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Published: Monday, April 15 2013 1:25 p.m. MDT

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Scottsdale, AZ

I hope Martzen plans to take recruits to the Creamery when they visit campus. I'm surprised that Harmon didn't mention that recruiting edge that BYU has, given how often he gorges himself on that soft, smooth ,creamy deliciousness.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

"Pending the outcome of current NCAA legislation, BYU has not named a full-time coach as a recruiting coordinator to replace Dupaix..."

Pending the outcome of current NCAA legislation? What does the NCAA's legislators have anything to do with whether or not a school decides to hire a recruiting coordinator?

Columbia, MO

"So, why did Mendenhall hire Martzen and not a former player or coach connected with BYU who needed a job?"

Great question that still remains unanswered by the end of the article. No disrespect to Martzen, but I would think that someone connected with BYU in the past or the present is going to add more in terms of selling the BYU program to potential recruits than someone who comes in from Boise State and Alabama, especially when BYU is competing against former players who have gone to other places and now try to denigrate the program.

MN Doug
Rochester, MN

Naval Vet, right now the NCAA is looking to throw out A LOT of the limitations on the amount of coaches contact during recruiting (phone calls, visits, etc.). This would open the floodgate to daily contact with highly sought-after recruits from the Universities. Many Universities have spoken openly about hiring a non-coach person to work fulltime in this role of keeping daily or regular contact with recruits (among other things...I hope).

Average Me
Bremerton, WA

Am I from generation Y or Z?

Monsieur le prof
Sandy, UT

Why was Joe Dupaix fired? And why did they wait so late to let him go, after the deadline when most other universities were looking for new coaches? From what I've heard, he was not only very capable and an excellent example, but also well-liked by the players. Why didn't they just keep him on as this personnel person instead of letting him go?

Bluffdale, UT


That is a great question. He and Doman were favorites of some kids I know. They were very well liked by the kids. I thought he was perfect for the position even if they took him away from his coaching responsibilities. I understand the Atuaia hire from a coaching standpoint, but Dupaix was a great recruiting coordinator.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Martzen has a lot of ground to make up...

Since announcing independence and its ESPN contract BYU has signed its three lowest ranked recruiting classes since 2002.

Don't Feed the Trolls
Salt Lake City, UT

Howard, out of curiosity, what Utah recruiting class were you part of?

Springville, UT


how many times are we going to be reminded about your obsession of past BYU recruiting classes? Does it matter? Does anyone care about this?

What many of us are really curious about is how Ute fans think they will ever Rose Bowl when they will never out recruit USC, Stanford, Oregon, etc.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Springville, UT

"Does it matter? Does anyone care about this?"

Does it matter?

Well... It must matter because BYU just hired a recruiting coordinator.

I don't think Martzen was hired to continue 3 years of low ranked recruiting classes.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


You seem to be under the mistaken Indy-WACey assumption that everyone who thinks the Y's recruiting classes had plunged to depths not seen in over a decade must be the same person. But we're not. Howard S, Scout, Rivals, and I are all entirely unrelated.

IRS Agent

Has "Indy-WACey" replaced "Fail" as the new "hip" phrase used by intellectuals in an attempt to put down something they don't understand or agree with? Man, it's hard to keep up with all this new lingo.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

IRS Agent:

So in other words, what you're saying is, you agree with Howard and I that the depth and quality of your recruiting classes had plummeted since leaving the MWC for the WAC? It sure sounds like it. Afterall, you had nothing of substance to support any argument to the contrary.

IRS Agent

@Nasal Vet

No, I am not agreeing with you and Howard. I was simply referring to your use of Indy-WACey as a derogatory term in an attempt to put down the team that you seem to have so much contempt for. For someone whose team is supposed to be the "big brother" and is supposedly far superior to BYU, you sure seem to have an unhealthy obsession with everything that happens at BYU, everything that is reported about BYU, and anyone who is associated with BYU. What happened to cause so much angst and insecurity?

Bluffdale, UT


I would be happy to give some explanation. Not in an attempt to refute, but to simply bring to light the fact that going from the MWC to having games on ESPN is not the reason for the drop off in recruiting. It actually has a little to do with what you say about playing a WAC heavy schedule.(believe it or not, that really makes a lot of sense to me) You play a weak schedule, recruits may shy away. One more thing(which I tried to explain to Howie but went over his head), when you play a lot on ESPN and you lose to all the good teams you play, that can't be good for recruiting. But, the biggest explanation may have something to do with the fact that BYU has a small recruiting pool to begin with and the talent level in that pool only has to fluctuate a little bit to have a big affect on a recruiting class in any given year. Bottom line, it's tough to recruit to BYU. Most BYU fans realize this and are ok with it.

AZ to UT to TX
Allen, TX

I don't know about the 2011 recruiting season, but I do remember the 2012 season. Last year they decided to offer wide receiver scholarships to Austin Collie's little brother and some kid playing 3A ball in Arizona and passed on the Texas 5A all-state standout. I remember BYU saying "You do your part and we'll do ours." Well he did his part by receiving All-State honors in 5A TEXAS! BYU did their part by telling him he had preferred walk-on status. As long as BYU recruits on nepotism and not athletic performance BYU will continue to be mediocre at best.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


You think little fluctuations in the talent of BYU's limited recruiting pool is the main reason for the 3 year down turn in recruiting?

Little talent fluctuations don't explain a 3 year downturn.

Utah's recruiting is on the upswing in the last three years and part of that upswing is due to some very talented LDS athletes.

These are athletes that in earlier years were locks for BYU. But now these players have an opportunity to play in the PAC12 with the option (if they choose) of an LDS environment.

Utah getting players from the BYU recruiting pool has more to do with the BYU recruiting downturn than talent fluctuations.

One down recruiting year is a concern.
Two down years is a crisis.
Three down years is a disaster.
Four down recruiting years is a program killer.

Tom Holmoe is well aware of the danger that three bad recruiting years pose for BYU.

That's why he cleaned house. Cleaning house is what desperate managers do when faced with a disaster that they don't know how to fix. It usually doesn't help solve the problem, but it distracts attention from the disaster.

Bluffdale, UT


To answer your question, no. First of all, rather than a downturn, I would look at it as a return to normal. For 1 or 2 years they just happened to be above average. There is a lot more to being recruited to BYU than just being LDS. Star is a perfect example. He originally committed to BYU but was unable to meet academic requirements. I also believe that Utah has taken a few recruits from BYU because of being in the PAC. But that has always happened to a degree.(Manti Teo) Sometimes LDS athletes go to other schools because of better opportunities, but you try to make it sound like the ESPN contract doesn't help BYU at all in recruiting and that's just not true.

As for Holmoe cleaning house. That had more to do with the poor offensive output over the last couple of years despite having a ton of talent. Holmoe understands better than you how difficult it is to recruit to BYU. I guess we will find out this fall if Bronco and Holmoe are smarter than you. I already know the answer.

Springville, UT


Your concern and knowledge in BYU recruiting is amazing. So I'm still waiting for the excuses as to why the Utes can't out recruit USC, Stanford, Oregon, etc. and also lose to a WAC team like USU. Then of course that brings up the question about losing to the Buffs in 2011.

And then several of us are still curious as to how the Utes continue to recruit so well and still manage to stay home for the holidays? How's that indicative of superior recruiting?

I think you should really ponder these questions and provide some real solutions and bring them up to Whit and company because there's not one BYU fan that cares about your silly remarks about past BYU recruiting and so called downward trends, especially offered by a fan of a cellar-dweller program like your precious Utes.

ZERO credibility howie. ZERO LOL

And how is the panic attack on all fronts in Uteville? Spring camp train wreck and even the fans are griping about the dismal performance.

Not the usual Rose Bowl hype we typically hear about this time. Of course after two losing seasons the fans are growing impatient. LOL

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