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Published: Friday, April 12 2013 9:50 p.m. MDT

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Orem, UT

The fact is that the definition of marriage must have these two elements...mother and father. Without these it cannot be called marriage. That has nothing to do with religion or anything else. This fact, this truth, has been the definition and will always be the definition.

If we choose to change the definition then it won't be called 'marriage', at least the pure definition. You can be as high and mighty as you want in your rebutles, but marriage by definition must contain a father and a mother, period.

Without flour you cannot have bread, whether you call it 'bread' or not.

Mesa, AZ


"If being gay becomes a civil right, what defense will the Church have in refusing gay members temple sealings? Won't that be discrimination, subjecting the Church to Federal prosecution? It will be the same fight the Church had with the federal government over Polygamy."

Temple sealings are a matter of LDS theology regarding the union of a man and a woman for eternity. If the government did as you said, that would be a gross violation of the first amendment which provides for the free exercise of religion.

Cedar Hills, UT

the issue I see ...and it is a BIG one ... is the heavy hand of the federal gov forcing the LDS church to permit gay temple marriage even though this violates the foundation of Church doctrine and standards. I could easily see the new socialist US government forcing gay temple marriage under the false front of "anti-descrimination" or some other absurd charge. When ANY governement becomes so powerful - so intimidating - so overreaching that the people lose their rights then anything goes....I mean anything! We are close to that point in the US now. Some people on the left say "not to worry" you will always have religious liberty... HA!! Really? The goal of the left is a Fully Communist societty and any serious study of core Communism reveals a culture of forced athesim and zero individual rights. What does Obama always say... "this change isn't going to happen overnight"... Only a fool would think his or her rights aren't in jepardy with Barack and his bunch of radicals in charge.

St.George, Utah

Those who comment on the infinite power of Barack Obama could work in a different way. Go out of your box on this one.
Might you possibly assist the country in channeling Mr. Obama's immense power in other directions?
For instance.....
Rain for draught stricken parts of American and our planet.
Enough food for all.
Do able climate change.
Tolerance and Kindness toward our fellow men, women and all of God's creatures.
Lovely, happiness filled elections.
"Regular people" elected to all political offices.
Peace throughout the Universe.

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