Comments about ‘Lee, Hatch help kill background checks in gun bill’

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Published: Wednesday, April 17 2013 7:05 p.m. MDT

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Sandy, UT

Very sad that we have been spending our time, effort, and other resources trying to figure out ways of limiting the constitutional rights of self-protection instead of addressing the real issues of a bankrupt nation. People who really believe that more laws and more government are the answer to all the ills of society and our culture have to be among the most naive people on the planet. I've had decades of experience working with all levels of government, and I can assure you that politicians get it wrong at least 10 times more than they get it right. Thanks to the two Utah senators who got it right on this issue.

Sandy, UT

We don't need Congress to be messing around with every single facet of humanity. There are many other mechanisms to address society's ills, and Washington has resoundingly proven that its "solutions" primarily make marginal situations bad, and bad situations worse. We really do need less government, less legislation, less taxation, and less public spending. That way, maybe we have a chance of actually surviving as a nation. THOSE are the issues that the politicians SHOULD be working on with all the power and discretion we've allotted to them.

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