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Published: Monday, April 15 2013 1:35 p.m. MDT

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Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ sls

BYU has one player in their latest recruiting class from back East. An OL from Indiana. Every other player is from a Western state. Utah doesn't have any from back East, but there are seven players from Texas.... I do not believe BYU playing on ESPN has given BYU any noticeable boost in recruiting. Being in the PAC has absolutely helped Utah though...

Columbia, MO

@Two for Flinching

No evidence that either of the belief statements posted is true. Besides, it would be absurd to think that the benefits of exposure would be realized in a single year or even after two.

Here in Missouri (formerly Big 12 country and now SEC land) the profile of BYU has risen considerably and people now talk about the Cougars again, after being hidden in the Mountain West for years.

Layton, UT


There are actually 2 files: one filed under "frantic" and a backup filed under "emotional."


truecoug1 - Why on earth would I care what Utah's classes have been ranked and why that has any correlation with the type of season they're going to have? You're starting to sound like the BYU-fan version of Naval.

BYU fans should be worried about BYU, and I'll remain worried about BYU and Texas...though I don't really have to worry as much with the latter...

Provo, UT


My bad, bro. Since U were taking Howard S.'s side and saying that the numbers backed him up (when they don't), I just assumed that U were trolling with Howard.

The whole issue with recruiting is that it is completely subjective. A lot of kids get ranked based in large part by the number of camps they go to and the exposure that they get to scouts at those camps. Other players have their star ranking improve based upon the number of offers, and the schools that offer them.

It's definitely not an exact science. But my original point was to show that BYU definitely has NOT had their worst recruiting classes since going independent.

Also, ESPN has definitely helped with recruiting. Fred Warner, a recent OLB commit, talked about watching KVN on ESPN and how he wanted to be the "heir apparent", so to speak. Brayden Kearsley, Trent Trammell, Trajan Pili, and others have all stated ESPN as being a part of what brought them to BYU.

So it definitely has helped with recruiting. Don't let these trolls fool ya :)

Go Cougars!

Lincoln City, OR

I love BYU Football... It's exciting and fun to watch... I have always believed that we should do whatever we can (shy of Sunday Games) to gain entry into a major Conference (i.e. Big 12 or even the Left controlled PAC 12) but lately I have become somewhat accustomed to Independence... BUT, some of the moves that the school makes seems to be contrary to what it claims that it wants to be...

I am specifically speaking about exposure for potential recruits and a stated desire to play and compete with other top programs in the country... In my mind, playing on week nights doesn't do that... It seems more like High School Football rather than Major College Football... And I believe many top recruits think and feel that way as well... If our desire is to schedule top programs on a consistent basis, BYU needs to stop acting like Lone Peak HS and more like a Major College Program... Why do you think that ND, Ohio State, Nebraska, Michigan, etc. don't play on any day/night except Saturday??? I've always said, if you want to be regarded as a Major, act like one.

Mesa, AZ

@ poy

I could literally write a novel in response to your comment. However, I'll leave it at just simply stating the blatantly obvious--

byu's relentless pursuit of 2-Star recruits, alone, straight guarantees byu's spot squarely in utter mediocrity....This, combined w/a gradual "escalation in" in Strength-of-Schedule, as well bm remaining as their HC, translates into more of the same in securing their annual loss to UTAH, rarely ever defeating a good team, never even remotely securing an invitation to a prestigious bowl game, nor earning undefeated seasons/BCS Bowling, winning BCS Bowl games, finishing top-2/-4 ranked., etc.

Check it out, byu has benefited over the years, record-wise, from exceedingly wealk schedules....Look no further than the single most Mythical season in their history, '84, when byu's SOS ranked an astonishing 3rd weakest nationally,, finishing ranked #96 out of 98 total D1 schools.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Lincoln City, OR

"Why do you think that ND, Ohio State, Nebraska, Michigan, etc. don't play on any day/night except Saturday??? I've always said, if you want to be regarded as a Major, act like one."

How do you think Boise vaulted from little more than community college to "major" virtually over-night? While we were stuck in MWC television black hole, but only playing on Saturdays like the "Majors", ESPN was making BOISE a household name.

Make no mistake, winning big games and doing so in dramatic fashion was a key contributor, but if your dramatic victory isn't televised, did it really happen?

I would rather be nationally televised on Thursday or Friday night than be un-televised on Saturday afternoon.

Las Vegas, NV

I like Thursday and Friday night games. BYU fans should buck up. With ESPN being carried and expanded further overseas every year, and BYUtv exposure worldwide on the net, BYU has a chance to become th American College Football Team that gets top billing throughout the world. We all thought that would be Notre Dame 2 decades ago, but no...it will be BYU. The exposure may also eventually lead to greater growth for the church, for football in general and of course, ESPN will make bank because of it.


Naval Vet
"Really? How many times do you need to be told this. This question had already been asked and answered. We're losing more games because we've been playing a substantially more challenging schedule...

Had Utah been playing as many weak-WAC teams as you guys had, we'd have finished with a better record."

Well the final Sagarin rankings, which take into account strength of schedule, show BYU at 26 and Utah at 61. Utah played a slightly tougher schedule (Sagarin SOS of 71.27 while BYU had an SOS of 69.48), yet did very poorly and MIGHT have done better with BYU's schedule, but not better than BYU did. Asked and Answered!

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