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Published: Monday, April 15 2013 1:35 p.m. MDT

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Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"Out of their entire history the Y was the better team/program from about 78 - 93."

Not in 1993. That was when we reclaimed the honor of being the best program in the state. Since 1993, Utah had gone 13-7 (.650) vs. little brother. The cougars' era was from '72-'92. Before and after that era, it was all Utah.

Bluffdale, UT


I didn't say anything about Ol Miss and Texas being on the big screens. I simply pointed out that those were the only 2 game you could have watched at the Stadium Grille from the 2011 season. Nice try.

I have given several reason as to why the recruiting classes have dropped. Including losing big games on ESPN. There are a lot of reasons, but I don't think Independence is one other than BYU played a pathetic schedule in 2011 because it was year 1 of Independence. Feel free to panic though.

I make no excuses and always give Utah full credit for wins; other than when I am proving a point to AZUTE and Devlish. you should read the whole thread before posting.

Tempe, AZ

"I have and had accepted it. You can thank AZUTE for giving me that excuse as it was his excuse in the first place as to why Utah has been so pathetic in the PAC. Hence my wording "speaking of key injuries"."

Please point to an article or comment in which I have used injuries as an excuse for performance on the field. Assuming that I think and act like all Utah fans is very narrow-minded, my friend.

Bluffdale, UT


I would never accuse you of using any excuses for a loss if you haven't. I was only explaining why I did in that one post. I actually agree with you and give Utah full credit for their wins. I was only trying to make a point to AZUTE. I apologize if you misunderstood.

Bluffdale, UT

"If" is the BYU fan's favorite word. Followed by "could have," "should have," and "would have."

By the way Devlish, you may want to go back and check your own posts before accusing someone of being narrow minded.

sid 6.7
Holladay, UT

Did I just read this article right? Doesn't it basically say that if given the choice people would rather watch another game over a BYU game? Play BYU on Friday so there is no competition on the other channels. I'm just sayin.

You guys keep taking the dudes that want to be on ESPN2 and we will keep taking the guys that want to win a National Championship.

Ready.... Break!

Syracuse, UT

As if "IF", "could have", "should have" and "would have" does not exsist in ute language! How about when it came down to finishing "high" in the PAC 12 south, the mighty u loses to ........wait for it......CU ! ! ! Talk about IF.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"...speaking of key injuries, from what I saw of the game, if BYU has a healthy qb in the game, it's a win."

The Y had a healthy QB in the game back in 2010 and 2011, and that didn't make any difference. In fact, the cougss had a healthy QB in the 2008 and 2009 games as well, and the only win you guys took was a 3-pt O/T victory, at Home, while playing with a Senior, 3-yr starter at QB, vs. Utah starting a TRUE Freshman starting his 5th collegiate game ever.

How's THIS for an alternate universe "if" scenerio?

If UTAH had a healthy QB in the game, it's an even BIGGER win. That's right! Utah's starter - Jordan Wynn - had his season cut short with another shoulder injury at Utah St. the week before. You guys faced the backup, who wound up losing his position to a TRUE Freshman shortly thereafter.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


Here's ANOTHER alternate universe scenerio...

If Utah didn't ALSO lose our starters at RB, SS, and FS for that game, we would have routed little brother AGAIN! That's right! Utah STARTED that game short 4 first stringers, yet despite being substantially shorthanded, STILL triumphed.

So enough with the "if" statements. Utah is simply just the better team.

Bluffdale, UT

Relax Naval.Do you selectively read through the posts? Why don't you go back and read through them again. You might actually see that I was only trying to make a point to AZUTE. You and devlish need to come down off the caffeine high and realize that I don't agree with making excuses for injuries. How many times do I have to tell you guys that Utah deserved to win and was the better team in all of their wins? Wouldn't want anyone in the hospital from a heart-attack.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


My last 2 replies were posted yesterday, but censored by the moderators. I know the moderators' have a tendency to be arbitrary about which posts will be published vs. which will be deleted, so I just keep a file of all my posts, and keep reposting the ones that had been censored until the "offended moderator" turns his shift over to a less sensitive one.


Cougars1 - Panic? For real? I only stated that the last two recruiting classes BYU have had have been amongst the worst I can recall and the numbers back it up. I also said this may or may not have anything to do with independence. Your response is actually more indicative of a panicking fan.

Naval - Why are you begging BYU fans for validation? Does the rest of the PAC not pay you any attention?

Bluffdale, UT


I just had a good laugh. Thanks. This morning I responded to a post by Howard which was denied and when I went back to read his comment again, the moderator had deleted it. Now I know why. Different moderator.

Provo, UT

@NavalVet "I know the moderators' have a tendency to be arbitrary about which posts will be published vs. which will be deleted, so I JUST KEEP A FILE OF ALL MY POSTS, and keep reposting the ones that had been censored..." (emphasis added).

I really hope that that comment was 'tongue-in-cheek' because if not, that's the most pathetic/hilarious thing I think I've ever read.

U keep a FILE of all of your posts? Wow...I think we just got the answer to the question "Does NavalVet have a life outside of trolling BYU articles?"


Go Cougars!

Provo, UT

@WON84 "I only stated that the last two recruiting classes BYU have had have been amongst the worst I can recall and the numbers back it up."

No they don't. Cougars1 posted on a different article all of the recruiting rankings that BYU has had since 2002 (all according to Rivals, every Ute fan's favorite recruiting database). Here's a summary of that information:

BYU's recruiting classes since going independent: 2011: 61. 2012: 62. 2013: 70.

From 2002-2013, BYU's average recruiting ranking was a 63. From 2002-2010 (the MWC years, or before the independent announcement), the average ranking was also a 63.

So to sum up, since going independent BYU has had two classes that were slightly above average, and one that was slightly below.

Kind of throws your comment out the window, doesn't it?

Go Cougars!

Provo, UT

@WON84 and Howie

I posted this on a separate article, but I feel that it bears repeating here:

"What U SHOULD be concerned with is that in the past four years, Utah has had 4 of its best recruiting classes in the past decade, and yet in each of the past four years, Utah has finished worse in record and/or ranking than the year prior.

2009-2010: Finished 10-3, ranked 24 in Sagarin. 2009 Recruiting Ranking (per Rivals): #44
2010-2011: Finished 10-3, ranked 26 in Sagarin. 2010 Recruiting Ranking (per Rivals): #32
2011-2012: Finished 8-5, ranked 39 in Sagarin. 2011 Recruiting Ranking (per Rivals): #37
2012-2013: Finished 5-7, ranked 61 in Sagarin. 2012 Recruiting Ranking (per Rivals): #28.

So coming off of your best recruiting class of the last four year, U had the worst record and ranking. Not a good trend for Utah.

This year (2013), U had a recruiting class ranked #44 (per Rivals). I wonder what will happen? My guess: 4-8.

Go Cougars!"

Provo, UT

@NavalVet and AZUte

While it is flattering that U use beating your big brother BYU as your metric of success, let's be honest here: the whole talk about "BYU can't beat Utah" or "Utah dominates BYU" is bogus. I got back from my mission in time to watch Max Hall to Andrew George in OT at LES. BYU had just taken 3 out of 4 rivalry games and yet all BYU fans heard was how BYU wasn't the better team, or that we just got lucky in all of our wins.

Kind of interesting to see the reverse happening. I have no problem with the scoreboard talk, since U have it.

But "dominating"? Spare me. It took four flukes in 2010 for Utah to eke out a win against one of the worst BYU teams in recent memory (a game that BYU pretty well dominated). 2011 was the perfect train wreck, with Utah capitalizing on every BYU mistake (hats off to U, tough to watch). Last year, BYU outscored Utah 21-17 (while basically playing 15 minutes of good football) and yet lost because of a botched snap and recovery that turned into Utah's winning points.

"Dominating"? Hardly. Scoreboard? Absolutely.

Omaha, NE

"I just keep a file of all my posts"

I haven't laughed so hard in a long time!

Herriman, UT

A better question is why Sept. 27 is a Middle Tennessee State game. I thought September was the easy month to schedule for good teams, and November would be the filler games as the conference games are in full swing for most.

I dislike Friday night games. It is date night, HS football, a travel night...not a night for college football.

Columbia, MO

Nobody in the eastern half of the country watches the PAC12 network. When the games are picked up by Fox, they cut away half of the time for some other program. BYU made a really smart move to hook up with ESPN. They will continue to be able to recruit in the east.

Meanwhile, the utes will recruit in Fresno.

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