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Published: Wednesday, April 17 2013 7:05 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

@DN Subscriber 2
"But, it was NOT gun registration and therefore the Democrats refused to adopt this common sense proposal."

Wrong. The Democratic bill Hatch and Lee just filibustered would impose a 15 year felony jail sentence on people who make a gun registry. Just like Obama said, you side is content to lie about it.

"The bill would have done nothing to stop the Newtown tragedy and wouldn't do anything to prevent criminals from getting guns."

Absolutely it would make it harder for criminals to get guns. Think about it this way, you support 21 as the age to buy alcohol right? You know some people are going to obtain alcohol anyway, but doesn't that limit on purchasing make it harder for underage drinkers to get alcohol? The expanded background checks aren't going to completely prevent criminals from getting guns, but the idea that it won't reduce the number that get guns flies in the face of logic.

Oh and... stop blaming Democrats for the bill being watered down. It was your side that weakened the bill to the point it wouldn't have done too much.

Danbury, CT

It is shameful that these 2 "men" kow-towed to the extremist gun lobby ($$$) and voted against principle: common sense background checks. Just because a loud, well-financed minority told them to.

Rex Lee is rolling in his grave...

Bountiful, UT

Let both sides now work together on solutions that will

1) Not violate the rights of peaceful law abiding people.

2) Actually will help solve the problem of violence in our society.

May I make a few suggestions to kick off the discussion.

Teach morality in the schools.

Encourage young women to not try to have it all, teach them if they are going to have children, they need to raise them correctly. To stay home in their childrens formative years, and provide them with a basis of emotional stability, and teach their kids right from wrong. As a society we made a conscious decision to encourage women to enter the work force and send their kids to day care, therefore we can reverse this if we choose to.

As a society we need to recognise that not just the body can have medical problems but the brain can too. We need to commit to providing adequate mental health care to all who need it.

We need to look at our immigration, and if there are countries whose immigrants are sufficiently more violent than average, we should not allow immigration from these countries.

Danbury, CT

@Fitness Freak and others,

Explain to me how background checks "penalize" law-abiding citizens?? I would also like to know just how that national gun confiscation program would work...i.e. federal agents showing up at the door of every single gun owner in America? Really??

If you are that paranoid, you should not have a weapon of any kind.

Eden, UT

Stop and think - the Boston Bombing killed three people. It is against federal law to possess any form of a bomb. The Sandy Hook School shooting killed 26 people, and you can buy the weapon used in this shooting on the internet without a background check. I would like to ask our Senators if this makes sense to them. Both Senator Hatch and Senator Lee should be ashamed of themselves. They have blocked a reasonable law that could saved some lives. I would love to hear their reasoned explanation for this nonsense. I'm a life long republican and I will not vote for Lee in the future. I hope Senator Hatch sticks to his word, this time, and doesn't run.

HS Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

No fear of losing re-election with their constituents. To quote Forrest Gump "Stupid is as Stupid does".

Poplar Grove, UT

And i'm sure strict constitutionalists like Mike Lee and Orin Hatch will support the FCC in removing penalties for brief unplanned profanity or nudity over the air. I mean the first amendment doesn't say free speech if we like it. It just says freedom of speech.

Herriman, UT

"My hope is that we can now discuss the problems that lead to these violent acts and propose solutions that actually address them," Lee said.

I am sure Sen. Lee will be leading the charge to expand treatment for mental illness and enforce existing gun laws.


Danbury, CT

Hands up: How many of you received at least 3 robo-calls from the NRA in the last few months leading up to the vote of this bill? How many received flyers in the mail soliciting money? Everyone I know has been deluged by the well-financed and loud machine of the NRA. They have been filling the airwaves and using the panic-driven talk shows of Rush, Hannity, etc. to get all of us deathly afraid of ANY restrictions on our guns. They pestered our Senators and made them all quake in their boots at the thought of going against them.

You know this is why this bill was defeated. It has NOTHING to do with the Constitution!!

Saint George, UT

All the reasons that are given for universal 'this' or 'that' are the very reasons for getting back to constitutional principles, i.e. States Rights. There is not one federal law that couldn't be adjudicated better at the state level, including so called gun registration laws. But, let there be no mistake about all this. The more government action, the less dependence on God (or if the left doesn't like that, then use 'self'). This is all about government control and removing God from a 'right'. If you can remove God from those 'rights', then you have given control over to Government, and Liberty dies along with all other freedoms. That is why those who sacrifice the most are the last to surrender. Believe in God and believe in America.

Kalispell, MT

While most Americans may support background checks, this bill was flawed in the way it mandated implementation. Personally, I would support a background check performed in conjuntion with getting my driver's license. Just like my motorcycle endorsement, I pay $10, they run the check, my license has a "gun purchaser" endorsement on it. I violate the law so that I am no longer qualified, they confiscate that license and issue one without the endorsement. Does it solve everything? No. Is it a good first step? Yes. Private sales could be validated by simply asking to see my endorsement. You don't want it, you don't have to pay for it. This bill didn't close an "internet loophole." I've bought and sold guns over the internet. EVERY one of those transactions had to go through an FFL. High capacity magazines? In NY, my grandfather's Ruger .22 pistol bought in 1963 is "high capacity" with nine shots and they've never made another size magazine. You can't present something unworkable and then cry "foul" when it doesn't fly. Make a workable proposal, and it will pass.

Kalispell, MT

10CC: Sadly, the senate doesn't have to do this. The courts have already upheld a candidates right to lie about their voting record. They have upheld the right of companies to lie about qualities of their product so long as it does not specifically violate FDA restrictions. They have upheld the rights of individuals to lie about their military service, decorations and valor so long as it is not done for the express purpose of defrauding or obtaining monetary benefits directly from charities or support organizations. Freedom of speech has been twisted to cover burning flags, flipping off a police officer, picketing a grieving familie's funeral and pornography. Forgive, or at least understand those who try to keep similar abominable mutations from being inflicted on the 2nd ammendment. That is not to say we can't have background checks - even universal background checks. But it should be implemented in a relatively painless and transparent manner, not through heavy-handed policies. Presently the government does not pursue charges against even 0.1% of those attempting to pass a background check illegally. Fix that first.

Pleasant Grove, UT

So, the response to a serious epidemic of gun violence in our nation, is to do . . . nothing? It's not just voting against the current bill. There is a complete lack of solution from individuals like Hatch and Lee. Gun control is a small aspect of this issue, but it is still a real aspect. Cowering behind flawed interpretation of the 2nd amendment is not a solution. That is harping on a single point ad nauseum until you get your way.

The current gun control laws in place can't be enforced because contradictory laws and regulations have been put in place by members of congress (with direct and indirect ties to the gun lobby) to prevent the ATF and states from properly enforcing and implementing the original laws. Then the cry from the 2nd amendment crowd is "enforce the current regs"! The fix is in because the price is right. Lee and Hatch are just more obstructionists from the party of "no".

Herriman, UT

If Senators Lee and Hatch are such strict constructionists when it comes to the Constitution, can some explain to me why they are against the legalization of marijuana and same-sex marriage? Anyone?

They love the Constitution only when it is convenient to their politics. Disgusting.

Nan BW
ELder, CO

Thank you senators. The gun bill was not a solution. It was a big step in the wrong direction.

Bountiful, UT

Events of this week should have made it clear that what we have is a people problem, not a gun problem, not even a pressure cooker problem, but a people problem.

Were we to take away all pressure cookers, or all baseball bats, or all cars, or all guns, or all knives, bad or mentally ill people will simply choose to make use of different tool to do what it is that they do. Eliminating any one tool will not solve the problem and we can't eliminate all possible tools.

Given this let us work together to solve this problem keeping this in mind. If we don't characterise a problem properly, it is not possible to successfully solve the problem.

Arlington, VA

Aceroinox asserted "...Without universal gun registration, there is no way to discover non-compliance, and hence no way to enforce a universal background check law. In other words, if the government doesn't know where the guns are, how can they track sales transactions?"

Not only is it possible to perform background checks without a gun registry, but the bill would have made it a felony to create a registry.

Its a shame that this bill died on the back of ignorance (as seen here) and lies (such as the NRA's distortions about the impact on family sales).

Utah was failed by its two Senators, which is all the more unsettling as they are smart enough to know better. They played into the paranoid fantasies rather than the facts.

Google the bill and read it

Sad, sad, sad. And sadder still that gun owners will not benefit from the protections built into the bill, such as the right to carry types of guns through states whose laws would otherwise forbid.

Idaho Falls, ID

Get used to hearing again the phrase "President Clinton."

Eagle Mountain, UT

How come a bomb that kills three people demands national attention, but a gun that kills many more people is unavoidable?

South Jordan, UT

Please reread Senator Lee's quote at the beginning of the article. That is how I feel on this issue. The Newtown Shooting would not have been avoided by any of these legislative actions. The Boston Marathon tragedy shows that legislation against guns does not reduce the potential for violent acts of large proportions. We must deal with people to mitigate (it's a really important word look it up) the risk of them happening. All in all we have already done a great job of mitigating the risk of violence in this country.

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