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Published: Friday, April 12 2013 11:15 p.m. MDT

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Park City, UT

The Lakers chances of doing anything in the playoffs just ended with Kobe's torn Achilles.

Orem, UT

There are two games left in the season. The Lakers are in the last playoff position in the Western Conference one full game ahead of the Jazz. The Lakers have two home games (admittedly difficult ones) while the Jazz are on the road for the last two games. In evaluating the season, I doubt this is where the Jazz management thought they would be. Yet here they are, out of the playoffs now with the distinct possibility of being a lottery team. Many have blamed Ty Corbin for this position they are in but I think the blame is misplaced. The Jazz management are clearly to blame by acquiring players this past summer that no longer can compete in the NBA with teams that are younger, more athletic, and faster. They have wasted their money on players with no future. In the end, they have only themselves to blame for this debacle. If the Jazz does not develop what younger players they have, get rid of the dinosaurs, and acquire good young athletic players, they will ultimately lose the fan base they currently have. The franchise will then die.

Saint Louis, MO

A tip of the hat to Big Al.

Sandy, UT

I'm happy the Jazz won, obviously. But, as much as I'm NOT a Kobe fan, I am sad to see this happen to him. He has given so much effort, physically and mentally, that you have to respect that. I want us to win, but not at that serious of a reason. I hope it is not as dreadful as it looks.

Go Jazzboys in the final two!!

Little Andy
Tremonton, UT

Jazz still need to win one or two games left. If both Fakers and Jazz lose both Jazz will get #9.

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