MA

Re dumprake : All men's basketball is a joke at the college and pro levels IMVHO. No better or less scripted than the WWE. The women's game has a much more honest and sincere feel to it.

River Falls, WI

RE: dumprake, RS

Wow... just wow. But at least you're being honest. When I lived in Connecticut (about ten years ago) UCONN women's basketball was as big or bigger than men's, even when the men won the national championship. Why? Because women's basketball is very different from men's. Instead of showcasing individual talent (a la Kentucky), the women's game is all about teamwork and fundamentals. If you crave dunks and individual accomplishments stick to men's basketball, otherwise there is a lot of good and entertaining basketball to be seen in women's ball.

Salt Lake City, UT

Ryan Teeples, BYU begs for exposure, but then complains when they get it. First, KSL broadcasts weren't enough, then ESPN odd day / time games, then the debacle of the MTN, and now complaining about ESPN2 not being 'enough' eyeballs.

How about thinking things through on the next network agreement? Specify that you want X number of ESPN flagship games, at prime start times, and a limited number of other ESPN networks.

It won't happen, because ESPN would end the business lunch right there, and give the money to the next school in a heartbeat.

Be happy with what the Y has, since this deal is for several more years.

Columbia, MO

A lot of cable companies carry the Mothership (ESPN) but not the little sisters (ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPNews). However, the point needs to be made that even ESPN2 reaches a lot more households than the PAC12 network.

Arlington, VA

Dear Ryan Teeples,

Please look up the meaning of "begs the question." You are using it incorrectly.

Enterprise, UT

It's as simple as this. ESPN would rather tickle the ears of 50 Notre Dame-Duke fans as 500 BYU- Baylor fans. It's all about being east of the Mississippi river baby!

West Jordan, UT

Reading Comprehension 101

The point of the article is that more viewers automatically go to ESPN ("The Mothership") and that other games on their other channels (ESPN2, ESPN News, ESPNU) even though better matchups, will likely not beat the ratings of a supposedly inferior product. This is regardless of the teams playing.

So, the encouraging part for a BYU fan is that their matchup against Baylor had 44 percent more viewership than any other NIT matchup on the same channel. And, the emphasis is the need for BYU to leverage their ESPN partnership to get on ESPN more...not the subchannels.

Amazing how trolls twist ANY information to fit their narrow worldview.

Midvale, UT

I found it interesting that the Pac 12 conference champtionship game also drew a 1.2 rating.

Palmdale, CA

what it comes down to is, while BYU and its fans want the TV exposure and pride itself of a mostly Mormon national following and think BYU is worthy of it, ESPN and its affiliates don't think so. If the two teams in the NIT were Baylor and another BIG name basketball team (examples UCLA, Georgetown, Duke, Michigan St, Florida, Arizona, Syracuse, Cinn, Pitt, Indiana), you can guarantee they will be televised on ESPN. Other than BYU's football team, ESPN (IMO) still doesn't have much respect for BYU's other sports in the same light and still treats it as if they were still playing in the WAC or Mountain West. This hold true the same for Utah, even though it has the PAC-12, ESPN, ABC, and FOX networks, until Utah can field a quality teams with winning records consistently in any of its sports, TV exposure will be sporadic or limited at best.

Murray, utah

And since the utes are not in any tournament they rarely appear on the mighty pac12 network or any other network for that matter. Need I say more?

River Falls, WI

RE: Chris B. "the Notre Dame v. Duke women’s game drew 1.2 million households – about the same number as the WCC Conference Men’s Tournament final." LOL, need I say more?

We all know that you will indeed "say more" so I'd love to hear your take on the average viewership of the PAC 12 (783k in 2012) or how about we look at common opponents that faced BYU and the U this season... Utah vs. Washington: 171k, BYU vs. Washington: 1.1m.

Lol, need I say more?

Kaysville, UT

Dumb article. Just wasted 5 minutes of my day

Go Utes, CA

Fails to mention you are comparing a women's real championship tournament (NCAA) to a men's pretend championship tourney (NIT). This explains why ESPN picked the women's game.

Gone fishin
Murray, UT

Please show me in the article where BYU and the fans are expecting more air time. Me thin yu read too much into story. Also, how can you guarantee that schools other than BYU would have made it on ESPN? You must have a crytal ball! Typical Utah fan, spouting untuths and speclation. Please tell me how many people saw Utah play in the post season?

Albuquerque, NM

ESPN may be better than ESPN2, but nothing compares to free, network TV. I "fired" DirecTV a few years ago and don't miss it. Aside from ESPN, there was very little (if anything) worth watching. Now, I OCCASIONALLY stream BYU TV and watch network TV. Most of my annual TV viewing is LDS General Conference (16 hrs/year) and Sunday Night Football (about 10 hrs/year). BYU Football would be higher, but very few live games are on BYU TV when I can watch them.

Bottom line: I might subscribe to ESPN for $10/month, but I don't want any of the other garbage in the packages. Without an a la carte option, I opt to not buy anything.

Frisco, TX

I really don't care if 1.7 million watch the game or 1.0 million watch the game. I only care if 1 person can get the game, and that's me. I also care about whether it's in HD. I can watch most of the football, basketball and volleyball games on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU or BYUtv.

I'm so happy we're not on The MTN anymore. I'm also glad we're not on the PAC Network. I give it a couple of years before it folds.

ESPN is only contracted to carry 3 BYU home football games per year, but can carry up to five. ESPN has picked up 5 games in BYU's first two years of Indy. The only reason ESPN does this is because people are watching. ESPN wouldn't cover the games if nobody was watching.

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