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Published: Friday, April 12 2013 1:40 p.m. MDT

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Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Bluffdale, UT

Top 25 recruiting class after the Oklahoma win?

Can you name 3 players from that class that are actually contributing?

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


"Those WAC cupcakes help when your goal is qualifying for a third tier bowl"

Remind us again which team couldn't even the only WAC cupcake on their schedule to qualify for a third tier bowl last season. Better stick to Big Sky cupcakes to pad your record; former WAC teams are obviously too good for U.

The Utes are all talk, but no walk, when it comes to accomplishing ANYTHING as a "big boy" conference member.

7-11 in conference, no Top 25 finishes, one losing season, and only 1 bowl.

Being a perennial PAC 10.2 bottom dweller is nothing to beat your chest about.

Layton, UT

@Snack PAC

You'll be watching the Utes Walking and Talking on 9/21. lol.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Snack WAC:

"Remind us again which team couldn't even the only WAC cupcake on their schedule to qualify for a third tier bowl last season."

I can't recall when that was. Must've been a long time ago. In fact, the only WAC teams I can recall off the top of my head who'd beat the Utes, were nationally RANKED ones; not cupcakes.

On the OTHER hand, I DO recall a certain mid-majorey little brother that got HOUSED in Logan back in 2010. And THAT team only made it to a 3rd-tier bowl game because they packed their alumni in the Replay Booth vs. a Home game with San Diego St. Do you remember who that was, or should I remind you?

Bleed Crimson
Sandy, Utah

Arizona is a great addition to BYU's schedule, can't argue that!

It's funny how BYU fans claim how weak the Pac-12 is every year and here they are scheduling our conference brothers to beef up their schedule. Oh the jealousy from our little brothers down south wishing they're apart of the Conference of Champions.

The question still remains: What does BYU have to play for as an independent? Certainly not BCS bowls or National Championships (unless your Notre Dame). BYU's so called "legacy program" will not get them the Notre Dame treatment when it comes to the post season bowl games. BYU can only play for their 3rd rate bowl game they have contracts with.

The cougies should've stayed in the MWC where the highest rated non-aq conference champion is guaranteed a berth in the Fiesta Bowl. An independent BYU team has no special arrangements like that unless they're Notre Dame (which they're not). Too bad!

Gilbert, AZ


"THAT team only made it to a 3rd-tier bowl game because they packed their alumni in the Replay Booth vs. a Home game with San Diego St."

Jealous Utah fan revisionist history. The head replay booth official who made the call in the BYU-SDSU game had absolutely NO connection to BYU. If the replay booth officials had blown the fumble call in the BYU-Utah game that same year, BYU would have beaten the Utes in 2010.

Unfortunately, U have no such excuses for losing to the Aggies last season or the 3-10 Buffs the year before.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Sandy, UT

If a CONSENSUS NC, a Heisman Trophy, SIX Hall of Fame players, and FIFTEEN Individual Award winners had any significance at all in the modern era of college football BYU wouldn't have been snubbed by every power conference in the country and they would be able to schedule straight up home and home schedules with big boy teams.

But alas, those aging accomplishments mean nothing to the big boys of college football... and so BYU finds itself on the outside looking in and settling for N/H/H schedules with the big boys.

Gilbert, AZ

bleed crimson

"It's funny how BYU fans claim how weak the Pac-12 is every year... blah, blah"

LOL at how our little friends on the hill just make stuff up; BYU fans don't claim that the PAC 12 is weak every year, just that a certain team on the hill is weak every year - losing to 10-loss teams, finishing with losing records, and not even qualifying for a bowl is proof of that.

There's no denying it; the Utes have been in steady decline since 2008.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Gilbert, AZ

Ute decline since 2008?

Yet since 2008 Utah is 3-1 against BYU.

Not a very good record against a team in decline... hmmmmm?

Bluffdale, UT


You asked how scheduling the high exposure ESPN games have helped recruiting to which I gave you an explanation. Now you want to know why(as you say)no one from that class has contributed? For the record 2 have. Bronson Kaufusi and Ross Apo. The rest we will have to see. This year is the first year that a lot of them get back from missions. As for Zac and Jake. Well, that is something for Ute fans to keep in mind as they brag about what great players they are recruiting. Nothing ever turns out as planned. I guess I figured you would be smart enough to figure that out.

You didn't ask how a recruiting class would turn out because of ESPN exposure. You asked how the ESPN exposure would help recruiting. Nice to see you brushed up on your circular reasoning.

Elmer Fudd
Sandy, Utah

@ talkinsports

"If the replay booth officials had blown the fumble call in the BYU-Utah game that same year, BYU would have beaten the Utes in 2010"

The fumble that occurred in the Utah-BYU 2010 game was not undisputed and that's why the call was not overturned. Both teams can argue that call because it was so close. Because of that, the play must stand as called on the field. So the refs got it right! The BYU-SDSU fumble was flat out an obvious blown call!

Speaking of the fumble in the 2010 rivalry game. BYU had a whole 4th quarter after the fumble to win the game. The cougies failed and fired Anae after the game. So you can't use that fumble as an excuse for that loss. BYU had their chances to win and failed!

"Unfortunately, U have no such excuses for losing to the Aggies last season or the 3-10 Buffs the year before"

You're right! We have no excuses for losing to those teams. Both Colorado and Utah State showed up and played inspired football to beat us. So I give them credit for their wins.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


You said the OK win on ESPN helped BYU land a top 25 recruiting class. Well actually it was two recruiting classes later so I'm not sure you can connect the two... but whatever.

Out of that class at least four of the top players are gone, Heaps, Stout, Ho Ching, and Quezada. Apo is now second team behind a walkon. Kaufusi is the only contributor from that class that you explained was the benefit of ESPN coverage.

Aside from that, now you say it’s too early to tell how that class will be because they are on missions.

Well, if four of the top members of that class are gone, one as Junior is second team behind a walkon, only one has contributed, and it’s too early to tell on the others... how can you hold that class up as a benefit of ESPN coverage? As a class they haven't contributed.

BYU has been snubbed by every BCS conference and they have to settle for neutral site games to play big league teams. You’ve said yourself the top 25 class is unproven.

So the question remains… How has ESPN coverage helped BYU?

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Gilbert, AZ

"If the replay booth officials had blown the fumble call in the BYU-Utah game that same year, BYU would have beaten the Utes in 2010."

There is NO video evidence that shows Howard's knee down WITH possession of the ball... NONE.

The call by the officials was the correct call.

But even if the the call was incorrect all BYU had to do was execute on a simple field goal attempt... which they failed to do.

And so Utah rightfully won the game.

Utes-Best Lil Brothers
Anaheim, CA

Gotta luv the frantic and emotional attempt to rewrite history by the kids on the hill.

The reality is, Bronco has finished with a winning record and has played in a bowl game every season during his tenure as BYU's head coach.

Unfortunately, Kyle can't claim the same accomplishment.

Bronco has NEVER lost to a 10-loss team.
Kyle has lost to TWO 10-loss teams.

Bronco has finished in the Top 25 FIVE times; Kyle only three.
Bronco has finished in the Top 15 THREE times; Kyle only once.

Despite his perfect storm season in 2008, Kyle has fallen short of Bronco in overall accomplishments.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Utes-Best Lil Brothers
Anaheim, CA

If all those BYU accomplishments were so meaningful why has BYU been snubbed by every power conference in the county and why to they have to settle for N/H/H schedules with big boy teams?

If BYU is so relevant why can't they schedule straight up home and home games with the big boys.


Bluffdale, UT


You are not only unreasonable, you can't even get your facts straight. BYU played Oklahoma in Arlington to start the 2009 season. They followed up the 2009 season by signing a top 25 recruiting class in Feb. of 2010. The game was on ESPN. How the class turns out or contributes, or when they start to contribute has nothing to do with whether BYU beat Oklahoma on ESPN. Not quite sure how you got there on that one. Kids go on missions at BYU. Sorry if that doesn't fit into your method of reasoning. Also, the exposure from that game has nothing to do with how any recruiting class will turn out. That wasn't your original question anyway.

Park City, UT

Howard S.

If Utah is so relevant, why have the Utes only been able to schedule ONE big name, elite OOC opponent to come to RES - Michigan - in their entire history?

BYU has been scheduling teams like Texas, Notre Dame, Florida State, Miami, Penn State, and USC to play in LES for decades?

BYU wasn't snubbed by every "big boy" conference; the Cougars were snubbed by the PAC 12 for the same reason Baylor was, because of religious bigotry, and the Cougars supposedly weren't invited to the Big 12 because of BYU's no Sunday play policy. BYU turned down the Big East, while the Big East was still considered a power BCS conference. The Big Ten, SEC, and ACC were never in play.

The Utes were snubbed by EVERY power conference east of the Rockies, not because of religious bigotry, but because their athletic programs are so mediocre.

Bluffdale, UT

"What good are ESPN audiences if they don't even get you a sniff from a BCS conference, or a BCS bowl game, or even a respectable recruiting class.



By the way, that was your original question. I only answered the last part of it. As for no invite from a BCS conference. Speculation. Who knows, but I will admit that a lack of success like Utah's in recent years certainly has to play into that. But it most definitely has nothing to do with ESPN. As for the BCS bowl game, even you should be smart enough to figure out that no matter how much exposure you get from ESPN, ABC, NBC, Or FOX, if you don't win, you don't go. Which goes back to my original point. The exposure is there to benefit from, but you still have to do your part and win.

let's roll

Congrats to Tom Holmoe for continuing to upgrade the schedule. Neutral site games in NFL stadiums are great recruiting tools and provide some interesting variety to the schedule.

Moreover, with the BCS bowls losing relevance with the advent of the playoff system, the games become a great showcase for an Independant team looking to get into what, undoubtedly, will shortly become more than a four team field.

What will be telling will be how large the field becomes. I think the most likely number is 12, with the top 4 having byes in the first round. At any number above 8, teams can't afford to schedule soft non-conference games because wins in high profile games at neutral sites will be the calling card of teams looking to boost their ranking and SOS to get into the playoff.

Time will tell whether BYU can win enough of those games to get into the playoff, but it's at least as likely a road to the playoff as trying to win a major conference title, with the additional benefit of providing a national schedule against a variety of quality opponents.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


Okay... good catch... you got me on the timing from the OK game to the signing the top 25 class in Feb. 2010.

But lets look at that timing a little closer...

Of the 27 signees in the 2010 class all but 4 had committed before the OK game on ESPN. Everett, Quezada, Ho Ching, and Hannemann committed after the game. So you can't claim that beating OK on ESPN helped BYU sign that class.

The first class after the BYU ESPN win over OK was in Feb. 2011 when BYU signed the 66th ranked class.

With independence beginning in 2011 BYU began playing more games on ESPN. Yet, despite all the BYU winning on ESPN, in Feb. 2012 BYU signed the 60th ranked class. In Feb 2013 BYU signed the 63rd ranked class.

Seems to me that since BYU began playing more games on ESPN, recruiting has gone south.

So if winning on ESPN hasn't helped BYU recruiting, the question remains... How does ESPN help BYU?


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