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Published: Wednesday, April 17 2013 5:55 p.m. MDT

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Phoenix, AZ

I thought BYU needed some height, not guards. I think Eric Mika is the only guy who has height, and he's a freshman. Correct me if I'm wrong, does BYU have some height next season?

River Falls, WI

Why it's great to be a Cougarfan right now...

1. Just scored another great player to the best ever recruiting class in byu baskeball history, where the top two basketball recruits just completed a high school national championship and are among the top 50 recruits in the country.
2. The football program recently inked another good 1-1-1 where the neutral game will be played in an NFL stadium.
3. This season's second best basketball player was the MVP of the national Portsmouth invitational tournament, boosting his chances of getting drafted into the NBA.
4. The third or fourth best football player on this season's team is being projected as a top 10 NFL pick (most now have him in the top five).
5. Our volleyball team is ranked #1 in the country going into postseason play.
6. Our rugby team is the #1 seed at the Varsity Cup National Collegiate Rugby Championship (and is not facing university imposed sanctions).

Yes, it's a great time to be a Cougar.

Elk Grove, CA

The Cougars not only need height, but height with muscle. One thing I observed about the teams who made it to the Elite Eight and better of the NCAA tournament was that they were extremely athletic, tall, and ripped. After seeing the Cougars play in San Francisco, Santa Clara, and Moraga was that the BYU players need to hit the weights harder during the off season. Davies, Sharp, and Austin didn't have enough muscle for big men.

Mcallen, TX

BYU basketball ranks second with victories in the passed eight years.

Football in the top five with wins the passed eight years.

I rest my case! --BYU is the University of Utah. Period!

Springville, UT


Agreed. I'm waiting for a couple of big tall farm kids from Iowa, Nebraska or Kansas that can run up and down the court. There's got to be some kids out there to fill the order for big presence in the middle.

Davies just frustrated the heck out of me.

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

To: NorCalCougarFan&Alum, Elk Grove, - you are absolutely correct. As I have looked at the recruiting class for Coach Rose, this is exactly what is missing from his new players. The Cougars need to bring big athletic players to the team. I don't see enough depth on this team either. While I do recognize that each of these players is a good player, it seems that the recruiting trips are too close to home to bring in a different type of player that you see on the top NCAA teams this last season.

Las Vegas Aggie
Logan, Utah

Didn't this kid red shirt at Utah State after high school, his name is one I seem to remember?

Salt Lake City, UT

Anyone else see Eric Mika play in 5A Tourney in Utah. He was a man among boys. Utah State also signed a talented big who led his team to the 4a title.

From the group of Mitka, Luke Washburn out of Wisconsin, and Nat Austin who had his best games in the NIT, BYU needs a strong inside presence to emerge. They also have one more spot they can fill. I am sure they are looking for a strong 4 or 5 position player.

Don't forget they also need consistent scoring from the wings and guards. Only Haws and sometimes Carlino delivered. The adding of Halford and the return of Kyle Collinsworth strengthen the outside shooting.

Frisco, TX

I agree with Rose's decision to go after another guard versus height.

He have Mika and Worthington joining Sharp, Austin. Harward and Ambro fit into here also (although I'm not sure of their role). Next year we pick up 7' Isaac Nielsen, followed by Hartsock Jr the following year.

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

Probably a good addition. Carlino doesn't seem to be the answer.

Cedar Hills, UT


I know that byU strives to be the University of Utah, but there can be only ONE and we ALL know that it sits on the HILL.

BTW... The Utes will beat the cougs in football for the 4th year in a row and I think the Utes are set up perfectly to beat the cougs in the HC in Bball next year as well.

Can't wait.

Danbury, CT

How exciting - another old white guy - he looks like he's 50!

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Don't worry Dave Rose will keep in touch with Bronco M. to bring back B. Kafusi for the next three more years starting wcc season or at end of December. Glad to have Skyler in our program, welcome aboard.

Baltimore, MD


"The Utes will beat the Cougs in football for the 4th year in a row and I think the Utes are set up perfectly to beat the Cougs in the HC in Bball next year as well."

Wishful thinking from the jealous kids on the hill.

Provo, UT

@ rockwell

just what do the mighty cougars have that the Utes aught to be jealous of? BYU's basketball team will be worse next year than this year. the football team will lose to the Utes again this year. I like BYU (I live in provo and go to all the home football and basketball games), but I am a very comfortable Utah fan. Utah's basketball program is on the rise, and BYU's will most certainly experience a decline next year. BYU will bounce back as they definitely have some good young players. If the Mika kid is anything like matt Austin BYU is in trouble. They don't need another flop happy softie on their squad. They need a real big man that doesn't shrink from contact (IE Chris Miles).

Issaquah, WA

With all due respect, this looks like a photograph of a short, mid-30, average Joe in a L.A. Fitness pick-up game. Really, this is the future of BYU basketball?

Mcallen, TX


You'll be waiting a long time.

Gone fishin
Murray, UT

I guess it is OK to dream big but there is not way that BYU will be worse next year for for many years to come. They will be loaded with talent. Utah on the other hand will continue to struggle in both football and basketball. If the spring Utah FB game is any indication of what we will see this fall the Utes are in BIG trouble. BYU will win easily in football this year. They have all of the tools in place stomp the Utes big time.

Frisco, TX

". . . the Utes are set up perfectly to beat the Cougs in the HC in Bball next year as well."

"Utah's basketball program is on the rise, and BYU's will most certainly experience a decline next year."

How is this reasonable? Utah lost four of it's five most productive players. Yes, last year was better than the year before, but Utes have nobody to fill the missing stats of Washburn and Dubois. Next year will be 11 - 12 wins for the Utes. That's reasonable.

On the other hand, BYU started three Sophomores (truly a rebuilding year) and are returning their most productive player. Sure Davies is a loss, but Collinsworth will be much better than Zylstra; and Carlino, Haws, Austin, Sharp will all be improved. Cougs will finish 1st or 2nd in WCC and easily beat the Utes.



Mcallen, TX


You'll be waiting a long time."

Any longer than he waits for the next article on BYU to post?

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