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Published: Saturday, April 13 2013 5:00 a.m. MDT

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York, SC

I appreciate your article on "Focusing on one ancestor at a time". I also find it helpful to research other possible family members that can validate information on the "one" and give more clues as you research. It is so fun!

Glendora, CA

Once you start doing one ancestor at a time, things begin to snowball. It's exciting. As a convert, with lineage to war-torn eastern Europe, I was very frustrated at the fact that Hitler's stormtroupers destroyed the church records on my mother's side. I guess it will take the Millenium for those people to come forth and proclaim their existence again.

Phoenix, AZ

I wonder, has anyone done the genealogy work for LUCY.

G L W8

Hey, skeptic, if we just get back to the 1500's correctly, that's probably all we can do. Leave royal lines, Adam and Eve, and LUCY--and the pedigrees of our favorite pets, alone for now! The Lord will help us in his own proper time.

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