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Published: Saturday, April 13 2013 8:00 a.m. MDT

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Houston, TX

Let's see....the Lakers need to be in the NBA playoffs because it will mean
millions of dollars more if they qualify. Sooooooo....the Lakers win by 2....and
the Lakers had 50 free throw attempts and the Golden State and
16.....interesting. Watched the game on TV and I am NOT a Lakers Hater....but
it sure seemed like fouls were going to be called until the Lakers won....just
seemed that way.....It's just the game, whether it be basketball or golf, taking
care of it's stars....happens everywhere....and you know it does. Move along
folks, no story here, tlhat's just how the game is played!

Cinci Man

I wish the Jazz could realize the urgency to win, not just the games they are supposed to win, but an upset win would be very important right now. Opportunity is slipping away for this year.

Logan, UT

Sorry, but I don't care if this has been fun for the players. They are getting paid.

Vernal, UT

@ MarkA

I 100% agree with you. Yeah, it should be fun, for the kind of money these guys make. I would clean toilets at ESA 8 hours a day with a toothbrush, and think it was fun; if I made the kind of money these guys make.


The word Tea anything scares me to death, but I feel the same way Tea guy. It all started when we let these multi million dollar all stars decide who they would play for. With attedance dropping off in all but the huge big market areas, the Nba has doomed its future. The finals amounts to big market teams that congregate the best players with the lure of huge endorsements and the promise of a ring. Labron would have had to really work to bring a championship to Cleveland. But wait let's make an all star wrestling cheesy big show out of the playoffs. It's fixed and its been fixed for years. What labron did in Miami with Wade, and now Allen, and a cast of bench players that started for other teams was the fuse that ignited the end. The small market teams will be the workshop of the NBA minor league, if players get good enough they will play for the big show. Refs are just part of the process.

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